Oshi No Ko Explained: What happened during the “Private” story arc?

Oshi No Ko Explained

Oshi No Ko is one of Shueisha’s Weekly Young Jump’s most popular series today. The manga began serialization in early 2020. Its source material and 2023 anime adaptation by Doga Kobo Studios impressed the anime community. With Oshi No Ko Season 2’s release vastly approaching, anime fans can’t wait to see what’s in store. 

Aka Akasaka, the series’s author, and Mengo Yokoyari, its artist, carefully mix emotional storytelling, likable characters, and rich themes to create a bright and dark entertainment-centric universe. By offering readers a deeper look at the idol and acting industry, Oshi No Ko resonated with multiple audiences, including ourselves

That said, Oshi No Ko’s tale is thoughtful and tense. It’s brimming with enough shocking scenarios, interesting secrets, and verbal confrontations to engage anyone who loves hard-hitting dramas. On top of having a peculiar yet intriguing supernatural twist, this pop star-centric series has taken fans for a loop with its multiple turns. 

Being the geeks that we are over here, we’ll be diving deep into the Oshi No Ko world, shedding light on the elements that make this story such a spectacle to anime and manga veterans and newcomers alike. 

What is the “Private” story arc about? What can readers expect from this article?

As with any series, Oshi No Ko is broken into multiple story arcs, each containing minor and major events critical to the overarching tale. Where some arcs center around our protagonists, others focus on the secondary characters or antagonists (if any). Oshi No Ko consists of 10 story arcs (so far), each offering fans something important to remember as they read. 

The “Private” story arc is Oshi No Ko’s sixth narrative arc. The anime hasn’t covered its content (as of this writing). However, the manga covered this arc in its seventh and eighth volumes, chapters 67-80 exactly. This arc touches on Ruby and Aqua’s father, our protagonists’ birthplace, and where they perished. It introduces many characters some of whom hold clues to the series’s reincarnation aspects. 

Considering Season 2 is almost here and likely another one will follow in a year or so, it may be difficult for folks to catch up to the series. Fortunately, this explanatory piece will highlight its important takeaways, allowing manga enthusiasts and others to see what’s in store for future anime seasons. 

Before we begin, it’s worth noting that this piece will contain spoilers for Oshi No Ko’s sixth story arc only! To reiterate, Doga Kobo Studios hasn’t covered the material of this story arc (as of this writing). While Oshi No Ko Season 2 could cover its material, the “Private” story arc’s content may appear in Oshi No Ko Season 3 (if one happens). Nevertheless, read at your own risk!

How does the “Private” story arc begin? 

This arc picks up moments after Kana and the others finish performing in a different stage play. It’s assumed this arc is set sometime after the Tokyo Blade stage play’s events. Nevertheless, Rio (one of the Lala Lai actors) suggests they all attend a bar and Akane happily sets up a reservation somewhere. At the bar, Toshiro tells Aqua a bunch of drama club students (Toshiro included) came together and formed Lala Lai.

Toshiro says Lala Lai enticed workshop attendees to perform publicly to recruit official members. However, Toshiro says this method failed. Toshiro refuses to elaborate more on the subject, much to Aqua’s annoyance. Taiki arrives. He tells Aqua he’ll pry the details out of Toshiro at another bar. Taiki, Toshiro, and Aqua attend a new bar with a few girls, one of them being named Luna. 

What do Taiki, Aqua, and Toshiro discuss at the new bar? What details does Aqua obtain from Taiki concerning their father?

At the bar, Taiki tells Aqua Toshiro will reveal the truth once he’s drunk. While drunk, Toshiro informs Aqua about his connection to Taiki. Toshiro adopted Taiki from an orphanage and raised him to become a phenomenal actor. After praising Aqua, Toshiro falls asleep. During this time, Aqua confronts Taiki and shows him a DNA Analysis report.

