Our Beloved Summer – K-Drama Episode 2 Recap & Review

1792 Days Of Summer

Episode 2 of Our Beloved Summer begins 50 days into Yeon-Su and Choi Ung dating. They’re both at school, things are going well and the pair are flirting with one another.

Cut forward another 700 days and Yeon-Su is ill, in bed and clearly feeling under the weather. Choi Ung gives her some tough love, lightly slapping her on the head and telling her to have some porridge.

The pair have a tendency to play “what if” during their time together, which certainly gets under Ung’s skin. He promises to be there for her no matter what – even if they end up with a long distance relationship.

The final time of playing “what if” lands on a big question. “What if we break up?” Yeon-Su quizzes. Ung is adamant that’s not going to happen but Yeon-Su pushes the question further, receiving a more honest answer. Ung promises to spray her in the face with water and throw salt at her.

True to his word, we cut forward to the present to see Ung making good on his promise with the water. “Where’s the salt?” Yeon-Su asks casually.

With the ice broken, Ung and Yeon-Su head inside and begin talking. Ung rejects the notion that he’s Ko-o but Yeon-Su has done her homework. She knows it’s true. How? Well, NJ uploaded a photo to social media and in the back is a very blurry Choi-Ung drawing.

Ung is much more cocky now that the ball is in his court. Yeon-Su makes her pitch but he immediately refuses to get involved. Now, it’s partly because of what happened between them but also Ung’s reluctance to be in the public eye.

Ung’s manager, Eun-Ho, soon comes bounding in though. NJ has arrived and that’s reason enough for Yeon-Su to leave… and for Ung to make good on his promise and throw salt at Yeon-Su on the way out the door.

In her absence, NJ asks Ung to draw some buildings for her. She’s struggling to find joy and believes this could be the ticket. With crossed arms, she questions Ung’s commitment and whether he’s really a fan. After all, he’s very distracted – but for good reason.

Out in the alleyway, Yeon-Su tries to work out what she’s going to do about work. Ji-Ung shows up though and the pair wind up talking about old times. There, Ji-Ung amusingly retorts that Choi Ung has been practicing that salt move numerous times before. As we cut across to Choi Ung himself, he wonders whether he was too harsh with the salt or not.

When Yeon-Su shows up at work the next day, Mr Jang is there to fill in the blanks from her drunken endeavour. That night, she dropped to her knees and began sobbing that she doesn’t have an umbrella…even though she’s holding one in her hands. Unfortunately the embarrassment doesn’t stop there.

As flashes from her drunken night bleed through, she also told Jang’s driver that her boss is a sociopath and a cold hearted man. It’s absolutely hilarious but as she apologizes, Jang brushes it off and tells her to focus on the project.

When they head to the exhibition though, awkwardness ensues. Eun-Ho learns about the big opportunity this could be for Ung and drags him along. Eun-Ho does all the talking, excitedly chirping about the project and almost unveiling his true identity. Eventually they leave but Eun-Ho makes a comment about how Jang and Yeon-Su look like a couple.

In their absence, Yeon-Su breaks the news that she doesn’t think she’ll be able to work with Ko-o after all. Jang has more news for her though. Specifically what happened outside her house during her drunken night. Specifically, details about breaking up with Ung five years back.

In the present, Jang tells her to separate her personal feelings from professional obligations. If she’s can’t bring him onboard, well, they’re going to get someone else to fill that slot.

As the episode closes out, Ji-Ung comes to a big decision. He wants to film the documentary again. And just like that, the epilogue picks up with Yeon-Su and Choi Ung on camera. Will this spark the flames of romance again?

The Episode Review

Our Beloved Summer rolls out with a really solid follow-up. The jokes flow right the way through the episode and Yeon-Su is absolutely hilarious, especially reliving her drunken rants. We’ve all been there, saying things we shouldn’t when we’re intoxicated, but it’s that much funnier because it’s leveled at her boss.

Likewise, Choi Ung has some good moments here too, inadvertently playing hard to get with NJ. It’s clear she’s going to play a big part in this story and I’d imagine it’ll come off the back of Ung and Yeon-Su growing closer while doing this documentary again.

The pangs of romance are still there, you can sense, and the show is teasing some big moments to come. Either way though, this is a light, breezy and highly enjoyable Korean drama thus far. Roll on next week!

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