Our Blues – K-Drama Episode 8 Recap & Review

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Episode 8 of Our Blues wastes absolutely no time returning to that big cliffhanger yesterday. Ho-Sik and In-Gwon end up fighting with each other in the market. Captain Jun and Eun-Hui both get involved too, prying the pair off each other. As Jun holds In-Gwon, he rasps over to Ho-Sik, calling him a thug and discussing the pregnancy. Ho-Sik bites back, telling In-Gwon that he’s ruined Yeong-Ju’s life.

Ho-Sik sports a nasty cut above his eye, which he blames on tripping while drunk earlier on. He sits with Yeong-Ju and hands over several bank cards, holding 70 million won. He’s saved up every penny and by next month, he’s paying off Eun-Hui all the money he owes. However, he wants Yeong-Ju to get an abortion in order for them to live happier together. He sees this as the end of her life, believing the baby to be “baggage.”

Yeong-Ju clings to that word and turns it around, asking Ho-Sik if that’s how she sees him; as baggage. Unfortunately, this cuts deeper than any shouting or berating, as Ho-Sik airs his regrets. He gives her an ultimatum and tells her to get an abortion or leave. So she decides to leave. Ho-Sik promises to cut ties with her if she walks through the door… so she leaves.

Yeong-Ju heads off to stay at the motel, with the owner giving her some leeway even though she’s a minor. He encourages her to patch up her differences with her dad in the morning. Hyeon heads over to see her not long after, giving his girlfriend fruit and handing over the money he’s earned for them too.

After, Hyeon heads off to see Ho-Sik, telling him that he and Yeong-Ju have genuinely feelings for one another. Ho-Sik pleads with him to take his daughter back but he refuses. As he holds Hyeon up by the scruff of his neck, In-Gwon stands from afar and tells him to get his hands off his boy.

This stand-off continues though, as both Ho-Sik and In-Gwon refuse to give in. That makes things worse for Hyeon and Yeong-Ju. While Hyeon works picking tangerines (and causing a big mess in the process), Yeong-Ju’s cold is getting worse and she skips out on the academy. Down on the docks though, Soen-A passes and notices her in a rough way.

Seon-A helps collect her bag from the water and comments on how the girl is pregnant. Unlike the others, she’s much more warm and attentive toward her, even touching the girl’s belly. “Congratulations.” She says with a warm smile. It’s a small moment but something that sees Yeong-Ju reflect on how she’s actually happy to be a mum.

Well, happy until In-Gwon finds her at the motel and drags her, quite literally, outside and straight to the hospital. Hyeon is livid and demands his father unhand her when he sees. Hyeon continues on, calling his father ignorant.

Ho-Sik notices In-Gwon from afar, dragging his daughter, and he rushes over the road. However, it’s Hyeon that knocks his dad down, pushing him into the bins. “You’ve always been an embarrassment to me.” He says. Hyeon points out how he should have left with his mum, and how he only stayed with his father out of pity. Hyeon continues, deciding not to be In-Gwon’s son anymore and leaves. Ho-Sik takes over though and beats him down to the ground, repeatedly pummelling him.

In the police station, In-Gwon and Ho-Sik air out their problems. This rivalry and bitter hatred for one another stems from that flashback we saw earlier. In-Gwon calling Ho-Sik dirt-poor in front of his baby girl was bad enough but to do it on the eve of his wife leaving him was a step too far. As Ho-Sik himself admits, he actually was dirt-poor at that time so those words cut him deep. After throwing In-Gwon’s money on the floor, he actually decided to borrow funds off Eun-Hui instead.

As for In-Gwon, during his gangster days he was running down the street away from thugs. In doing so, his mother-in-law spotted him and tried to chase after him. Unfortunately, she stepped into the road and was hit by a car. When In-Gwon’s wife found out, overcome and distraught upon hearing she died, she left him. Her mum wanted In-Gwon not to be an embarrassment to Hyeon but given he uttered those exact words out in the street, that’s obviously not gone too well.

That night, In-Gwon collapses and falls down the stairs. Out of everyone, it’s Ho-Sik who finds him and he carries the guy to hospital. When In-Gwon awakens, Eun-Hui is there to greet him and she reveals as much. He scoffs at the notion and refuses to believe Ho-Sik would do such a thing.

Ho-Sik attends the meeting at school where he learns Yeong-Ju and Hyeon are both allowed to stay on. They won’t be kicked out. Ho-Sik struggles to talk to his daughter though, and eventually walks away from her, struggling to hold back tears as Yeong-Ju breaks down on the running track, pleading with her father to stay with her.

In-Gwon heads back to work but Hyeon heads over, worried about his father and his diabetes diagnosis (which is the reason he fell down the stairs earlier, he was weakened from not eating properly).

As they argue, In-Gwon points out how hurt he is by hearing his son call him an embarrassment. As the tears begin to flow Hyeon apologizes to his father and hugs him tightly. Outside, Ho-Sik watches them together.

The Episode Review

Our Blue returns to deliver its best episode yet, with an absolutely gripping hour of drama. We not only see the issues involving both Hyeon and Yeong-Ju, but we also see a lot of their inner turmoil and the bad blood between their fathers. It does feel like this baby is going to bridge the gap between the two and hopefully there are happier days ahead for them both as they work through their problems and heal.

The rEal stars of the show this time are both In-Gwon and Ho-Sik. Their emotionally charged moments were so raw and authentic. From start to finish, the whole episode is beautifully paced and really helps this one stand out, especially during those fights.

With more drama to come next week, we’ll have to wait and see what Our Blues has in store for us. If this episode is any indication, it looks to be quite the rollercoaster ride!

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