Oshi No Ko Explained: What happened during the “Movie” story arc?

Oshi No Ko Explained

Oshi No Ko is one of Shueisha’s Weekly Young Jump’s most popular series today. The manga began serialization in early 2020. Its source material and 2023 anime adaptation by Doga Kobo Studios impressed the anime community. With Oshi No Ko Season 2’s release vastly approaching, anime fans can’t wait to see what’s in store. 

Aka Akasaka, the series’s author, and Mengo Yokoyari, its artist, carefully mix emotional storytelling, likable characters, and rich themes to create a bright and dark entertainment-centric universe. By offering readers a deeper look at the idol and acting industry, Oshi No Ko resonated with multiple audiences, including ourselves

That said, Oshi No Ko’s tale is thoughtful and tense. It’s brimming with enough shocking scenarios, interesting secrets, and verbal confrontations to engage anyone who loves hard-hitting dramas. On top of having a peculiar yet intriguing supernatural twist, this pop star-centric series has taken fans for a loop with its multiple turns. 

Being the geeks that we are over here, we’ll be diving deep into the Oshi No Ko world, shedding light on the elements that make this story such a spectacle to anime and manga veterans and newcomers alike. 

What is the “Movie” story arc about? What can readers expect from this article?

As with any series, Oshi No Ko is broken into multiple story arcs, each containing minor and major events critical to the overarching tale. Where some arcs center around our protagonists, others focus on the secondary characters or antagonists (if any). Oshi No Ko consists of 11 story arcs (so far), each offering fans something important to remember as they read. 

The “Movie” story arc is Oshi No Ko’s ninth narrative arc. The anime hasn’t covered its content (as of this writing). However, the manga covered this arc in its eleventh, twelfth, thirteenth, and fourteenth volumes, chapters 109-147 exactly. This arc tackles the 15-Year Lie movie project’s production. It introduces several characters and reveals details about other mysterious figures. 

Considering Season 2 is almost here and likely another one will follow in a year or so, it may be difficult for folks to catch up to the series. Fortunately, this explanatory piece will highlight its important takeaways, allowing manga enthusiasts and others to see what’s in store for future anime seasons. 

Before we begin, it’s worth noting that this piece will contain spoilers for Oshi No Ko’s ninth story arc only! To reiterate, Doga Kobo Studios hasn’t covered the material of this story arc (as of this writing). We predict the “Movie” story arc’s content may appear in Oshi No Ko Season 3 or beyond (if those happen). Nevertheless, read at your own risk!

How does the “Movie” story arc begin? 

The arc starts with Masaya speaking with an SA Entertainment Manager named Mio Honda. Masaya persuades Mio to allow her company’s actress Yura Katayose to star in one of his projects. Next, Yura discusses her qualms with Mio and Masaya with someone named Miki. Yura’s upset that Mio and Masaya aren’t treating her properly and argues they only care about her popularity.

Then, Yura argues that Masaya and Mio should’ve hired a younger talent like Frill or Ruby. Eventually, Miki and Yura depart and go for a stroll. Yura shares her deepest desires with Miki and asks him if she’ll achieve them all. Then, Yura tells Miki that she’s going mountain climbing next week. Miki tells Yura to be careful. Inevitably, we see Yura lying helplessly against a rock.

Miki arrives and scolds Yura. Miki reveals himself as Hikaru. He blames himself for Yura’s demise as she slowly calls him a murderer. 

What do Ai and Taishi discuss in the past? How does Aqua convince Masaya to help him with the 15-Year Lie movie’s production?

In a flashback, Taishi and Ai discuss Taishi’s script for a film titled “How It Began.” Ai adores this film’s script and asks Taishi how he made it. Taishi says he focused on capturing the “desire” and “inferiority complex” of wanting to achieve beauty. This persuades Ai to ask Taishi to write a documentary film script for B-Komachi. 

With some convincing, Taishi filmed the documentary. However, Taishi failed to record the dome-portion of the documentary due to Ai’s passing. After reflecting on the present timeline, Taishi recalls another pivotal moment with Ai in the past. During the said moment, Taishi tells Ai that he refuses to film her because she’s not acting like her true self. 

