Our Blooming Youth – K-drama Episode 5 Recap & Review

The One I Trust

Episode 5  of Our Blooming Youth begins with Ga-ram and Myung-jin on their way to his office. They are surprised to find Min Jae-yi waiting for them. Min Jae-yi is hoping that Myung-jin will help her with the Cardinal Point case.

They agree that they will need to exhume the body of the second victim. Min Jae-yi wants to check if there was writing on the body that was missed on the first investigation. She had already discussed this with the Crown Prince who had told her that he will send someone to help them dig the body.

The Crown Prince had told her that he will send Scholar Park from Namsangdol. He described Scholar Park as a tall, handsome man.  A man of many talents that have never been seen before in Joseon. Scholar Park runs a bit late and when he arrives at the meeting point, Min Jae-yi is surprised to learn that it is the crown prince.

Elsewhere, Sung-on is troubled about the talisman but he has to prioritize the Cardinal Point case.  A soldier updates him about the list of possible targets the killer might attack.  Sung-on is later updated that the eunuch is exhuming the body of the second victim and he is displeased. While Sung-on tries to go through the registry and organize a patrol in the east of the kingdom,  Ga-ram, Myung-jin, Min Jae-yi and Scholar Park exhume the body.

Back at the palace, a note is secretively delivered to a court lady informing her that  Go Soon-dol is not a eunuch. He is a soldier that the Crown Prince brought in on the day of the royal hunt. The Queen also tries to visit the Crown Prince but is told that he has locked himself in the library to study. The Queen assumes that he is stressed about the Cardinal Point case and that is why he took eunuch Soon-dol with him.

In the meantime, the four sleuths manage to exhume the body of the second victim. Myung-jin spots a stab wound on the victim that was done post-mortem. They question why the killer stabbed the victim even after he was long dead. They also notice writing on his hands and learn that the killer is on a revenge mission. Based on the messages left on the three bodies, it is likely that the killer is trying to destroy the Song family.

It took them a long time to exhume the body and by the time they return to the capital, it was already past curfew time.  Myung-jin leads them to a tavern where they enjoy some food and drinks. The Crown Prince is shocked that Min Jae-yi can hold her drink. Later, Ga-ram takes a drunk Myung-jin home. She learns that he is the black- sheep of the family and is not treated like a genius in his household because he holds no government position and failed the national exam.

Meanwhile, the Crown Prince and Min Jae-yi enjoy a thrilling night playing hide-and-seek with the soldiers on patrol. Min Jae-yi admits that she finds it exciting and they make a bet that whoever is caught first, he/she will get finger-flicked.  They talk about many things including books and the way of life outside the palace. They also discuss the case and Min Jae-yi says that it was sad that she had to go against Sung-on. Nevertheless, she doesnt see it as a competition but as an effort to save lives.

She also brings the ghost letters and asks if the Crown Prince is afraid to trust Sung-on because it was written that his friend will betray him. She also asks if the Crown Prince is worried that Sung-on can be killed or hurt too. The Crown Prince tells her that he already blames himself for the death of the messenger and her family. Min Jae-yi apologizes for blaming him for her family’s death and that she spoke out of fear.

As they pass by Sung-on’s house, Min Jae-yi encourages the Crown Prince to pay his friend a visit. Sung-on is surprised to see the Crown- Prince walking around after curfew in disguise and that he brought eunuch Soon-dol.  Sung-on decides to show the Crown Prince the talisman sold by Oh Man Shik and confesses that he lied. The Crown Prince is disappointed that Sung-on lied to him to protect his father. He asks Sung-on how he expects him to trust that he won’t betray him.

Sung-on asks him to be understanding of the conflict he had thinking his dad tried to undermine the Crown Prince at the royal hunt. He assures him that he was planning to come clean in the morning and that he will always be on his side. He asks for understanding as a friend but the Crown Prince tells him that he gave up on friendship the minute he took the throne.

The crown Prince also reminds Sung-on that he has already sworn that he will stand by him. Min Jae-yi eavesdrops on their conversation and is arrested by the patrol officers. Luckily, the Crown Prince orders them to release her and they head back to the palace.

At the palace, the Crown Prince wonders who among his Court officials betrayed him. As he ponders over the face behind the betrayal, things get hectic in the Queen’s palace. Jo Won-bo overhears three court ladies badmouthing Prince Myungan and loses his temper. He beats them up and orders them to receive severe beating before being expelled from the palace.

He later confides in the Queen that he plans to make sure Prince Myungan becomes the king. He points out that they are a powerful family and it will be easy to take more power. He subtly mentions that he will make sure something happens to the Crown Prince. The Queen asks him to stop the treacherous plans but he insists that she rises to the occasion and becomes the most powerful woman in Joseon.

On the other side of the palace, Min Jae-yi tries to understand the messages left behind by the killer. It dawns on her that the killer meant something else, it was not about the Song family but the four phases of life. She deduces that the killer will attack a pregnant woman about to deliver to mark all four phases of life.

She rushes to tell the Crown Prince but the soldiers stop her from entering since the Crown Prince is already asleep. She leaves a message for him and quickly goes to update Sung-on. At first, Sung-on wanted to ignore him but decided to listen. They quickly send troops to protect pregnant women in the East. He and Min Jae-yi also go to the scene together and arrive just in time to save a woman who had just delivered.

In their fight with the killer, Min Jae-yi is hurt but fortunately, Sung-on is able to subdue the killer and capture her. Surprisingly, she is a shaman who is killing to exact her revenge. The Crown Prince arrives to find Min Jae-yi passed out on the ground. He rushes to her side and tries to wake her. Min Jae-yi briefly wakes up and says that she saved someone.  She tells the Crown Prince that the murders of the messenger and her family were not his fault before fainting again.

The Crown Prince tells her that he was scared to death that she got hurt. He picks her up and refuses to let Sung-on carry her. He tells Sung-on that he trusts Soon-dol and he can’t let anyone else carry him. Sung-on is reminded of what his father said about the Crown Prince not trusting him.


The Episode Review

This is the first time that the Crown Prince has openly admitted that he trusts someone. Sung-on was deeply affected by his words. He is probably wondering why the Crown Prince refuses to trust him. In all fairness, he was a bit conflicted by the talisman but I believe that he was going to tell the truth. Anyone will be swayed albeit even briefly when it comes to family.

Min Jae-yi and the Crown Prince are getting close and it is becoming apparent that he values her. I loved the slow-motion scenes when they were hiding from the patrol officers and were forced to be so close to each other.

As expected, Jo Won-bo is planning on killing the Crown Prince but is still unclear if he is the one behind the ghost letters. I am more curious about the identity of the soldier and the court lady who are secretly trading information in the palace.

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