Our Dating Sim – K-Drama Episode 7 Recap & Review

Crossroads of Choice

Episode 7 of Our Dating Sim starts with Ki-tae meeting his high school friends over some drinks. They ask about Wan and how Ki-tae had finally reunited with their childhood friend. The friends joke that they had placed bets on how Wan would turn into a superstar or would have had kids by the time they were adults.

Ki-tae clarifies that Wan had only moved to a different remote town with his sister, unlike their wild imaginations. The friends wonder what could be the reason behind Wan’s sudden disappearance and Ki-tae is left in thought as he skips out the real reason behind Wan leaving them. Ki-tae thinks back at how anxious he had gotten after Wan had gone AWOL on him.

He mentions how he had a lot of fear that other people he loved would also disappear from his life just like Wan. The episode then moves on to Wan having a meeting with the producer. The man tells Wan that one of the other artists he had hired in Wan’s place had bailed on him. He asks Wan to take the empty position and join the team to go to Australia.

Wan is shocked by the sudden information and tells the PD that he will get in touch with him soon. After the meeting ends, the PD asks to see Wan casually over drinks so that they could bond better. Wan is left perplexed after the meeting. Back at Ki-tae’s house, Wan is sleeping on his lap when he asks the coder why he had so many potted plants in his house.

Ki-tae tells that the plants were pretty low maintenance and something that gave him a lot of comforts. He states that the potted plants had no way of leaving him alone and that he would never be abandoned by them. Wan is left wondering about what Ki-tae just said and Ki-tae warns Wan against leaving him stranded again.

That evening, all five Re: Try employees are leaving to go back home when the PD finds Wan with Ki-tae and the rest. Ki-tae is confused about the PD’s familiarity with Wan but the artist is worried that the PD might tell Ki-tae about the job offer. Wan takes the PD away and Ki-tae is left to go back home. After some time, Ki-tae prepared dinner for Wan who had just gotten home, drunk.

In his drunken state, Wan blurts out how it would be if Wan went away for a bit. Ki-tae grows anxious and worried about what Wan just said. The next morning, Ki-tae confronts Wan over breakfast and asks what Wan meant when he said that he would go somewhere else. Wan tells Ki-tae that it was nothing which further infuriates the coder.

Ki-tae begs Wan to communicate the issue and claims that he had a lot of anxiety when it comes to people abandoning him. Wan is distracted at work but ends up going to meet his sister due to an emergency. When Ki-tae tries to reach Wan, he is met with a familiar announcement stating Wan’s number was unreachable. Ki-tae has a panic attack and goes around Wan’s hometown looking for him.

Wan is on his way back when he spots Ki-tae and the latter is relieved to see Wan. Wan is taken aback when he sees how worried Ki-tae was. Ki-tae starts sobbing incessantly and begs Wan to never leave him without informing him. Wan apologises for not telling Ki-tae and the two hug each other as the episode comes to an end.

The Episode Review

The way Ki-tae had a lot of anxiety about Wan leaving him was well executed but I feel that since this show is a feed good drama, there is a lot less effort that was put into making the trauma feel genuine. I wish the makers would have decided to show some background for Ki-tae and how his abandonment issues could stem from his childhood or something much deeper.

With that being said, I am sure that the next episode will just be a wholesome conclusion to their story. Now that Wan knows how triggering being separated is for Ki-tae, he will definitely reject the job offer. We love a communicative boyfriend and Ki-tae is a walking green flag in that case!

How Ki-tae prodded Wan to share and communicate his issues proves that Korean BL dramas are getting more and more mature. Instead of using the misunderstanding as a plot point, Our Dating Sim shows a healthy relationship where at least one of the two boyfriends is open to communicating their true feelings for the other.

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