Ai warns Taishi why that’d be a terrible idea. However, Ai understands and performs her role truthfully. Then, we enter a scene involving Aqua and Masaya. Aqua gives Masaya the breakdown of 15 Year Lie’s content and his and Taishi’s filming plans. Masaya is unsure about participating in this since the script contains sensitive and possibly incorrect data. 

Aqua ensures Masaya that the script contains evidence from Aqua, Taishi, and Ai. After hearing Aqua out, Masaya accepts Aqua’s terms and promises to be the film’s producer. 

Do Masaya and Taishi get distributors and investors to support the 15-Year Lie project? How do Taishi and Masaya approach filmmaking?

Masaya and Taishi visit several film distributor companies to pitch the 15 Year Lie’s film to them. No one wants to comply because of the script’s sensitive material. Eventually, the two meet with someone at the Eikyo Distribution Company. This representative says they’ll pay for their film’s advertising expenses. However, Taishi and Masaya must gather 100 million yen for the film’s production expenses.

They visit several investors who adore films. Likewise, each investor says they’ll help Taishi and Masaya out. However, each investor wants something specific from our duo. This irritates Taishi. Taishi and Masaya share their different views on producing and distributing movies. Taishi values being remembered and cherished for producing a notable work.

As for Masaya, he adores working on films that’ll bring him exceptional wealth and ratings. Next, Masaya brings up the most integral aspect of successful filmmaking. Masaya says it’s the actors and actresses and how they use them in the film. Masaya argues he forms tight connections with stars because they’ll inevitably return the favor once they taste success.

Taishi understands and admits having someone like Masaya around is beneficial. 

What happens during Taishi’s encounter with Ruby? Who does Taishi want to play Ai in the 15-Year Lie film?

After Kana shares her after-high school, B-Komachi, and acting plans with Ruby, Taishi encounters Ruby near Strawberry Production’s entrance. Ruby tells Taishi she and Aqua aren’t on good terms. Ruby’s still upset that Aqua revealed their connection with Ai publicly. Taishi brings up the DVDs Ai wanted her and Aqua to watch when they turned 15. 

Ruby’s unsure what he’s talking about and Taishi has a hunch Aqua kept Ruby’s DVD hidden because of his overprotective nature. Ruby says she doesn’t mind that Aqua kept that from her. She argues everyone’s a liar. Taishi leaves and recalls the moment when Ai gave him those DVDs. After that, he contemplates why Ai entrusted him to deliver those DVDs to her children.

Taishi argues he inevitably discovered why and this truth encouraged him to create the 15-Year Lie project. Then, Taishi visits Aqua. The two discuss who’ll play Ai in the film. Taishi says Masaya wants Frill to play Ai in the film. However, after reflecting on his encounter with Ruby, Taishi argues Ruby should play Ai. 

Who informs Frill about 15-Year Lie’s production issues? Why does Frill insist she, Akane, and Ruby hold an interpersonal audition for the main role of Ai?

First off, Masaya and Taishi are at each other’s throats about who should play Ai in 15-Year Lie. Masaya says they should go with Frill because she’ll bring in the money. Taishi argues Ruby should play the role because she has hidden potential. Aqua argues Ruby shouldn’t play Ai because she doesn’t want to besmirch Ai’s name as he did. 

Frill learns from a source that Masaya and Taishi can’t decide on an actress to play Ai. This encourages Frill to confront Ruby about this movie role the next day. Ruby tells Frill Masaya and Taishi should’ve had girls audition for the role. Frill agrees. However, Frill tells Ruby that movie big-wigs like choosing people based on their popularity, not their abilities.

After discussing matters further with Ruby, Frill suggests she, Akane, and Ruby hold an “interpersonal audition” competition to determine who should play Ai in 15-Year Lie. Frill says the losers must decline the role. Ruby’s unsure about this but Frill confirms she spoke with Akane about this competition. 

What happens during Frill, Akane, and Ruby’s secret interpersonal audition? Do they decide on a winner?

Ruby meets Frill at their agreed-upon interpersonal audition site. Akane arrives moments later and Akane’s distant attitude bothers Ruby. Ruby has a hunch Akane’s not thrilled about Aqua cutting ties with her, relationship-wise. Akane scolds Frill for being a disruptive cast member and Frill says there are reasons why she wants to hold this hidden competition. 

