Oshi No Ko Explained: What happened during the “The First Concert” story arc?

Oshi No Ko Explained

Oshi No Ko is one of Shueisha’s Weekly Young Jump’s most popular series today. The manga began serialization in early 2020. Its source material and 2023 anime adaptation by Doga Kobo Studios impressed the anime community. With Oshi No Ko Season 2’s release vastly approaching, anime fans can’t wait to see what’s in store. 

Aka Akasaka, the series’s author, and Mengo Yokoyari, its artist, carefully mix emotional storytelling, likable characters, and rich themes to create a bright and dark entertainment-centric universe. By offering readers a deeper look at the idol and acting industry, Oshi No Ko resonated with multiple audiences, including ourselves

That said, Oshi No Ko’s tale is thoughtful and tense. It’s brimming with enough shocking scenarios, interesting secrets, and verbal confrontations to engage anyone who loves hard-hitting dramas. On top of having a peculiar yet intriguing supernatural twist, this pop star-centric series has taken fans for a loop with its multiple turns. 

Being the geeks that we are over here, we’ll be diving deep into the Oshi No Ko world, shedding light on the elements that make this story such a spectacle to anime and manga veterans and newcomers alike. 

What is “The First Concert” story arc about? What can readers expect from this article?

As with any series, Oshi No Ko is broken into multiple story arcs, each containing minor and major events critical to the overarching tale. Where some arcs center around our protagonists, others focus on the secondary characters or antagonists (if any). Oshi No Ko consists of 10 story arcs (so far), each offering fans something important to remember as they read. 

“The First Concert” story arc is Oshi No Ko’s fourth narrative arc. The anime covered its content via episodes 9-11 while the manga covered this arc in its fourth volume, chapters 33-40 exactly. This arc picks up where the previous story arc concluded. It features our new B-Komachi idol group tackling the Japan Idol Festival. We also get introduced to new characters like Sumiaki Raida. 

Considering Season 2 is almost here, it may be difficult for folks to catch up to the series before that airs. While we cover the arc in detail via our Oshi No Ko episode recaps (episodes 9-11, specifically), this explanatory piece will highlight its important takeaways. 

Before we begin, it’s worth noting that this piece will contain spoilers for Oshi No Ko’s fourth story arc only! Moreover, as mentioned in our previous explanatory pieces covering the “Show Business” and “Dating Reality Show” story arcs, Doga Kobo Studios tweaked Aka Akasaka’s work a bit for those story arcs. Therefore, this piece may contain data not found in the anime adaptation.

Lastly, this is the final story arc of Oshi No Ko Season 1. That said, if you’ve been keeping up with these pieces, you should be ready for Oshi No Ko Season 2 when it airs on July 3rd, 2024. Nevertheless, read at your own risk! 

How does “The First Concert” story arc begin? 

In the beginning, Minami, Ruby, and Frill discuss “My Love with a Star Begins Now’s” conclusion. The girls discuss Akane and Aqua’s relationship and MEM-cho’s role in the show. At Strawberry Productions, MEM-Cho, Ruby, and Kana discuss music. MEM-cho argues they should create songs and post online music videos.

Kana tells MEM-cho to relax because Miyako’s working things out with music artists. Then, MEM-cho reminds Kana the old B-Komachi group has songs they can use. With that hurdle conquered Ruby suggests they practice their dance moves instead. Therefore, the girls practice their dance routine and Kana struggles during it. 

What does Masaya Kubaragi tell Aqua at the sushi banquet?

After Aqua confronts Kana about her jealousy and sour attitude, he meets Masaya at the sushi banquet. There, Masaya warns Aqua that what he’s about to share may ruin Aqua’s image of Ai. Nevertheless, Aqua tells Masaya to share this knowledge about Ai with him. Masaya tells Aqua that Ai was a “country bumpkin” when they met and lacked professionalism and drive. 

