Our Beloved Summer – K-Drama Episode 9 Recap & Review

Just Friends

Episode 9 of Our Beloved Summer begins with us following Ji-Ung, who reflects back on his past. Specifically on his hidden plan. He didn’t want to get involved with Yeon-Su, and remained determined not to interfere with Choi Ung and Yeon-Su’s growing romance.

He tried to meet other people and move on but when Yeon-Su appeared in front of him again, all those years later, his carefully crafted plan crumbled. In fact, Ji-Ung now questions whether he even needs a plan anymore, given Choi-ung and Yeon-Su aren’t together. At least, that’s what he thinks anyway. He has no knowledge of the kiss.

Following their big kiss in the rain, Yeon-Su struggles to concentrate at work. For five days, since she returned from her weekend break, she’s been distracted. And she’s not the only on either.

Choi-Ung too is feeling under the weather. His feelings are more toward feeling alone again after being with Yeon-Su. Their obvious spark at the getaway house has stirred old feelings, and since then they’ve both run back home again, trying to make sense of their conflicted feelings.

While all this is going on, Ji-Ung continues to push the boundaries. He messages Yeon-Su with a cheeky video of her in the rain. It’s enough to start a conversation, but when he asks if Yeon-Su has had dinner, he doesn’t get a reply. Take a hint Ji-Ung!

Yeon-Su instead heads over to Sol-Yi’s bar and ends up stabbing her chicken meal thoughtfully. Sol-Yi knows about the kiss but when she teases her about Choi Ung’s feelings, Sol-Yi suddenly realizes that Yeon-Su wants to get back with him. She’s had these thoughts for a while now, but has been keeping it to herself and hiding this.

The roles seem to be reversed, in a cruel twist of fate. Yeon-Su heads over to Choi-Ung’s place and finds him completely nonchalant to the whole event. He’s not going to apologize for what happened and instead, asks if they can be friends. Given they’ve never tried being friends before, he thinks they could be a good pairing. But can they really be friends without spilling over to lovers? I have my doubts…

So too does Yeon-Su, as it happens, who decides she’s going to stay over. After all, as they’re friends it shouldn’t be a problem… right? Yeon-Su continues to push the boundaries of their “friendship”, wearing Choi-Ung’s clothes and encouraging him to play videogames. She also hilariously keeps referencing them as friends too.

Choi-Ung clearly likes Yeon-Su’s company, and as Eun-Ho rings with plans for an interview, he feigns being ill and decides to hang out with Yeon-Su instead, playing videogames.

While playing, NJ rings and Yeon-Su begins questioning what’s going on between him and the famous singer, given they’re quite close. In retaliation, Choi-Ung asks the same thing regarding Ji-Ung. She scoffs at the ludicrous idea though, given she doesn’t see him in that way.

Now, Ji-Ung obviously still likes Yeon-Su, and that much is especially apparent at work. When he sits down with Chae-Ran, he admits to her that he does like Yeon-Su. She sticks up for him though, pointing out one can’t control their own feelings. Ji-Ung is certainly taken aback and left with plenty to think abut.

Meanwhile, Yeon-Su winds up seeing a message from Eun-Ho on his phone, confirming Choi-Ung has cancelled the interview. This gets her thinking, as she heads down into Choi-ung’s basement and starts looking at all his drawings. When Choi-Ung appears, she calls him out for his hot and cold behaviour, wanting to know the truth. Only, while they talk, Ji-Ung appears at the door.

The Episode Review

I really don’t understand Ji-Ung’s motivations here. I get that he still has feelings for Yeon-Su and has done for a long time but he’s also openly admitted that he had a plan originally for letting Choi-Ung and Yeon-Su blossom. That’s before mentioning the unwritten rule that you don’t romance your friends’ ex. Maybe it’s just me but it all feels a bit shady.

However, this chapter does have a really nice ebb and flow to it, with Choi-Ung and Yeon-Su trying to be friends. There’s obviously a lot more than that between them, and the phone call from NJ, and Choi-ung’s jealousy toward Yeon-Su hanging with Ji-Ung, is enough to prove as much.

I like that the show hasn’t descended down the path of the two hooking up and getting into a relationship as well. This certainly benefits this romantic drama and helps to prolong the anticipation, teasing for when these two finally do get together.

Our Beloved Summer has been a thoroughly enjoyable watch though and the ending hints that we’ve got more angst to come in the chapters ahead.

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