Frill wants to prove why she deserves this role to Akane and Ruby. Before Akane backs out, Frill uses Aqua’s involvement in 15-Year Lie to persuade Akane to participate. Akane stays. Frill suggests they hold an improv contest based on a “liar” theme to avoid complications with Masaya and Taishi. Frill auditions. After that, Frill critiques herself and argues Akane might perform better than she did.

Ruby’s up next and delivers a rant-like performance, tackling concepts like death, loss, and suicide. Frill’s unsure what to say. Akane says Ruby can become a powerhouse in the industry with more practice. Then, Akane performs and role-plays as Ai. She confronts Frill about her possible desire to eliminate Akane so that Ruby can star as Ai in 15-Year Lie.

Then, Ruby questions the girls, asking them if Aqua wants to use this movie to profit off Ai’s death. Frill deconfirms Ruby’s suspicions and says it’s likely Aqua wants this movie to continue for revenge purposes. She argues the movie will condemn Ruby and Aqua’s father. However, that’s dependent on who portrays Ai in 15-Year Lie.

Akane and Ruby argue why they should be the ones to claim the role. Frill narrates the two’s audition battle and informs the audience that Ruby won. 

What happens after Kana posts her B-Komachi retirement tweet on Twitter? What is Masaya upset about regarding 15-Year Lie’s cast?

Kana’s tweet leaves many fans confused and heartbroken. Then, Kana meets with Aqua to discuss topics ranging from pandas to the entertainment industry. Kana thanks Aqua for persuading her to become an idol in the “Show Business” story arc. She argues her career would’ve ceased if she didn’t accept Aqua’s offer. 

Then, Kana tells Aqua that Taishi offered her a role in 15-Year Lie. Taishi wants Kana to portray a former B-Komachi member who hates Ai. Aqua says he’s okay with Kana playing that role as long as it’s her. He calls Kana a special person and Kana leaves the room embarrassed. Aqua laughs because he argues it’s easy to manipulate Kana. 

Aqua hopes Kana will learn to doubt people more. He states Kana might get exploited by more people if she doesn’t. Meanwhile, Masaya highlights the actors and actresses who’ll star in 15-Year Lie. He’s upset that Ruby’s starring as Ai as he wanted Frill and Akane to portray Ai. However, Masaya is willing to play ball since Akane and Frill will star in the film.

What’s the significance behind the crow girl’s (Tsukuyomi’s) discussion with Aqua? Who is the advertising agency’s representative?

Elsewhere, the crow girl (later named Tsukuyomi) confronts Aqua near a lake. She asks Aqua several questions regarding his thoughts on his friends and his mother. Aqua tells Tsukuyomi to leave him alone. Tsukuyomi taunts Aqua further about Ai. She claims Ai will never reincarnate like they did and will remain dead. 

Aqua asks Tsukuyomi if she told Ruby the same thing. Tsukuyomi refuses to elaborate on what she told Ruby during the “Private” story arc. Tsukuyomi departs and suggests Aqua ponder something else in response. Meanwhile, Kana reads through 15-Year Lie’s script and notices Ruby struggling to rehearse her lines.

Kana suggests Ruby relax and get proper rest. Then, someone introduces a woman named Marina Tendouji to Masaya. We learn later that this is Sarina’s mother.  

What does Aqua uncover during his meeting with Marina Tendouji? What happens between Ruby and Kana during the former’s rehearsal?

Masaya and Taishi visit a bar with Marina and her friends. Aqua calls Taishi and asks him questions regarding 15-Year Lie’s deadlines. Taishi says Marina invited him and Masaya for drinks. Aqua warns Taishi not to get drunk and Taishi promises Aqua he won’t. Unfortunately, Taishi drinks too much and Aqua arrives at the place disappointed. 

Before he and Taishi depart via taxi, Marina stops Aqua, much to his dissatisfaction. Then, the bar owner utters Marina’s last name. Aqua realizes Marina is Sarina’s mother. Aqua and Marina chat over drinks. The former asks the latter several questions about her family, hoping she’ll bring up Sarina (aka Ruby). Marina shows Aqua an image on her phone from her 54th birthday party.

