Osmosis – Season 1 Episode 2 “Soulmate” Recap & Review


Love Is In The Air

Osmosis’ second episode takes a break from its cliffhanger ending to jump back 3 years before the events of the first episode. It turns out Paul was in a vegetative state until he had the implant which allowed him to see Josephine, his soul mate. This consequently had a knock-on effect to his psyche, essentially saving his life.

For the rest of the episode, we catch up with the test candidates and in particular, Niels, Ana and Lucas. As they go in search of their soulmates, the eager minds back at the Project watch on as they engage with the opposite sex and find their intended partners. While the candidates head off in separate directions, Esther makes a big decision regarding the project, throwing into jeopardy the whole operation in order to save her Mother.

Before we can get there though, we catch up with Niels at the nearby art gallery; drawing sculptures before being given a helping hand by a nearby student called Claire. As the two begin to hit it off, Ana appears to blow her first impression with her soul mate, a fitness coach. While Ana tries to engage in normal conversation, Lucas finds his soulmate in an unlikely place.

From here, most of the episode is taken up with these character developments as the three prime candidates explore the validity of the tech’s claims. Interestingly, there’s more to Ana than meets the eye too as it turns out she’s actually a mole, working on behalf of the competition to siphon information out of the trial and into the greedy hands of Osmosis’ competition.

The episode ends with Esther visiting a V.R. station, notoriously known for pleasurable virtual experiences. After passing numerous neon-lit booths, she spots an unconscious woman being dragged away by two men. It turns out this woman was actually Josephine and as she shouts after them, they disappear into the darkness leaving Esther, and us, with new questions to ponder going forward.

The second episode really begins to dive into the various characters and in many ways, works really well in exploring themes around love and technology’s newfound impact on our lives. The episode itself is well paced too, with an interesting juxtaposition between the three candidates in how they perceive love and sex throwing in some really challenging questions to our beliefs around this.

Another solid episode for sure, Osmosis continues to impress, making for a really enjoyable watch throughout.


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