Osmosis – Season 1 Episode 4 “Crisis” Recap & Review



Don’t You Want Somebody To Love

After his uncomfortable meeting the night before, Osmosis begins its fourth episode with Paul deliberating over the previous night’s actions. He’s convinced the Mohicans are the ones who have taken Josephine and sets to work trying to figure out how to outplay them at their own game.

Meanwhile, Niels admits to seeing Claire again while Ana wakes up with an almighty hangover following the events with her soulmate the night before. Thankfully, he’s left her a plate of croissants and a touching note to take the edge off things.

Determined to connect with Josephine psychically, Esther attempts a radical procedure on Paul to try and gauge a connection between the two of them. After tying a bag around his head, she pushes him to the point of near-death, which in turn makes Paul see a psychedelic medley of colours in his mind’s eye. As he approaches this thin veil of colour, he’s pulled back to reality again by Esther at the last possible second.

Taking the initiative on a test that appears to be unraveling before her eyes, Billie makes a radical decision and gives Esther and the candidates a question to ponder over – should Niels continue the trial after physically abusing Claire or should be be kicked out? After some deliberation, Niels’ parents make the decision for him, given he’s a minor, and subsequently take him out of the test.

With the rest of the candidates still experiencing hallucinations and visions, Esther tells Paul about what’s she’s really been doing while the remaining subjects continue to grow closer to their soulmates. This sees several interesting conversations arise between the various characters as the constant subject of love and science continues to be a driving factor of the series.

Meeting up with her informants, Ana tells them she has cold feet and refuses to work against the Project anymore. They tell her they were expecting this all along, leaving Ana questioning her own judgment over the events that transpired between them.

We then catch up with Esther and Paul who close this episode out. A brief intermission precedes a conversation between the two as they discuss just what direction to take the Project from here. They don’t have long to wait though and as the episode bows out, Martin reveals that the memory implantation has been successful, resulting in their Mum appearing to regain her conscious mind again.

Now at the midway point, Osmosis really doubles down on its plot, delivering a really enjoyable episode, full of interesting and well written plot developments. While the series itself won’t be for everyone, there’s enough here to make for a highly enjoyable watch nonetheless.


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