Oshi No Ko – Season 2 Episode 2 Recap & Review

Game of Telephone

Episode 2 of Oshi No Ko Season 2 begins with a flashback that is set on Tokyo Blade’s preliminary meeting day. In it, Aqua and Kana arrive at the stage play’s filming building. Before they arrive on set, they notice and chat with Melt. Melt tells Kana and Aqua he’s happy to work with them again. However, Melt has a hunch Kana and Aqua aren’t thrilled he’ll be performing with them again. 

Melt promises he practiced a lot since his Sweet Today performance. Then, the trio arrives on set and Raida introduces himself, Kindaichi, and the other performers to our trio. After that, Akane approaches Aqua. Akane tells Aqua that she admires theater so if he needs help he can come to her for assistance. Meanwhile, Melt and Kana comment on Aqua and Akane’s relationship and Aqua and Akane’s Tokyo Blade roles. 

Then, Melt and Kana discuss Sweet Today with the former wishing the latter dug into him more while they were filming that. Melt argues he could’ve realized he was a bad actor sooner rather than later. Nevertheless, Melt vows to redeem himself with his Tokyo Blade performance. Then, we cut away to Abiko and Yoriko at a bar.

Through their meeting, we learn that Abiko is a popular manga artist and author in the industry. Abiko asks Yoriko for advice since the former knows the latter’s story was converted into an anime and TV drama series. Moreover, Abiko wants Yoriko to attend Tokyo Blade’s stage play’s rehearsal with her. Yoriko says she’ll attend it with her.

Before they depart the bar, Abiko heads to the restroom to brush her teeth. Yoriko reflects on manga authors and how certain creators occasionally have issues with how people adapt their work. She knows this often leads to production issues and understands authors should approach these matters via a “give and take” compromise. 

Deep down, Yoriko knows that’s something Abiko may not consider. Eventually, we return to the present timeline. Abiko tells Raida she wants them to fix Tokyo Blade’s entire script. Abiko reminds Raida that she asked Raida and his team to revise the script countless times. However, someone from Raida’s team told Abiko that once she sees the actors and actresses perform, she’ll understand why this script is great. 

GOA apologizes to Abiko and asks her how he should revise the script. Abiko tells GOA that he informed personnel of what she wanted changed, however, she realizes that GOA failed to make said changes. She continues to argue with GOA about the script and lists several arguments that make GOA look like he’s never read Tokyo Blade. 

Raida pulls Abiko aside before things get nasty between her and GOA. Then, Yoriko ponders several things. Yoriko contemplates the problems authors have with adaptations, how negotiations concerning said adaptations play out, and how things were problematic between Abiko, Raida, and Raida’s staff behind the scenes.

Additionally, Yoriko discusses Abiko and lists why Abiko can be difficult to work with and understand. Then, we see Yoriko’s “game of telephone” concept play out between Abiko and Raida’s respective teams. Although Abiko doesn’t like GOA’s script, Abiko’s editor tells her that Raida’s team believes she’ll like the script when she sees the actors and actresses perform it in real time. 

Abiko understands and will judge the script based on those respective performances. After that, Abiko tells Raida that she wants GOA off the project and wants to write the entire script. Abiko says if Raida refuses, she’ll revoke her permission for the play. The former understands the drawbacks of that decision and says she’s willing to pay the price. 

Abiko’s editor is concerned because that’d mean their company would have to pay for that, but Abiko doesn’t care. Abiko says she doesn’t seek payment for her revisions and says GOA can still be credited and paid. Nonetheless, Abiko demands Raida remove GOA from the project. Aqua asks GOA how he feels about the situation. 

GOA argues there’s not much he can do since his position isn’t as grand as they think. He discusses the issue later with Raida. He says he doesn’t mind Abiko’s requests but asks Raida to remove him from the credits. GOA doesn’t want to take credit for Abiko’s revisions. Raida’s unsure if he can make that happen for several reasons. 

Raida argues that GOA’s script was good and didn’t do anything wrong. Nonetheless, Raida asks GOA to accept their circumstances and GOA complies. GOA returns home and reflects on the effort and time he put into making this script a superb one. Then, Kindaichi tells Aqua and his co-workers rehearsals will be put on hold until the revised script is complete. 

While Akane and a co-worker discuss this debacle, Aqua eavesdrops on their conversation and asks them to explain what a “Stage Around Play” is. Akane and her co-workers are surprised and Aqua tells them he’s not a big fan of it. Aqua goes into detail on why he feels a certain way toward theater. Akane asks Aqua to attend a Stage Around Play with her. 

 The episode closes with a shot of the Stage Around Play our pair plans to attend. 

The Episode Review

Oshi No Ko Season 2 delivers another wonderful episode. This episode lets fans know that some authors occasionally have problems with how people adapt their work. It’s funny considering Sound! Euphonium Season 3 went through a similar predicament. However, the author behind that anime’s source material approved of Kyoto Animation Studios’s changes, which is great.

That aside, this episode gives fans a fair assessment of how Abiko’s nitpicks negatively impact several of the stage play’s staff from Raida to GOA. From Abiko’s consistent revisions behind the scenes to GOA’s depressing reaction to possibly getting kicked off the project, fans will sympathize with both parties involved. Hopefully, Aqua and the others can assist Raida in resolving the issue between Abiko and GOA.

Additionally, this episode gives viewers some info on Abiko’s character. It’s nice knowing that she’s not a perfect person, despite her successes. It shows audiences that while someone can create a well-beloved manga, that doesn’t mean they’re free from error. On that note, it’d be great if Oshi No Ko Season 2 gave characters like Melt and others some proper depth in future chapters. 

Lastly, the imagery and animation remain on point, with most scenes looking better than the manga, a rarity in today’s climate. Overall, this was a great episode of Oshi No Ko Season 2. It tackles the “source material vs adaptation” problem marvelously. While the episode’s pacing could’ve been better, fans will appreciate the series’s creator Aka Akasaka for tackling this topic in a fun way. 

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