In it, Marina is sitting next to her other children and her husband. Meanwhile, Kana coaches Ruby through a scene depicting a mother abandoning her children. Ruby doesn’t understand this emotion. She argues all parents should have a special love or connection with their children. 

What’s the significance behind Masaya’s chat with Miyako? What advice does Kana give Ruby and does it work out for Ruby?

The story continues exploring Ruby’s life as she struggles to stay afloat with her activities. Eventually, Masaya and Miyako chat about Ruby at Strawberry Productions. Masaya insists Ruby partake in a strict acting lesson because he’s not pleased with her acting skills. Miyako’s infuriated by Masaya’s words. At the same time, Miyako understands and fears Ruby won’t match Aqua, Kana, and the other’s talent.

Meanwhile, Kana participates in a film shooting for Masanori’s latest film. She scolds Masanori for giving her this role. Kana hopes Masanori will give her a well-suited role as he promised during the “Mainstay” story arc. 

Then, Kana approaches Ruby, who happens to be watching Kana from a distance. Ruby tells Kana her performance was exceptional and understands why everyone devalues her acting talent. Kana suggests Ruby learn to understand herself more. Kana argues new emotions will spawn from Ruby’s core if she pulls that off. 

Ruby practices understanding herself at home. Unfortunately, this advice doesn’t produce great results. It results in Ruby contemplating one of her encounters with Marina while she is still alive as Sarina. This memory makes Ruby question if her mother loved her since that’s one of the puzzling things Marina said to her. 

What do we uncover about Ruby’s past life as Sarina? Who greets Ruby during her time of sorrow?

Ruby visits her former home, but can’t muster the courage to ring Marina’s doorbell. Then, Marina opens the door, startling Ruby in the process. While that’s happening, we enter a flashback narrated by Tsukuyomi. In it, we delve into Ruby’s past as Sarina. We learn Sarina and Marina had a tight bond. However, Sarina’s illness made her mother depressed, enticing Sarina’s father to sentence Sarina to Gorou’s hospital.

Marina and her husband kept themselves busy with work and minimized their connection with Sarina to maintain peace. Sarina turned to Gorou and Ai for support and inevitably passed away without seeing her parents one final time. Tsukuyomi reveals Marina didn’t know how to respond to Sarina’s passing. We learn Marina gave birth to new children after Sarina passed and eventually gained the courage to move on from Sarina’s death.

In the present, Ruby notices Marina interacting with her siblings, siblings she didn’t know existed. Ruby returns home devastated. She argues Marina never loved her and hoped Ai would replace Marina as her new mother. Simultaneously, Ruby feels terrible about that notion. She argues everyone who connects with her will live unhappy existences, much like Ai and Gorou.

As Ruby shares more regrets, Aqua arrives and witnesses Ruby’s sorrow.  

What happens between Aqua and Ruby? How does Ruby discover the truth about Aqua’s former identity?

After Ruby recalls a flashback between her (as Sarina) and Gorou, we cut away to Aqua comforting Ruby. Ruby asks Aqua to hand her a copy of the 15-Year Lie script. Aqua suggests Ruby relax but Ruby slaps his hand away. Ruby reveals she became an idol to climb the ranks and avenge Gorou and Ai. Aqua suggests Ruby live a peaceful existence, but Ruby refuses.

Ruby tells Aqua she never saw him as family. Aqua understands but wants Ruby to hear him out. He calls her by her former name, Sarina. Aqua lists several things Sarina (Ruby) told Gorou in the past. Internally, Aqua couldn’t live with himself, knowing he failed to help Sarina achieve her dreams. Aqua wants Ruby to forget revenge and pursue life differently.

Ruby’s confused by Aqua’s remarks. She wonders how he knew her former name and everything she told Gorou in the hospital. Aqua holds the keychain he gave to Sarina in the past. Ruby realizes Gorou reincarnated as Aqua, rushes into his arms, and cries tears of joy. 

What happens between Ruby and Aqua after the former learns the truth about Aqua’s identity?

Aqua continues comforting Ruby. He tells Ruby he didn’t reveal his former identity to her because he wasn’t 100% certain she was Sarina. Ruby tells Aqua she endured a lot of pain that he could’ve extinguished if he had told her the truth. Aqua apologizes for everything he put Ruby through. Aqua tells Ruby he did what he did in the previous story arc for vengeful purposes.

