Our Blooming Youth – K-drama Episode 7 Recap & Review

The Peony Blossom Incense

Episode 7 of Our Blooming Youth begins with Min Jae-yi investigating the peony blossom flowers she found in the shaman’s incense burner. As she smells the flowers, she remembers that on the day her family was killed, there was a burning peony blossom incense in the kitchen. She also remembers that Sim-yeong visited her in the kitchen as she was ladling the soup but she can’t remember what they discussed.

Elsewhere, the Crown Prince is fuming and asks Tae-gang to bring Min Jae-yi to him. Tae-gang finds Min Jae-yi on her way to the prince and drags her to the Crown Prince’s room. The Crown Prince asks for privacy and confronts Min Jae- yi, he is convinced she lied to him. He believes that she and ​​Sim-yeong were lovers. Why else would a man lie in his suicide note?

Min Jae-yi reads the letter and sees the bracelet Sim-yeong gave her. She denies being Sim-yeong’s lover but the Crown Prince hears none of it. He accuses her of lying and manipulating her way to him. He thinks she was behind what happened at the celebration during the royal hunt. He wants to know how long she has been lying to him. Min Jae-yi tearfully states her innocence but the Crown Prince calls his servants and has her dragged out. He kicks her out of the Eastern Palace without a second thought.

The other eunuchs are happy that they didn’t have to lift a finger to get her kicked out. They mock her but she keeps quiet. The head of the eunuchs for the Eastern Palace asks her to report to the office of the eunuch the next morning, he says he will write a letter. Tae-gang is also pleased that Min Jae-yi has been kicked out. He locks her out of the secret Crown Prince library she was staying in. Min Jae yi asks him to deliver a message to the Crown Prince about the peony blossom incense still inside the room.

She laments her fate and wonders why Sim-yeong lied in his suicide note. She decides to leave the palace and go to Myung-jin’s lab as she has nowhere else to go.  Meanwhile, the Crown Prince breaks down. He spends the whole night thinking about why Min Jae-yi lied to him. He had thought that he could rely on her and trust her. He had even opened up to her. He remembers a conversation he had with the King about not letting anyone see his weakness.

The King had asked him to remember that they don’t come from a noble lineage. There are people waiting to see their downfall and they will use his hurt arm against him. The King even took extra measures and killed the Crown Prince’s physician so he can hide the fact that the Crown Prince is yet to regain the use of his right hand.

This is why the Crown Prince hid away and did his best to heal his hand. He had always hoped that he will get a trustworthy person who he can use to stabilize his journey to the throne. He thought that person was Min Jae -yi but he believes she lied to him and wants nothing to do with her again.

On the other hand, a soldier updates Sung-on about the Min family murder case. Sung-on wonders how long the Crown Prince has been investigating the case of his fiancée and why. The soldier also mentions Ga-ram and says she is missing, presumable since she followed Min Jae-yi into hiding. Sung-on asks him to find Ga-ram.

In the meantime, Ga-ram is still pretending to be a man being mentored by a clueless Myung-jin. As they walk back home after a long day, they see a wanted poster for Ga-ram. Myung-jin explains the poster is about Ga-ram who was Min Jae-yi’s servant. The government has ordered a Chusoeryeong (to send a servant back to their owner) on her. Myung-Jin remarks that  Ga-ram looks like the wanted servant and assumes she is mad at him for saying he looks like a girl.

In reality, Ga-ram is scared that he will find out the truth and what will happen to her once they find her. Myung-jin explains that  Chusoeryeong means she will be punished because she run away after her master was accused of violating a moral principle. This means that Min Jae-yi’s house will be torn down and turned into a lake, and her servants will be turned into government slaves. In the case of Ga-ram who is suspected of aiding Min Jae-yi to hide, she will be branded on her left cheek. Myung-jin is still trying to find out what happened to Min Jae-yi and is ready to protect her and Ga-ram if they come to him. I am starting to think Myung-jin might just be pretending not to know who eunuch Soon-dol and his mentee are

Ga-ram becomes more terrified especially after arriving home and getting a visit from soldiers looking for her. She impersonates her cousin Jang Chi-su and tells them that he and Ga-ram are sworn enemies. She would never show up to his house and the soldiers ask him to report to them if Ga-ram shows up. Her quick thinking manages to save her life.

The next morning, Ga-ram runs into Man-deok and his wife Bok-soon loading bales of rice to send to their hometown. She notices that Man-deok seems hurt but his wife lies he got hurt in the mountains while working. Later, as Bok-soon treats his wound, she asks what they did at the office of the shaman but Man-deok refuses to tell her. They both begin to wonder if they will be able to return home where someone by the name of Oh-wol is waiting for them. They worry that the price of returning home might be too high and question if it is truly worth it.

Ga-ram arrives at the office and finds Min Jae-yi sleeping inside. She is initially scared because she thought it was a dead body. After learning it is Min Jae-yi she checks that she is alright and prepares her favourite dish. She tells Min Jae-yi about the  Chusoeryeong and asks her not to worry. She believes as long as she continues to pretend to be a man and a mentee to Myung-jin she will be safe. The truth is she is worried sick but doesn’t want to burden Min Jae-yi who already feels guilty for causing her trouble.

