Outer Banks – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review

Dead Calm

Episode 7 of Outer Banks begins with John B and Sarah discussing the gold bars and the 400 million in cash, which Ward happens to be listening to from the kitchen. As the camera pans over, it’s revealed that he has a gapp hook. Is he the killer?

Before we get there however, we cut back to the pawnbrokers where JJ and the others sell their first piece of gold for 70,000. However, the pawnbroker doesn’t have that sort of cash and directs them to Resurrection Drive where there happens to be warehouse holding their money.

Only, Barry happens to be in a car with blue lights en-route and he pulls them over at the side of the road and holds a shotgun up at their face. JJ however, manages to corner him and knock him to the ground, taking his ID and figuring out where he lives.

A reckless JJ heads to Barry’s house and steals all his cash. John B warns him that this road leads down a dark path but JJ doesn’t listen, refusing to give the cash back. This causes repercussions for Sarah as Barry heads off to find Rafe and confronts him over the stolen money.

JJ hands over the 25k to his Father and begs him not to gamble it all away. He doesn’t listen though and it causes JJ to beat him down to the ground; a retaliation after being beaten himself. He tells his Father that he’s not scared anymore and hurries away with the cash.

JJ goes completely off the rails and splashes the full 25k on indulgences to hide his pain. Kie and Pope find him and confront their friend over his reckless move and just what he’s doing. As JJ stands up and confronts them, he shows off numerous bruises and cuts on his body at the hands of his Father, prompting Kie and Pope to hug him tightly in a really emotional moment.

The next day John B and Ward head out onto the open sea to go fishing. Drinking together, John B is on edge and keeps his guard up around his legal guardian. Ward eventually mentions the gold the kids found and they tell him it’s amazing he found it after all these years.

As he keeps talking, Ward mentions Redfield which John B immediately clings to and questions him over. He asks just how Ward knows about this and asks about his Father’s disappearance. Deciding he’ll go to the sheriff instead, John B turns the ship around intending to head back, as Ward grabs the hook and plots his next move, sneaking up on John B and preparing to strike which is where the episode ends.

With another cliffhanger ending and plenty to digest from this episode, it seems clear now that Ward has had a hand in a lot of what’s been going on at the island all this time. It seems likely now that he’s the killer of the two men and also the main antagonist for the final episodes of the season.

The highlight of the episode though comes from the emotional moments with JJ in the hot tub. There’s such great chemistry with these characters that this segment really stands out and helps advance JJ’s character arc, as he clings to his friends in this difficult time. Quite what the rest of the show has in store for us remains to be seen but right now, Outer Banks has been a surprisingly solid young adult effort and well worth the time to watch.

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