This report claims that Taiki and Aqua share the same father. Taiki is Aqua and Ruby’s half-sibling. Aqua asks Taiki to share details about their father with him. Taiki, Aqua, and Toshiro visit Taiki’s home because Taiki refuses to disclose family details at a public establishment. At Taiki’s home, Taiki tells Aqua his mother is named Airi Himekawa, a popular actress. 

Then, Taiki informs Aqua that their father passed away and loved dating talented women. Taiki took on his mother’s last name because he hated his father. He reveals his true last name is Uehara. Aqua leaves Taiki’s home mildly defeated because he doesn’t know what to do now that his father’s fate has been disclosed. 

What happens during MEM-cho, Ruby, and Kana’s YouTube discussions? What place do the girls plan to film their PV?

MEM-cho tells Ruby and Kana that their YouTube Channel is about to hit 20,000 subscribers soon. She explains why that’s significant since Kana’s not impressed by those numbers. Later, Ruby visits her room and rests in bed. During this scene, Ruby reveals she named B-Komachi after Ai’s former idol group name to maintain Ai’s legacy and to one day reunite with Gorou.

During Ruby’s youth, Ruby learned that Gorou went missing. However, Ruby refuses to believe that report. MEM-cho tells Ruby and Kana she wants to shoot a PV (a music video) and post it on their YouTube Channel. She argues they can use the PV as a promotional sample to gain a bigger audience. Kana tells MEM-cho that it’ll be expensive and worries that her stage play schedule will interfere with their plan.

MEM-cho presents Ruby and Kana with a schedule that’ll allow them to film this PV. Moreover, MEM-cho says they should partake in a “two-night three-day trip” on top of it all. Kana and Ruby like the sound of that. Then, MEM-cho tells Kana and Ruby they’ll film the PV at the Miyazaki Prefecture. This is the place where Ruby was born, raised, and died as Sarina (her former identity). 

What happens during MEM-cho, Ruby, Kana, and Miyako’s YouTube boosting plan discussion? What motivates Himura to make a new song for B-Komachi?

Next, MEM-cho announces she wants her, Ruby, and Kana to create an original B-Komachi song. Miyako arrives and tells our trio that she commissioned a man named Himura to compose a new song for B-Komachi. Aqua shows interest in Himura. Next, Aqua recalls his chat with Taiki about their father via a new flashback. 

In it, we learn Taiki, Aqua, and Ruby’s father Seijuro Uehara committed suicide and was a struggling actor. Nonetheless, Aqua wishes Kana and the others the best with Himura. Then, Ruby entices Miyako to call and demand Himura to finish their original song swiftly. Miyako calls Himura and Himura tells Miyako that he needs time to produce the song. 

Then, the manga delves into Himura’s history as a magnificent yet old composer. Due to composing numerous songs, Himura lost the drive to write new, passionate material. He tells Miyako he can finish it within a month, but fears his lack of motivation won’t help him create it. Then, Himura notices Ruby sent him a video message.

After hearing Ruby out, Himura’s passion for lyric writing returns. Himura vows to get B-Komachi’s song finished faster. 

What do Akane and Aqua discuss during their date? Who is the man Ruby breezes past at Ai’s grave?

After Aqua agrees to attend the Miyazaki trip with Ruby, Kana, and MEM-cho, he goes on a date with Akane. There, Aqua and Akane discuss Akane’s latest photo. While Akane rambles about it, Aqua wonders what he should do with Akane now that he knows his father’s fate. Akane brings up Aqua’s Miyazaki trip. Aqua suggests Akane accompany him and the others there.

Moreover, Aqua wants to tell Akane something there. Akane confronts Aqua about their relationship and knows Aqua wants to end their “work relationship.” The two go for a stroll and discuss this “work relationship.” Akane knows Aqua never had feelings for her and only used her for his undisclosed goal. Then, Akane and Aqua arrive at the spot where Aqua saved Akane’s life. 

Akane says she’d do anything for Aqua. Aqua outright tells Akane she used her to get closer to his father. He shares more details with her regarding the DNA tests, his meeting with Taiki, and his father’s fate. Despite it all, Aqua feels free knowing that his father is dead and gone. Akane departs and questions what she can do for Aqua’s sake.

