Our Dating Sim – K-Drama Episode 6 Recap & Review

Promise to Never be Apart

Episode 6 of Our Dating Sim takes off from where we left with Ki-tae and Wan making out on the rooftop. The next morning, Sunny, Tae-oh and Jamie are discussing how Ki-tae and Wan took a separate taxi back home. Wan is napping at his desk but jolts awake when he hears Ki-tae enter the office. Ki-tae asks Wan to come out with him for a quick chat where he starts critiquing Wan’s work.

However, Wan seems flustered after their interaction from the night before. Ki-tae asks Wan about their kiss and confession from the night before but Wan wonders if they were in the right mind-frame to agree to a relationship. Ki-tae is taken aback by Wan’s nonchalance to them making out and yells at him.

The two boys talk it out and Wan claims that he would be making Ki-tae wait a bit longer before making things official. After work, Wan is in bed in his makeshift house in the office break room. Ki-tae texts Wan asking to go out on a date the following day. Ki-tae calls Wan and asks him to go out casually. Wan claims that this was not the right way to ask someone out.

Ki-tae gives Wan another call and formally invites Wan on a date. The two boys start getting dressed and go out to visit a quiet park. There, Wan asks if Ki-tae had ever dated anyone in the past and Ki-tae states that he only went out once in University. Wan jokingly calls Ki-tae a fraud for stating that he had been pining over Wan for the last 7 years.

Ki-tae claims that he was never serious about the other person and that he could only really date someone that he truly liked. Wan asks Ki-tae to date him then since he was so serious about liking Wan. Ki-tae is shocked but totally takes up Wan’s offer. Together, the two boys spend a relaxing day at the park as they walk hand in hand.

Back at Ki-tae’s house, Wan is reading a comic while Ki-tae is playing a video game. The couple is taken back to their school days when Wan used to read comics while Ki-tae played mobile games on his phone. Wan mocks Ki-tae stating that he reeked of sweat every time he sat beside Wan after PE as he played video games. Ki-tae retorts by saying that Wan enjoyed looking at Ki-tae when he used to take a nap after being tired from the games.

Ki-tae pretends to take a nap and gives Wan free rein to look at him all he wants. Wan takes the chance and kisses Ki-tae. Back at the office the following day, Tae-oh tells Ki-tae that Jamie had set Wan up on a blind date with a fan who followed his work. Wan chats with the girl meanwhile, Ki-tae is jealous about the entire set-up and acts frustrated with Wan and Jamie who join near the elevator.

Ki-tae proposes that Tae-oh and Jamie should get the entire team some coffee leaving Wan and Ki-tae by themselves. The boys start cribbing about Wan interacting with a ‘fan’ who was there as his blind date. The argument turns chaotic when Ki-tae grabs Wan by the waist only for the elevator doors to open with Sunny finding them in each other’s arms.

Sunny claims that the two guys were awfully friendly these days. Ki-tae and Wan are on the rooftop where Ki-tae declares that he would like to go public about their relationship. Wan is not sure how the company members would react and asks Ki-tae to keep their romance on the down low. Wan is about to leave when Ki-tae gets further annoyed which prompts Wan to stay back.

Ki-tae kisses Wan all of a sudden, leaving him shocked. Ki-tae reassures that there was no one on the rooftop and asks Wan to make a promise to never go on any more blind dates in the future. Wan promises that he would not go and Ki-tae asks to hold Wan’s hand. However, just as Wan is about to grab Ki-tae’s hand, the coder ends up hugging his new boyfriend.

Wan gets a text from someone and asks to go away for a bit, to which Ki-tae unwillingly agrees. Wan has gotten a text from the same PD that had rejected him in the past. The PD has now asked to see Wan another time.

The Episode Review

Our Dating Sim is really one of the very few wholesome Korean BLs that have been released over the years. The chemistry between the main leads is so palpable that instead of feeling like a viewer, it is possible for one to feel like a third wheel in Ki-tae and Wan’s relationship. This is a feel-good drama and since there are not many high-stake plot twists involved, I am hoping for a happy ending.

This episode was put together well but if a show is so good, why are the episodes so short? The side story that is taking place in the epilogue looks like an alternate version of how things should have gone with Ki-tae and Wan in the first place and I am happy that the makers decided to follow this pattern with such a short drama. Can’t wait to watch the final two episodes next!

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