Our Dating Sim – K-Drama Episode 8 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

The Ending Of The Game

What happens when Wan can’t find Ki-tae at the office?

Episode 8 of Our Dating Sim starts with Wan waking up on the couch at Ki-tae’s house. Wan looks and calls out for Ki-tae but does not find him anywhere. He assumes that Ki-tae is at work and heads out as usual. However, at work Wan learns from Tae-oh that Ki-tae has taken a day off. He is worried and anxious but decides against texting Ki-tae to ask where he is after what happened the night before.

What does Sunny tell Wan?

Wan is trying to get work done but seems irritated. Sunny notices this and tries to chat with him. She asks to look at his sketches and notices that Wan has been drawing the same character for many years. She asks Wan what the inspiration behind his character is and how Wan started drawing in the first place. Wan has a sudden realization and leaves Sunny without a response. He states that he’s going to take the rest of the day off as he has important business to deal with.

Does Wan take up the job?

Wan leaves the office to go meet the PD. Wan rejects the job offer and tells the PD that the main motivation behind his art was so that one day he could show them to the person that inspired it. He tells the PD that since he’s finally reunited with that person, he doesn’t want to make the mistake of losing them no matter how lucrative the offer is.

The PD is shocked at Wan’s decision but is not able to convince the artist to stay. As Wan is leaving the PD’s office, he finds Ki-tae outside. Both boys are shocked to see each other and Wan is relieved that Ki-tae is not upset with him.

Ki-tae asks why Wan is there, but the artist diffuses the situation by hugging Ki-tae in the middle of the street. Wan asks to go home so that they could have some tteokbokki together. On their way, Ki-tae asks Wan what he’s going to gift him on his birthday the following day.

What does Wan give Ki-tae on his birthday?

It is 2 minutes before Ki-tae’s birthday when the coder calls his boyfriend to ask about the present. Wan claims that Ki-tae will only get his present at 12am, prompting Ki-tae to pout and start counting down the remaining 2 minutes. Wan tells Ki-tae that there’s a link to a special blog that’s going to open at midnight, which is only meant for Ki-tae to read. Ki-tae opens the blog at the specified time and finds Wan’s side of the story.

Wan has drawn how the rejection from Ki-tae embarrassed him and how he went to the military to forget his first love. Ki-tae laughs when Wan mentions finding a customer named “Ki-tae” at the restaurant and thought he would run into his first love again.

Wan shares how he was about to call Ki-tae when he lost his aunt. Eventually, Wan has drawn Ki-tae’s face surrounded by potted plants, with a promise to never leave him stranded again. Ki-tae is surprised by Wan’s romantic gesture and makes a comment on the post.

How do the couple celebrate Ki-tae’s birthday?

Wan calls Ki-tae and asks to meet him outside for a bit. The artist takes his boyfriend to the same rooftop where he first confessed his feelings for Ki-tae. Turning the tables on Ki-tae again, Wan confesses his feelings and asks how he would respond to it in hindsight. Wan responds with a kiss as the two boys make out on the rooftop. Wan promises that he’ll never run away from Ki-tae and the latter is happy.

What good news does Wan have for his colleagues at Re: Try?

The next morning, Sunny, Jamie and Tae-oh are about to surprise Ki-tae when the coder walks in with Wan. Wan tells his team that he has some rather good news for them all. He explains how he’s rejected an overseas job offer because he always wanted to write stories. Wan has got another offer where a publisher has offered to publish Wan’s blogs as a webtoon.

Not only that but Wan adds that the guy has recommended a serialization of their game – Our Dating Simulator – which was also approved by the company. Tae-oh reveals that the opportunity will be very good for the promotion of the game, but it would mean a lot of work for everyone. All the others are still excited about the upcoming opportunity and agree to support Wan.

How does Our Dating Sim end?

A year after Wan’s decision to work as a webtoon writer, he is asleep on the couch at Ki-tae’s house. Ki-tae wakes his boyfriend up with breakfast and kisses him in bed as he gets ready to go to work. Wan asks if Ki-tae could stay back and not go to work and the coder is almost agreeing to Wan’s request. However, Wan gives Ki-tae a pat on the butt and a kiss on the cheek asking him to get to work.

Wan does just that, and thinks back on how far he and Ki-tae have come. He wonders if the two will have a happy ending. He states that he is not sure how their story will end but he is sure that he is in this lifelong game with Ki-tae where the simulation will go on forever. He promises never to run away because this is where he finally feels the happiest.

The Episode Review

Our Dating Simulator is a very wholesome, feel-good drama. There were so many things that could have gone wrong with a story like this but the makers chose to give fans a genuine, romantic drama with no clichés and angst. The character growth both Ki-tae and Wan have could be called a work in progress and I really hoped that this episode would leave some loose ends that could possibly give us a Season 2.

A second season does not look like something we’ll be expecting anytime soon, but I am sure that this show will go down in the history books of Korean BLs. If this one gets enough attention online, we could possibly get a second season just like To My Star. I really wish the main leads, Lee Sung-kyu and Lee Jong-hyuk, are cast in more projects together because their romantic chemistry is just off the charts!

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