Later, Ruby visits Ai’s grave and tells her that she and Aqua have been doing well. Ruby promises to revisit Ai’s grave in the future and casually passes by an unnamed man. This man remarks how beautiful Ruby looks and confirms he’s Ai’s real husband. 

What happens before and during B-Komachi, Aqua, and Akane’s Miyazaki trip? Where does Aqua want to go?

After some fun chatter between Aqua and Kana during their restaurant outing, Ruby, Kana, and MEM-cho listen to Himura’s demo for B-Komachi’s original song. The girls adore the song but Kana argues Ruby will ruin the song with her voice. Thankfully, MEM-cho tells Kana she can tinker with everyone’s voices through the power of editing. 

MEM-cho relays this news to her video creator friend Anemone Monemone. Anemone tells MEM-cho she’ll shoot two music videos for them. One will show our girls performing “Star T” and the other will involve Himura’s original song. Despite MEM-cho’s concerns, she accepts Anemone’s offer. Then, everyone from Aqua to Kana arrives at an airport.

Ruby introduces herself to Akane and wants to refer to her as her “big sister.” Ruby argues Akane and Aqua will become a true couple one day, so she doesn’t mind calling Akane that, much to Kana’s annoyance. Eventually, our group meets Anemone at Takachiho, a countryside town in the Miyazaki Prefecture.  Anemone says her team’s stationed here simply because she adores nature.

Moreover, Anemone and Aqua discuss Amenouzume No Mikouto, the goddess of song and performing arts, and the luck she brings to worshippers. Kana wants to worship her, but Anemone reminds her they must film their music videos. Alone, Akane and Aqua explore Takachiho. They discuss gods, the occult, and its hospital during their travels. Aqua tells Akane he wants to visit this place because he was born there.

Internally, Aqua knows he’s perished near the hospital in his former life too. 

What do Aqua and Akane do after they visit the hospital? What new details do we obtain about Gorou and Sarina’s past?

Aqua and Akane visit the hospital. Aqua chats with the official there and she doesn’t have any intel on Gorou Amamiya. Aqua and Akane flee the hospital and search for Gorou’s remains. Akane brings up a good point about human remains so Aqua abandons his search for his former body. Aqua and Akane visit Gorou’s former home. 

Aqua reveals that Gorou didn’t have the best relationship with his parents. Ultimately, Aqua says Gorou’s grandparents took care of him. Aqua says Gorou had a decent relationship with his grandparents but struggled to pursue his own goals. Ultimately, Gorou followed other people’s desires instead of his own, which was one of his best traits, according to Aqua. 

Then, we peer into the moments preceding Sarina’s (Ruby’s former self’s) demise. Gorou insists Sarina’s parents arrive before Sarina dies. Sarina’s parents refused because they were busy working. Gorou accompanies Sarina on her deathbed and she shows him a capsule toy she obtained from Ai’s concert. Sarina alludes to wanting to do something with Gorou. 

Unfortunately, Sarina perishes.

What do Akane and Aqua discuss at the music video shooting site? What happens during Akane and Ruby’s night out together?

While Anemone helps Ruby, MEM-cho, and Kana shoot their music video, Aqua and Akane arrive and discuss Kana’s idol potential. Aqua thinks Kana will make it as an idol. Akane suggests Aqua be weary of dating Kana when she makes it big. She lists problems like scandals and other matters that could arise once Kana becomes popular. 

Aqua agrees and says he’ll be weary of being around Kana when her popularity skyrockets. Next, Akane and Ruby head to the inn. During their stroll, Ruby encounters a crow and it snatches her room key. Akane suggests they inform the hotel staff about their dilemma but Ruby says it’s okay. Then, the girls discuss each other’s passions. Ruby says she’d love to pursue acting, but she must fulfill her idol dream.

Moreover, Ruby wants to reunite with her true guardian (Gorou). Ruby discusses the concept of relationships with Akane. She alludes to wanting to date Gorou. Akane says a small age gap shouldn’t be an issue. Then, Ruby tells Akane that Gorou has gone missing.

