Our Dating Sim – K-Drama Episode 5 Recap & Review

The Distance Between Us

Episode 5 of Our Dating Sim starts as a regular workday at Re: Try with Lee Wan giving the team a presentation on his drawings from the field visit. He shares the character sketch of the male lead character of the game the team appreciates his art. They claim that the face of the character resembles someone they know and the group compares the character to Ki-tae.

Wan jokes that the character he sketched was much more handsome than Ki-tae. Tae-oh claims that since the team only had 40 more hours before the beta launch of the game, they needed to work way over time. The team gets to work and later that night, Ki-tae and Wan are the only to people left in the office. Ki-tae brings Wan a cold drink as he does not want any coffee so late in the night.

He asks Wan how long it would be till he was done and asks to drive the artist home. Wan awkwardly claims that he would be working some more time at work. He tells Ki-tae that he doesn’t need a ride because he lived in the company’s break room. Ki-tae is angry and claims that it was dangerous for him to stay in the office building that so many people accessed from time to time.

Wan asks why it mattered to Ki-tae and the latter blurts out that he was concerned because he likes Wan. The two share a moment but the office lights are turned out immediately. Ki-tae tells Wan he likes him another time and forces the artists to crash at his place for the night. Once at his house, Wan starts looking around the house as Ki-tae freshens up.

After coming out of the bathroom, Ki-tae finds Wan looking at a photo of them from their high-school graduation. He asks Wan if believed that Ki-tae really liked him. Wan gets awkward and starts fidgeting with his iPad. Ki-tae tells him that he should give it a rest and go to bed with him in the bedroom. Wan is further flustered and claims that he was more than comfortable on the sofa outside.

After he has freshened up, Wan sets out to work on his sketches and notices that Ki-tae was sleeping on the couch right behind him. He looks at Ki-tae and recalls the conversation he had with his former recruiter. The man had claimed that Wan was not able to let go of the main character in his comics and wondered if it really resembled Ki-tae like Tae-oh and the others had claimed.

Wan falls asleep while working at the coffee table when Ki-tae wakes up and covers him with a blanket. He wonders if Wan still liked him even after all these years as he looks at Wan who is still deeply asleep. The next day, all five employees of Re: Try are working at top speed for the game’s soft/beta launch that is coming up soon. Sunny declares that the beta link was up and Ki-tae assigns different roles to his colleagues.

Tae-oh asks if the team was up for a company dinner that evening and everyone agrees to go out for meat. After the meeting, Wan and Ki-tae have some drinks on the rooftop. Wan praises Ki-tae for working hard over the past few weeks. Ki-tae claims that he knew Wan still had feelings for him but the latter brushes it off.

To startle Wan, Ki-tae tries to kiss him and smiles. Ki-tae mentions that Wan is blushing and the two end up kissing on the rooftop. Wan is shocked but Ki-tae mentions that neither of them pulled away this time. He asks if it’s okay to start over and ends up kissing Wan again.

The Episode Review

This show started so well and I have a feeling it will be a good drama right to the end. Aside from the obvious issue I have with the makers for such short episodes of this perfect BL drama, I find it really endearing that the chemistry between the main leads is so palpable. Wan and Ki-tae make you feel butterflies and it is not even your own relationship.

I love how the makers did not extent their angsty one-sided romance angle to the final episode and have already given fans such an intense kiss right in the middle of the show. I am sure that the only way to go is higher as the boys will start a full-fledged office romance in the episodes to come.

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