Next, Masaya says he introduced Ai to Lala Lai via a workshop event (the theatrical company Akane works for) to combat Ai’s lackluster qualities. Masaya argues Ai met her future husband there and he enticed her to change her views. Masaya says he’s willing to introduce Aqua to Lala Lai’s troupe leader. Aqua wonders why Masaya’s going the extra mile for him.

Masaya says it’s all about “give and take.” He anticipates Aqua will become a popular figure one day. This will give Masaya a big advantage in the Japanese entertainment industry’s casting war. He also knows about the new B-Komachi group and will monitor Kana and MEM-cho’s developments. 

Why does Kana refuse to be B-Komachi’s lead girl? Who becomes B-Komachi’s lead girl? 

Eventually, the new B-Komachi group (Kana, MEM-cho, Ruby) discusses who should become the lead girl. After announcing their individual qualities, Ruby and MEM-cho argue Kana should be the lead girl. Kana argues against this notion. She says she won’t make them popular and feels someone cute and honest should be the lead girl. 

Nevertheless, MEM-cho and Ruby convince Kana to attend a karaoke session to decide on their group’s lead girl. MEM-cho and Ruby argue at the session and learn Kana’s songs were smash hits. Later, the three girls return to Strawberry Productions. MEM-cho and Ruby convince Kana to become their group’s lead girl through their encouraging remarks. 

What happens during B-Komachi’s training routine with Pieyon? Is that Pieyon under the mask?

Eventually, Miyako and Pieyon greet the girls. Pieyon helps the girls develop better choreography via multiple stamina-centric exercises. After a hard day’s work, Pieyon visits Kana on a balcony. Kana tells Pieyon why she’s uncertain of her lead girl role. Simultaneously, Pieyon reminds Kana of her exceptional talents and plans to help her focus. 

Kana develops feelings for Pieyon. Ruby and MEM-cho joke about Aqua being Pieyon in disguise. Later, Kana tells MEM-cho and Ruby why she dislikes Aqua during one of their choreography sessions the next day. Next, Pieyon updates Miyako on each B-Komachi member’s progress. Also, he alludes to not being the real Pieyon. 

Then, Ruby discusses why she’s excited about their official idol debut with Kana at night. Ruby tells Kana she’s overly positive because she’s been “longing” for this moment. Ruby shares how idol culture and Gorou Amamiya (Aqua’s former identity) inspired her. Ruby sleeps and Kana goes for a stroll. She notices Pieyon’s mask and learns Aqua is Pieyon (at this time). 

What are B-Komachi’s first impressions of the Japan Idol Festival? What’s tampering with Kana’s morale and how does Ruby slightly motivate Kana?

Eventually, B-Komachi arrives at the Japan Idol Festival. Miyako gives them a tour of the festival’s dressing area since Kana and Ruby want to change clothes. Kana’s not thrilled about the area’s crowded culture. Miyako gives Kana and Ruby a breakdown of how the Japan Idol Festival handles things concerning the idol hierarchy. 

While Miyako takes the girls somewhere, Kana reflects on her role and fears she won’t lead MEM-cho and Ruby to victory at the Japan Idol Festival. She recounts a moment in her past when she failed to meet several expectations. Kana’s mother’s departure also plays a significant part in dampening her drive. Then, Ruby tells Kana she’s nervous about their performance, much to Kana’s shock.

Kana tells Ruby she fears failure and doesn’t want to let Ruby and MEM-cho endure that pain. Ruby tells Kana not to worry as it’s natural to experience failure. Therefore, Ruby insists Kana focus on having fun.

What happens before B-Komachi’s performance at the Japan Idol Festival? Who motivates Kana to give it her all during it?

Eventually, Kana, Ruby, and MEM-cho take the stage. Kana notices the crowd carrying several red glowsticks. We receive a flashback, detailing the significance behind the glowsticks. Essentially, the glowsticks represent Ruby, MEM-cho, and Kana. The red represents Ruby, the yellow ones Mem-cho, and the white variants for Kana. 