Ruby reveals that she didn’t like doing the dark things she did in previous story arcs. Aqua understands. He suggests Ruby stop chasing after Ai’s shadow and live her own life. Ruby agrees. She felt she needed to pursue life like Ai would. Ruby asks Aqua if he still values her for doing so. Aqua says he’ll always support Ruby, much like he did when they were Sarina and Gorou.

Aqua argues Ruby (as Sarina) was far more radiant than Ai in his eyes. Ruby’s left star eye fades away. After Tsukuyomi shares a few comments about Aqua’s decision from afar, Ruby cleans herself up and presents herself to Aqua. She reminds Aqua that as Gorou, he promised to marry Sarina when she turned 16. Ruby reminds Aqua that she’s no longer 16 years old and smiles. 

Why is Kana worried about Ruby? What’s bothering Miyako so much and what unfolds between her and Ichigo?

Eventually, Kana and MEM-cho notice Ruby’s change in attitude. Ruby explains why she’s doing better and MEM-cho and Kana go for a stroll. During their stroll, Kana confesses that she’s still worried about Ruby’s busy schedule interfering with her upcoming 15-Year-Lie performance. MEM-cho argues Ruby will give it her all and compares Ruby’s situation with Ai. 

Then, MEM-cho brings up Miyako and questions how she’s doing currently. We cut away to Miyako. Miyako’s stressed over recruitment people calling her and Aqua telling her to keep Ruby away from Marina. B-Komachi’s future also concerns Miyako since she knows Kana won’t be a part of the group soon. Miyako visits a bar and discusses her problems with her adoptive family and Masaya’s requests with a bar worker.

Then, Ichigo arrives and attempts to flee. Miyako stops and confronts him about a specific promise he made to her. We enter a flashback delving into Miyako’s first arrival in Tokyo and how she rose through the ranks in life, job-wise. However, after college graduation, Miyako’s popularity plummeted. Eventually, Miyako runs into Ichigo, who offers her a position in his company.

Although Miyako wasn’t fond of helping someone accomplish their dream, seeing Ai and Ichigo’s dream of the dome changed her viewpoint. In the present, Miyako yells at Ichigo for abandoning this dream. 

What became of Ichigo after his fateful encounter with Miyako? What does Ichigo suggest to Miyako during their one-on-one meeting at Strawberry Productions?

Miyako holds a meeting with Strawberry Productions’s staff and announces Ichigo will be helping them out as a part-time employee. Then, Miyako assigns the staff with distinct tasks and announces she’ll serve as Ruby and Aqua’s manager. Miyako argues Ichigo will help them keep track of things and the others learn Ichigo’s the company’s former president. 

Ichigo and Ruby chat briefly. Ichigo blames Aqua for enticing him to attend the bar Miyako fled to. Some time passes. Ichigo works on a schedule and Miyako greets him. Miyako’s worried about Ruby’s popularity and says it may decline over time. Ichigo argues they can combat this debacle by setting Ruby up with more work opportunities that offer great conditions. 

He also suggests moving house, giving their talents a better and larger space to work with. Ichigo flatters Miyako, telling her she did a great job as the company’s new president. Lastly, Ichigo warns Miyako to keep an eye on Aqua. 

What problem does Taishi have with the 15-Year Lie script? How does Aqua solve Taishi’s debacle?

After Miyako holds another meeting highlighting their schedule and Kana’s graduation dilemma, Taishi arrives with the 15-Year Lie’s script. He says it’s been finalized but needs a child actor to play a certain role. We enter a scene between Aqua and Tsukuyomi. The two touch upon subjects regarding their perception of gods. 

Ultimately, Aqua asks Tsukuyomi to participate in the 15-Year Lie film. Although Tsukuyomi shows little interest, she arrives at Strawberry Productions with Aqua, declaring she’d like to fulfill that child role slot.

How does the first day of filming go for our characters?

After our cast greet each other, recite their lines on script-reading day, and dawn their costumes, filming day begins. Akane, Kana, and MEM-cho perform their roles exceptionally and Miyako tells Ruby to monitor them. Ruby ponders her friends’ acting chops and compares them to her own. She says she practiced hard and argues she can pull this off. 

