Our Blues – K-Drama Episode 11 Recap & Review

Dong-Seok and Seon-A; Yeong-Ok and Jeong-Jun

Dong-Seok’s Goodbye

As Our Blues returns for another episode, it appears we’re starting to interweave these different stories together. Episode 11 of Our Blues starts with Dong-Seok and Seon-A growing  closer together, opening up about their past issues. Seon-A reflects on her father, and how she resents him for not telling her how hard and lonely his life was. However, that blame soon turns inward, as she brings up instances of regret that still haunt her to this day.

Their chat is shortlived though when Soen-A mentions she’s been offered an interior design job from a friend which she’s going to take. Because of this, she has no reason to go back to Jeju. Seon-A actually made the decision when they were watching the sunrise together. Ironically, Dong-Seok admits this was the same moment he had made peace with them being together. With the deposit already paid on her old house for a year in advance, Dong-Seok offers to move in and live there instead. Seon-A agrees.

That night, the pair stay together (with Dong-Seok sleeping on the floor of course.) Dong-Seok tells her they should stay in contact. “I’ll call you often.” She says in reply. He chuckles at that retort, joking that she won’t keep that promise. When they both leave, Dong-Seok sends a beautiful message over to Seon-A, encouraging her to get in touch if it all gets too much for her.

Shining Star

Seon-A heads off to see Yeol, explaining to him that he’s her shining star. She sees everything as dark and it threatens to consume her at any moment. Thanks to Yeol’s light, he shines bright in her heart and helps her to stay in the light.

After dropping him off to his dad, Seon-A admits she’s going to file an appeal to try and gain custody of her child back… but not right now. She needs to get better first. She also promises to only file this when Yeol can’t live without her. Hearing this, Tae-Hun smiles and admits that if Yeol feels this way, she can forget about the appeal – he’ll let her raise him.

Off the back of this, Seon-A heads back to her apartment but once again all the lights start to turn off. This time though, she listens to Dong-Seok’s recording and it seems to do the trick, calming her down. One by one, all the lights turn back on again. She also begins walking on the treadmill to keep her exercise regime going.

As for Dong-Seok, he returns to Jeju Island and loses his appetite in wake of questioning from the old ladies. There is, of course, still hostility between him and his mother. After a big fight in the market, Dong-Seok heads back to Seon-A’s house and starts getting it into shape.

Jeong-Jun’s concerns

Dong-Seok ends up talking to Jeong-Jun while there, as the latter helps him out with painting the exterior. As they talk, Dong-Seok mentions the feelings he gets when thinking about Seon-A. He interprets it as love, leading to the pair teasing one another. While they do, it allows Jeong-Jun to forget his earlier concerns over Yeong-Ok not being entirely truthful about her past.

Unfortunately, Yeong-Ok’s day goes from bad to worse. After learning her day trip with Jeung-Jun is only going to be for the day as he doesn’t really want to stay the night, the haenyeos all decide to completely ignore her. Of course, Yeong-Ok isn’t exactly helping her own case by showing up late to work. Still, she ends up diving nonetheless and keeps a positive, optimistic attitude the whole time.

After, Jeong-Jun and Yeong-Ok have a lovely trip together, going on a boat ride and then cycling. To top it all off, they have food and drink together. While they eat, Yeong-Ok quizzes him over her ties with the haenyeos and why they’re acting distant to her. Jeong-Jun gives some solid advice, suggesting she stay close to Ms. Hyeon and the other haenyeos. Although Yeong-Ok prefers being alone, Captain Jun tells her she needs to at least try to make an effort with them.

Another part of this story comes from that random number that’s ringing Yeong-Ok. It definitely plays on Jun’s mind, as she ignores another call while they’re sitting together by the shore. After missing their ferry, the pair end up staying the night together but both Jun and Yeong-Ok are nervous.

When Yeong-Ok’s phone goes off again, this time with Yeong-Ok off elsewhere, Jun picks it up and asks who’s phoning.

The Episode Review

Our Blues returns this week with a slower chapter as we close out the saga between Dong-Seok and Seon-A, turning our attention instead to Yeong-Ok and Jeong-Jun. The latter really wants to trust Yeong-Ok but it’s clear that he’s also curious over exactly what she may be hiding – and who this call is from.

This certainly sets things up nicely for their story to continue, although Eun-Hui has now become a supporting player and we don’t really see anything about Yeong-Ju and Hyeon this time beyond a little drama involving their fathers.

I guess that’s to be expected from a show like this and it’s clear that the mellow and slow pace is having a positive impact on viewers, with the ratings in Korea improving week on week.

The ending certainly leaves things on an enticing little cliffhanger, leaving everything wide open for where the rest of the show may go next.

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