Osmosis – Season 1 Episode 6 “Separation” Recap & Review


You Give Love A Bad Name

After ending on a moment’s contemplation last time out, Osmosis returns for its sixth episode and arguably its best of the season. Josephine reveals she’s pregnant to Paul who reacts in fear, unsure of what this means for their future together.

Meanwhile, Gabriel decides he wants Osmosis to be more than just a simple technology brand. Having seen its profound effect on Esther’s Mum, he wants it to be used for medical purposes, setting the wheels into motion to make this a reality.

While Gabriel looks forward to the future, Niels looks back at his past as he becomes indoctrinated at the Emotions Control Centre. Claire comes to visit him but Niels instantly rejects her advances, for fear of hurting her again. As a way of stifling any ill feelings, all the patients seem to have an interactive ball that helps them control their emotions and as time ticks by, Niels becomes more and more dependent on this.

As Niels tries to repress the painful memories of the past, Esther takes her Mum back to their childhood house in a bid to stimulate hers. At this point the episode takes a very surprising turn, as it’s revealed to us the true events of what happened at the swimming pool and the shocking truth that’s been hidden from us all this time. It turns out the real Esther died drowning after hitting her head on the side of the pool while Paul wasn’t watching. This also explains just why her Mum was so obsessed with this memory.

After the real Esther died, Paul and his Mum adopted a little girl to fill the hole this left in their life. Obsessed with making sure the truth stayed hidden, the girl was essentially brainwashed into believing she really was Esther, with no memories of her previous life. Pained by these memories, Esther’s Mum begs her children to end her life which they eventually do, with the help of Martin.

In an episode full of overwhelming lows and sadness, the episode ends on a high thanks to Niels. After experiencing true Osmosis with Claire, Niels understands his true purpose and promptly escapes from the Emotions Centre, riding a wave of euphoria all the way out the front door. Subsequently, Claire picks him up and the two escape together on her bike into the sunset.

There’s some big plot twists in this episode and the final few moments unveil another twist in the tale too as Lucas is told that Leopold has been found dead. With big question marks over what’s happened with this, we leave the episode with Lucas looking like the prime suspect of the murder and the future of the Osmosis Project in serious jeopardy.


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