Ruby performs her “Good Morning, guys” line but the staff member cuts her off. This occurs numerous times and Ruby asks the staff member to contact Taishi. Taishi tells the staff member to tell Ruby that he wants Ruby to act dumber. Ruby’s irritated by Taishi’s remarks and performs the line again. The staff member cuts her off and tells Ruby this was a good take. 

Kana informs MEM-cho and Akane about Taishi’s infuriating strategies to draw out Ruby’s “anger” which will help her recreate and understand Ai’s countless emotions.

What’s flowing through MEM-cho’s mind during 15-Year Lie’s production? What happens between MEM-cho and Aqua?

MEM-cho ponders her life experiences after announcing to her YouTube audience that she’ll star in a film. While slightly nervous about shooting the film, she’s confident she’ll perform exceptionally. MEM-cho’s confidence dwindles after noticing some negative things occur on the set the following day. 

However, MEMM-cho’s make-up artists, Akane, and Kana inform MEM-cho that it’s natural to run into problems on film sets. Although Kana and Akane’s remarks about this topic make MEM-cho feel more concerned, MEM-cho argues she can persevere. MEM-cho argues her live performances of the past will assist her in conquering this new hurdle. 

Aqua and MEM-cho discuss 15-Year Lie’s script later. The latter knows the former wants to condemn his father (Hikaru) with this film, but senses an aura of serenity with the film. Aqua argues it’s because Taishi, Yoriko, and Abiko helped edit the film’s script. Aqua says he wants the film to be absolute and admits he’s using MEM-cho to accomplish this task. MEM-cho says she doesn’t mind that.

What new details do we uncover about Ai’s past through 15-Year Lie, Aqua, and Ai’s mother, Ayumi? 

As 15-Year Lie’s film progresses, we explore Ai’s past life. Ai says she fled a facility, explored Tokyo, and eventually bumped into Ichigo. Before Ai became an official idol, Ichigo had to settle guarantor matters with Ai, since she was a minor. After bribing an unnamed woman to become Ai’s temporary guarantor, Ichigo helps Ai become an idol for his company. 

Then, the staff members stop filming. MEM-cho, Kana, and Akane discuss the film’s events, with Kana claiming that half of its content holds truth. Akane wagers 90% of the movie holds weight because she’s certain Aqua gathered credible intel. We cut to Aqua visiting Ai’s mother, Ayumi, at her home. Ayumi reveals she loved Ai, but abandoned Ai due to her astonishing looks.

Since Ayumi’s spouse was infatuated with Ai’s looks, Ayumi grew jealous and didn’t want anything to do with Ai anymore. Ayumi tells Aqua that she’s grateful for his film and doesn’t believe she deserves to speak with him. Aqua leaves Ayumi’s home and encounters Akane. Akane says she researched Ayumi’s past but found nothing significant. She suggests she and Aqua return home.

What new details do we obtain about Ai’s past through Nino and Takamine, B-Komachi’s veteran idols? 

As the film continues, we witness the old B-Komachi perform. Ai receives more fan outcry, meet-ups, and admiration from other idols like Takamine than Nino. The latter is known for being the initial leader of B-Komachi. This irritates Nino because she fears Ai is stealing things from her. Then, the 15-Year Lie’s movie scene stops. 

Kana, MEM-cho, and Ruby greet the real Nino and Takamine. While Ruby and Aqua discuss Ai’s relationship with her B-Komachi co-workers, Kana approaches Nino alone. She asks Nino to disclose details about herself so Kana can perform her role in 15-Year Lie better. Nino admits no one had bad blood with each other and argues no one could rival Ai. 

However, Nino revokes her sentiment after pondering. Nino says she despised Ai and yelled at her once. Yet, Ai consistently tried loving Nino, despite everything Nino did to her. Ruby confronts Nino as Ai and tries to let bygones be bygones. Nino laughs and argues Ai would never say what Ruby said to her and classifies Ruby as a fake. 

Nino departs and calls Hikaru. She argues Ruby is nothing like Ai. Nino’s thrilled there will never be someone like Ai. Simultaneously, Nino hopes they can prevent another person from becoming or surpassing Ai.

How does Kana help Ruby understand Ai better? What is Kana willing to give up in return?