Ruby rambles on about Gorou’s teasing ways but recalls him promising to ponder the idea of marriage when Sarina (Ruby) turned 16. Then, Ruby and Akane discover the crow flying toward a cave behind a shrine. Inside, Aqua and Ruby discover a skeleton. Ruby learns this is Gorou’s corpse and cries. 

What do Aqua and Akane discuss after Ruby and Akane discover Gorou’s corpse?

After Ruby and Akane discover Gorou’s corpse, they alert the authorities about Gorou’s body. Miyako notices Ruby’s upset, but Ruby tells Miyako she’ll be okay to film the next video with Kana and MEM-cho. Meanwhile, Akane and Aqua discuss this debacle at a bench. Aqua thanks Akane for finding Gorou’s corpse and apologizes for using Akane as a tool. 

Akane understands and says she wants to get close to Aqua because of his feelings of guilt. Simultaneously, Akane knows Aqua wants to end their relationship and she is prepared for that. Before she leaves, Aqua wipes Akane’s tears away. Aqua tells Akane he is done with revenge and is glad his corpse was found.  Aqua kisses Akane and tells her he wants to protect her. 

What intel does the crow girl share with Ruby? What’s Ruby’s new goal?

Ruby reflects on Gorou’s passing before her music video shoot with Anemone, Kana, and MEM-cho. The unnamed crow girl chats with Ruby and relays details about what happened after Sarina perished. She tells Ruby that Gorou was in charge of helping Ai give birth to Ruby and Aqua. However, she tells Ruby Gorou went missing at the same time Ai gave birth. 

Moreover, the girl tells Ruby that two men were wandering the area during that time. One was the college student Ryosuke, who killed Ai during the “Prologue: Childhood” story arc, and the other was an unidentified middle school student. Ruby asks the girl what happened to the middle school student but the girl teases Ruby, telling her to find the student herself. 

Eventually, Ruby regroups with Anemone, Kana, and MEM-cho and shoots the video. While Anemone laments about Kana and Ruby, Ruby ponders the crow girl’s words and the intel she knows about Ai and Gorou. Ruby gives Anemone a cold stare and internally vows to kill the suspicious individual who was roaming the hospital during Gorou’s demise. 

How does the “Private” story arc end?

After Ruby, MEM-cho, and Kana finish filming, Anemone says she’ll have the first video edited and ready in a month. As for the second one, Anemone says she’ll take her time with that one. Meanwhile, Kana visits Akane at the hot springs and discusses Akane’s future movie role and her relationship with Aqua. Akane tells Kana that she’s not playing a dating show game currently. This makes Kana believe Akane and Aqua are dating for real. 

Meanwhile, Akane and Ruby chat about Aqua, his actor goals, and other things at night. Akane tells Ruby Aqua is pursuing acting because he wants to see someone important in the entertainment industry. Akane jokes about it despite Ruby’s suspicions and the two head to bed. Next, everyone visits the Aratate Shrine to make a wish. Everyone shares their wishes. Ruby hopes Aqua will find the person who killed Ai and Gorou. 

Nevertheless, the narrator chimes in and says B-Komachi’s music video received much attention and helped B-Komachi become more popular. Then, half a year passes. Aqua says he and Ruby are high-school sophomores while Akane and Kana are high-school juniors. The “Private” story arc closes with Aqua informing the audience that everyone’s careers are about to take off. 


Oshi No Ko is a brilliant manga with an equally entertaining anime adaptation. Coming off of the fandom he earned with Kaguya-sama: Love Is War’s finale, Aka Akasaka has much to prove with Oshi No Ko. This arc certainly sets fans’ expectations high for future encounters and developments. 

As always, if you want to check out more Oshi No Ko-related content, click here. Also, we plan to cover the next story arcs in this format, so feel free to keep us on your radar if you want to know what happens after Oshi No Ko’s “Private” story arc.

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