They had someone hand those glowsticks out to the audience, that way, they can determine who the crowd favors more during their performance. Kana compares Ruby and MEM-cho’s idol aura to hers. She argues she’s not as beloved as they are. Ultimately, Kana wishes someone would desire her to motivate her to work harder. 

Then, Kana notices Aqua in the crowd, waving all the glowsticks. This motivates Kana to give it her all. Someone named Boss senses Kana’s aura and argues she, alongside MEM-cho and Ruby, may become popular one day. This signals to the reader that the girls’ performance received a stellar reception. 

What happens to B-Komachi after their Japan Idol Festival performance? What do Kana and Aqua discuss at Strawberry Productions?

After some events detailing the short idol career of a background idol character named Mana Suzushiro, Ruby and her friends regroup with Aqua and Miyako in a vehicle. Aqua tells the girls they did well but Kana wants him to praise them more. Aqua refuses because he argues Kana and the others will do better next time so he wants to save that praise for later.

Miyako notices the two are talking again. She asks Aqua questions about his and Akane’s relationship to fix any loose ends in Aqua and Kana’s companionship. Aqua confirms he and Akane are in a “working relationship.” MEM-cho notices Kana’s mood change and realizes Kana has feelings for Aqua. Then, Kana confronts Aqua about his Pieyon trickery at Strawberry Productions.

Aqua tells Kana he dressed up like Pieyon to motivate her and the others. However, Aqua clarifies that he only did it to ensure Ruby’s performance at the Japan Idol Festival went swimmingly. Kana thinks otherwise and teases Aqua for doing it for her sake too. 

Who is Sumiaki Raida? What does he discuss with Masaya about?

Sumiaki Raida is a Magic Flow Event Company representative. Eventually, Sumiaki visits Masaya and tells him he’s developing a 2.5D Stage Play version of the popular manga Tokyo Blade. Sumiaki says he received a massive budget to ensure things go swimmingly. Also, Sumiaki says Lala Lai will assist him with the stage play’s production. 

Although Sumiaki says Akane will star in it, he needs more attractive male and female co-stars. Sumiaki argues this will help the production produce exceptional results. Masaya tells Sumiaki he knows two people who’d be perfect for his stage play. Thus, the two set up a deal. 

How does “The First Concert” story arc end?

Akane and Aqua head somewhere to eat and chat. She brings up an Instagram photo she posted on the platform.  Akane hopes it’ll convince their fans that she and Aqua are dating. Aqua confirms he’ll be starring in Tokyo Blade. Akane tells him she and Lala Lai will be involved. The two discuss Tokyo Blade’s characters, Touki and Princess Saya, and how they get together in Tokyo Blade.

Then, Akane brings up Touki’s ally, Tsurugi, and how fans say there’s a love triangle between Tsurugi, Touki, and Saya. Kana arrives and tells Akane and Aqua that she’ll star as Tsurugi. She warns Akane of the dangers of posting photos on social media. Kana says she used Akane’s Instagram photo to track Aqua and her to this location. 

Then, Aqua learns Kana and Akane are fierce rivals in the industry. Kana departs and Akane tells Aqua that she doesn’t like Kana because she consistently steals roles from her. Akane and Kana vow to outclass each other during the 2.5D Stage Play. This story arc ends with Sumiaki getting pumped for Tokyo Blade’s 2.5D Stage Play. 


Oshi No Ko is a brilliant manga with an equally entertaining anime adaptation. Coming off of the fandom he earned with Kaguya-sama: Love Is War’s finale, Aka Akasaka has much to prove with Oshi No Ko. Although Oshi No Ko Season 1 left fans with a cliffhanger, many praised this arc for its fabulous B-Komachi performance, focus on Kana, and marvelous set-up for the 2.5D Stage Play story arc.

As always, if you want to check out more Oshi No Ko-related content, click here. Also, we may be covering future story arcs in this format, so feel free to keep us on your radar if you want to know what happens after Oshi No Ko’s “The First Concert” story arc.

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