Our Beloved Summer – K-Drama Episode 8 Recap & Review

Before Sunset

Episode 8 of Our Beloved Summer begins with Choi-Ung and Yeon-Su alone up at this vacation home. Choi-Ung isn’t exactly thrilled with this, unenthusiastically answering the questions Ji-Ung presents to him. One of these though happens to be a question about past trips.

Now, Choi-ung has mixed feelings about a trip to Suwon he took with Yeon-Su. Yeon-Su had a knack for doing whatever she wanted back then, telling Choi-Ung this was their final trip together. This caused him to become really anxious and uncomfortable the whole time, believing a break-up was imminent. It wasn’t, as it turns out. At the end of this trip, Yeon-Su opened up and caught him off-guard completely, admitting that she loves him.

In the present, Ji-ung and his team get to work filming, with both Sol-Yi and Eun-Ho both interviewed over their feelings toward Yeon-Su and Choi-ung’s estranged relationship. This secluded spot has had its intended reaction though, with the pair back on another trip. Just like they promised all those years back, they’re together again on a longer trip. Of course, not under the same circumstances.

Things are still tense and on-edge between the two and for now they decide to give one another some space. However, Yeon-Su is still hung up over Choi-ung’s ties with NJ. News articles online about their pairing doesn’t help either. This only exacerbates the tensions between them and in front of the camera, the pair have trouble conversing.

While jealous pangs begin to spring up from Yeon-Su toward NJ and Choi-ung spending time together, the same can be said from Choi-ung. When he learns that Yeon-Su and Ji-Ung are heading out together (with the camera no less) he tries in vain to hide his jealousy. Now, Ji-Ung is a little sly here and hides his true feelings behind the camera, which is a little subjective to say the least. It does seem a bit shifty that he’s moving on his best friend’s ex flame.

The pair do have a good time together though and undoubtedly have great chemistry too, riding bikes together and getting some decent establishing shots for the documentary in the process.

When they relax on a bench and enjoy the view, an elderly couple pass and believe that they’re an item. Ji-Ung doesn’t correct them and Yeon-Su’s wry smile after seems to hint she knows he has feelings for her. He shrugs it off though and claims he was just being polite.

In their absence, that leaves Chae-Ran to film Choi-Ung while he’s drawing. As they talk about the original documentary, she reveals the exact moment he developed feelings for Yeon-Su. This time though she’s keeping quiet and instead asks him to try and liven up in front of the cameras. Smiling, Choi-ung promises to do his best.

When Ji-Ung and Yeon-Su return – when the sun is down no less – Choi-Ung struggles to shake off his jealousy. Awkwardness inevitably ensues at dinner that afternoon, especially when Yeon-Su admits she had a nap in the middle of the day. Choi-Ung though points out that she always said she hated people who took naps.

With Choi-Ung and Yeon-Su away at their vacation home, NJ shows at Ung’s place. Her parents voice-call with the group as NJ appears on-screen to say hello. When Yeon-Su sees, you can see her heart literally sink. It’ll be interesting to see if the camera has picked up on this but it’s obvious these little romance/couple pairings are bringing up old, unresolved feelings. That is especially true that night as Yeon-Su and Choi-ung both feel the proverbial hammer blow of their emotions.

In the morning, Yeon-Su heads in to Choi-Ung’s room while he’s asleep. She notices a beautiful drawing of the vacation house on the desk and thinks about brushing the hair out of his face. Instead, Choi-ung reaches out tentatively and holds her hand. Yeon-Su pulls away.

As she heads out for a morning stroll, Yeon-Su ends up napping on a bench and awakens with a familiar sense of deja vu. It’s raining, she has no umbrella and she’s stuck with nowhere to go. And just like the past, it’s Choi-Ung in the distance who appears like a knight in shining armour with an umbrella.

“Should I leave or stay?” Yeon-Su asks, as Choi-ung instinctively leans forward, drops the umbrella and kisses her. Go on Choi-ung!

The Episode Review

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder but there’s also the unwritten rule about jealousy being the biggest indicator of true feelings too. It’s harder to hide your disappointment when you see your crush or ex with someone else (if you still have feelings for them of course) and this episode perfectly exemplifies that.

This whole chapter relies on echoes from the past displaying the extent of unresolved emotions after the abrupt break-up and the trouble it’s caused for Choi-Ung and Yeon-Su in their present life.

Seeing them both together at this vacation house, and their feelings toward one another, was always going to come out in a big kiss like it did at the end. It’s a little cliched perhaps to showcase this in the middle of the rain but it’s also incredibly satisfying to watch.

Of course, the drama now will fall to how Yeon-Su and Choi-ung navigate through this. I’d imagine we’ll also see a bit more of the cuteness between Sol-Yi and Eun-Ho who will almost certainly end up together now. They have great chemistry together and the show has built a nice comedic foundation around them.

However, given we’re only at the halfway point of this one, it’s also safe to assume that we may well have some broken hearts to come going forward.

For now though, this is a beautifully constructed episode that manages to really nicely exemplify the longing for a loved one and balance that against envy and lust. A great kissing scene (technically four if you count the montages) serves as a wonderful way to round out this year, roll on 2022 for the next episode!

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