Our Dating Sim – K-Drama Episode 4 Recap & Review

A flying ball and sudden confession

Episode 4 of Our Dating Sim starts with Wan trying to figure out the coffee maker at work. Ki-tae offers to help the new employee but Wan leaves the break room stating that he doesn’t need the coffee anymore. Ki-tae tries to talk to Wan but the newbie asks the coder to stop crossing the line and stick to his work instead. Wan looks offended by the comment.

Tae-oh watches Ki-tae in a pissy mood and asks what’s going on between him and Wan. He wonders if Ki-tae was being mean to Wan and asks him to still be nice to the new employee. On his phone, Ki-tae sees that Wan has blocked him (gameboy) from reading his comics.

Meanwhile, Wan is busy working with Tae-oh when Wan asks Tae-oh if they could go out for their lunch break. Tae-oh leaves the room but Ki-tae asks Wan why he wasn’t joining them. Wan starts making excuses to avoid joining them but Ki-tae tries pushing him to join them. The other three employees wonder if the two were fighting inside the meeting room earlier on. Jamie hopes to set Wan up with one of her friends.

Wan is having lunch by himself at a restaurant when Ki-tae finds him and joins him. He offers to pay Wan’s bill but the latter refuses to take his money. Ki-tae claims that it was the company card that he was paying from and waits for Wan to finish his lunch. He helps clean some food off of Wan’s lips and there is an awkward silence between the two. Wan asks Ki-tae to hurry up and finish his meal before leaving to go back to work.

Back at the office, Sunny and Ki-tae are having a match on one of the computer games where the winner gets a treat from the loser and all those that bet on the loser. Tae-oh and Jamie place their bets on Sunny and so does Wan. However, as the game starts, Ki-tae notes that Wan was rooting for him and inadvertently gave him directions to play and win the game. Both Tae-oh and Jamie are shocked when they see this. Ki-tae wins the game and tries to give Wan a high-five.

He claims that the treat he wanted was to accompany Wan on his field visit for work. Ki-tae agrees to be a model for Wan’s character study. Despite Wan’s protests, the other employees send the two off together. Since Wan does not have a car of his own, he is forced to take a trip to a nearby school with Ki-tae. Tae-oh gives Wan the company card just in case they would need it.

Together, Wan and Ki-tae arrive at the school and they two bicker throughout. Wan asks to be left alone but Ki-tae follows him along. The artist goes to the library to start sketching and Ki-tae becomes Wan’s model for a sketch when he holds up a book. It seems as though Wan was willingly trying to have Ki-tae pose in a complicated way to trouble him. Wan makes multiple sketches of things around the school and the two sit on the stands where some kids are playing football.

Ki-tae asks Wan why he no longer takes pictures of the things he would like to sketch as he did back in the day. Wan avoids talking about the camera when Ki-tae takes Wan’s old camera out of his bag. Wan is shocked and seems upset that Ki-tae took his old camera without his permission. Ki-tae pulls away the camera from Wan’s reach every time he tries to grab him.

Wan is at his limit and begs Ki-tae to stop bullying him already as he’s embarrassed. Wan leaves but Ki-tae claims that the former was running away, leaving Ki-tae behind once again. Ki-tae explains how he spent the last seven years looking for Wan. He states that it was Wan who bullied Ki-tae for seven years and not the other way around. Ki-tae surprises Wan when he confesses his feelings for Wan.

Just as he says that, Ki-tae spots that the football is about to hit Wan and grab him as the episode comes to an end with the two boys holding on to each other.

An epilogue from their high school days shows Ki-tae carrying Wan on his back to the infirmary after the football accidentally knocks Wan out.

The Episode Review

This episode was really the best until the end where they left us hanging. I cannot wait for next Thursday when we finally get to see how Wan reacts to Ki-tae’s confession. Will he accept his feelings for Ki-tae and the couple will finally start dating as they should or will Wan push Ki-tae back like he assumed the latter did back in the day?

I wish it is not the latter because the chemistry between Wan and Ki-tae is amazing. I especially loved the moment when Ki-tae, unknowingly cleaned the rice from Wan’s lips. Not only that but Wan was also unknowingly rooting for his boy, Ki-tae during the game.

I hope they show us the photos on Wan’s camera because I am sure he was embarrassed about all the photos he sneaked of Ki-tae during their time in high school.

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