Min Jae-yi tells her about Sim-yeong’s death and asks if she also thought they acted as lovers. Ga-ram is shocked and tells her that she was always kind to Sim-yeong and they were clearly not lovers. Other people might have mistaken their bond but she knows that Min Jae-yi is innocent.  She is also saddened to hear what happened at the palace. Soon, Min Jae-yi leaves for the palace but asks Ga-ram if it is okay if she starts to spend her nights at Myung-jin’s lab. Ga-ram assures her that it is okay as Myung-jin is easy-going and understanding.

Things at the palace are tense as secret messages continue to be sent and the Crown Prince deals with missing Min Jae-yi. In truth, he regrets sending her away but believes he had no choice. He is unable to stop himself from asking Tae-gang about the fate of his favourite eunuch.  Tae-gang delivers Min Jae-yi’s last message and the Crown Prince immediately goes to the room to investigate the peony blossom incense.

He runs into  Min Jae-yi who is now stationed to help builders work on the new Crown Princess palace. The Crown Prince is about to have a wife and they need to prepare before her arrival. The Crown Prince is still convinced that he did the right thing and refuses to speak to her. He meets with another soldier working on the Min family murder case and asks if he is sure that Min Jae-yi and Sim-yeong were lovers. The soldier insists that through their investigation, the rumours are true.

Apparently, Sim-yeong spent his last days walking around the house like a madman searching for Min Jae-yi. They also believe the bracelets they wore were a token of their deep love. They suspect he killed himself because he could no longer come to terms with what Min Jae-yi did.  As the Crown Prince continues to watch Min Jae-yi from afar in the palace, he starts getting conflicted about whether she lied to him.

Sung-on visits him and inquires why he has been investigating the Min Murder case. The Crown Prince reminds him that Min Ho-seung, her father was his beloved master. He wants to understand why his daughter killed him for her lover. The Crown Prince is curious whether Sung-on is still holding up hope. He reminds him that should Min Jae-yi be alive, she will still be executed and urges him to move on. However, Sung-on shows him the marriage consent letter he has been carrying with him. He openly tells the Crown Prince that Min Jae-yi is still his woman and he will protect her.

He also tells the Crown Prince that it is highly possible that Min Jae-yi was framed with the help of Sim-yeong. He deduces that he might have been killed and his death staged to look like a suicide. The Crown Prince assures him that if Min Jae-yi comes back and it is proven she is innocent he will protect and return her to him. Sung-on is relieved to hear the Crown Prince’s promise. The Crown Prince asks him not to worry because he is sure Min Jae-yi is strong and will return to Sung-on with or without his help.

The Crown Prince continues to miss Min Jae-yi and decides to pay her a visit at Myung-jin’s lab. He shows up as Scholar Park and lies that he has been sent by the Crown Prince to have Myung-jin look at the peony blossom incense.  Myung-jin and Ga-ram are happy to reunite with Scholar Park and openly criticize the Crown Prince for kicking out Eunuch Soon-dol. Scholar Park tries to defend the Crown Prince but they all gang up on him.

Myung-jin being a friendly person teases Scholar Park about missing them and wanting to see them again. Even though Scholar Park denies it, his stolen glances at Min Jae-yi say everything. In the end, Myung-jin promises to look into the peony blossom incense. Min Jae-yi asks to speak privately to Scholar Park and tells him about the memories she remembered of the day her family was killed. She is indifferent to him but she is curious why he came and wonders if he wanted to apologize and admit he was wrong. She tells him there is probably a reason Sim -yeong lied.

Later, they run into each other at the palace. Min Jae-yi doesn’t notice the Crown Prince approaching her and curses him out for being hard on her knowing she had nowhere else to go. She calls him a few choice words and only realizes her mistake when she turns and sees him. She steps back and nearly falls into the water but luckily the Crown Prince holds onto her. The episode ends with their faces inches apart as they stare into each other eyes.

The Episode Review

Throughout this episode, it was frustrating to watch the Crown Prince. His reaction is understandable but he should have still given her a chance to prove her innocence. They are both hurting because of his decision. He still worries about her and is conflicted. Either way, I hope we will soon find out why Sim-yeong lied.

Sung-on made my heart swoon when he said Min Jae-yi is still his woman and he will protect her.  He still believes in her and wants to find out the truth. Sadly, the woman he loves is right under his nose falling for his best friend. The situation is heartbreaking, I wonder if given a chance he would have protected Min Jae-yi better. The Crown Prince offered her his hand then let go the first time an issue arose. Trust is so fickle.

Ga-ram is strong and smart, she will manage for the time being. She has to survive and see justice being served. She is also a victim of this conspiracy and she deserves a happy ending. It might be cliche, but I hope she and Myung-jin fall in love.

Lastly, what is this home that Man-deok and Bok-soon keep on referring to? Why must they go back and who is ordering them? Also, who is Oh-wol?

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