Our Living World Season 1 Review – An immersive journey into the interconnectedness of life

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Nature’s Amazing Network
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The latest Netflix nature documentary, Our Living World, takes audiences on a captivating journey across Earth’s most diverse and stunning ecosystems. The docuseries spans four episodes, each focusing on a different biome, exploring the mesmerising glimpse into the lives of the animals and plants in these intricate ecosystems and their natural habitats.

The four episodes travel over different parts of the world, from the icy Arctic to the vast oceans, the Kalahari desert in Africa, to the Amazon, with breathtaking cinematography capturing the beauty of each environment. The series explores the interconnectedness of life shown through graphic blue lines running across the earth orb on screen. It also shows the delicate balance between prey and predators and their symbiotic relationship, which is significant to ensuring nature’s thrive.

The first episode starts with a rhino traversing across a human town since people have built over his natural migration route from one feeding ground to the other, showing how species encroach on the natural world. The docuseries not only dwells on the beauty of nature but also the challenges facing the ecosystem from habitat destruction, the impact of human activities such as pollution and poaching, and the devastating effects of climate change. 

One of the most compelling aspects of the series stems from the engaging script and the playful narration by Cate Blanchett. Contrary to other nature documentaries that concentrate on providing factual scientific information about the fauna and flora, Cate Blanchett’s narration engages audiences emotionally.

Her playful voice, complemented by poetic descriptions, personal anecdotes, and descriptive visuals, provides a compelling narrative that draws viewers into each ecosystem’s stories. 

These visually inviting blue lines evolve into dust particles or dots that the documentary uses to showcase the interconnectedness of life on Earth. The lines are simple visual tools the creators used as metaphors for the complex web of relationships between different ecosystems and species, but they have a fascinating effect that sets the docuseries apart.

Their presence on the screen is entrancing as it visually shows the viewer that every action has a ripple effect, and seeing it play out on the screen leaves a more meaningful impact than just hearing or reading about it. Therefore, in addition to creating a visually enchanting element in the episodes, the blue lines create a sense of dynamism in each scene and offer a deeper understanding of the world’s interconnectedness.

Our Living World is more than just a nature documentary but a work of art as depicted in its cinematography, transitions, and edits. The visuals in the documentary transport viewers into the narrative, from the sweeping aerial shots of the vast Kalahari desert to the intimate closeups to show its transformation from the dry cracks to the rains and the cycle of dry to wet.

The cinematography goes beyond showcasing the natural world, but it tells a story where the filmmakers capture the drama and the intensity of life in the wild, oceans, desert, and arctic circle, among others, through skilful compositions and framing. The editing blends skillfully with Cate Blanchett’s skilful narration that will keep you engrossed throughout the four episodes. 

Our Living World serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of preserving the natural heritage and lectures on the urgent need for action to safeguard the planet’s biodiversity. Its stunning visuals and compelling storytelling inspire the viewers to appreciate the wonders of the natural world, encouraging them to take steps to initiate the plan to protect the Earth’s incredible diversity for future generations.

In this regard, Our Living World is a must-watch for nature enthusiasts, conservationists and anyone interested in experiencing our living world’s fascinating beauty and complexity. 

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  • Verdict - 8.5/10

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