Osmosis – Season 1 Episode 5 “Betrayal” Recap & Review


All You Need Is Love

After the dramatic events at the end of the last episode, Osmosis returns and picks up right in the heart of the drama. Josephine is back but she’s an echo of the woman she was before she left. This leaves Paul confused and reeling over what this all means for their happily-ever-after story.

We then cut back one month earlier to see Paul and Josephine’s relationship begin to form some serious divides between the two. This ultimately leads Josephine to go behind his back and asks Gabriel to remove the implant for him. At this point, we then shift back to present day where Paul finds out the truth. Josephine refuses to get it surgically implanted again, leaving the future of their relationship with big question marks hanging over it as we cut back to the rest of the candidates.

It’s at this point where the three main candidates all experience trying moments in their relationships too. Ana’s soul-mate discovers a recorded video of her talking about smuggling information out of Osmosis and play-acting falling in love, leading to a big fight between the two. Meanwhile, Lucas sees his partner revert back to his old ways. Niels finds his situation turn from bad to worse too as he’s taken to an isolated school in a bid to try to control his emotions.

Things then turn from bad to worse for Osmosis as a viral video involving a Beta tester throws the entire company into jeopardy. After revealing the truth about the hallucinations and seeing strange images as if being hacked, Lucas then experiences something similar, as a face appears to scream in his mind’s eye. Clearly distraught, he turns to Billie for help who agrees to help him, getting to work in finding out who or what is responsible for this.

After piecing together the various fragments of stories from the candidates, Billie confronts Esther over what she’s been doing. Billie knows about Esther’s Mum and eventually clocks on that Paul knows as well. After a particularly cold dialogue exchange between the two, Billie hurries off to tell Gabriel what’s been going on in the Centre.

We leave the episode with one final revelation as Josephine looks out at the sunset and contemplates her life going forward from here. She’s 4 weeks pregnant and for now, removing the implant actually makes a lot of sense for her future prospects. Whether Paul sees this the same way is still left up for debate but we leave the episode deliberating over what we’ve seen thus far.

Although the resolution to Josephine’s story is a little anticlimactic, especially with the way she just shows up at the door, it’s a minor point in an otherwise highly enjoyable episode of sci-fi thrills. There’s an awful lot going on here and for the most part, Osmosis does well to juggle both its characterisation and plot developments, leaving the door wide open for more drama going forward.


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