As Ruby and her friends continue filming, Ruby runs into trouble because of Nino’s harsh words. Ruby asks Kana for advice, but Kana doesn’t share much. Kana theorizes Nino’s hatred for Ai transformed into a form of love for her. She argues if Ruby hopes to understand Ai and perform well, she may have to experience what Ai went through with her group. 

Later, Kana notices Ruby crying at Strawberry Productions. Ruby continues venting her frustrations with her performance as Ai and wants to improve because she’s afraid this film’s possible downfall will ruin Kana’s career. Moreover, Ruby wants this film to serve as a way for her family to make amends with the past. 

Kana understands. Although this may ruin her friendship with Ruby, Kana shares cruel remarks toward Ruby. These words represent Kana’s frustrations she attained while performing by Ruby’s side in their version of B-Komachi. Kana hopes this will give Ruby the same corrupt experience Ai had with Nino.

What happens after Kana reveals her true feelings to Ruby? What does Ruby theorize about Ai in her dressing room?

Tension is in the air the following day, as Kana ignores Ruby’s greetings. MEM-cho learns about Kana’s tirade and plans to confront Kana. Then, Ruby listens to Frill’s lecture about acting at school. This lecture makes Ruby realize Kana genuinely despises her. Later, MEM-cho confronts Kana about her harsh remarks toward Ruby. 

Kana doesn’t waver and claims MEM-cho holds undisclosed complaints about Ruby deep-down. MEM-cho ignores Kana’s argument and says if they keep this up, it’ll ruin their group’s chemistry. Kana doesn’t care and reminds MEM-cho she’s quitting B-Komachi anyway. Simultaneously, Kana says this situation with Ruby is helping her understand Nino more. 

In her dressing room, Ruby recalls her moments with Kana while crying. She doesn’t know why Kana hates her and correlates this sorrowful feeling to Ai’s experiences with her group. After Ruby stares at her reflection in the mirror, she theorizes Ai is just as frail as she is now. 

What do Taishi and Aqua discuss? What new intel do we obtain about Nino and Ai’s relationship through the 15-Year Lie film?

After Taishi and Aqua discuss Kana, they touch upon Kana’s saddening upbringing, why Taishi paired Aqua with Kana, and Kana’s latent desire to have a buddy like Ruby. Then, the two men notice Kana and Ruby aren’t on proper terms at the film set. Aqua tells Taishi Kana and Ruby will return to being friends soon.

Then, we continue observing Ai’s past through 15-Year Lie’s film. In it, we learn Ai stole a lot from Nino, causing Nino to develop complicated feelings for Ai. Eventually, Nino confronts Ai in her dressing room, unloading all her frustrations. Kana ponders Nino’s feelings toward Ai and compares Nino and Ai’s relationship to the one she developed with Ruby. 

Kana understands Nino’s complaints and angst but writes off this scene between the girls as an ordinary fight between co-workers. Nino flees the scene and Taishi asks his staff to keep rolling. Ruby, as Ai, throws a glass at the door Nino, as Kana, departed from. Tearfully, Ai says she despises everyone and questions what she did wrong. 

What happens during Ruby’s ad-lib performance and why is it controversial? Do Ruby and Kana become friends again?

Everyone’s left speechless by Ruby’s ad-lib performance, with some arguing Ai wouldn’t respond like that. Taishi claims Ruby portrayed Ai as a mundane girl who hid her issues behind a smile to gain popularity and was treated like a pet to satisfy her fans’ wants. Realizing Ruby’s deeper intentions, Taishi has his crew stop filming. 

Taishi receives more complaints and says they can stick with what they filmed or revise the script if needed. Masaya and Ichigo share their opinion of Ruby as an actress. While Ichigo argues Ruby’s acting needs work, Masaya argues Ruby’s grown thanks to Kana’s involvement. After further discussion, Masaya says he plans to promote Kana as a “genius actress.”

Kana and Ruby regroup outside the film studio. Kana praises Ruby for her performance and Ruby tells Kana she genuinely experienced anger and understands human emotions better. Regardless, Ruby says she doesn’t want to be like Ai and wants to pursue idol life differently. Moreover, Ruby promises to continue supporting Kana. 

Kana realizes her decision to air out her complaints with Ruby didn’t hamper her friendship with her after all. 

What new details do we obtain about Ai, the Himekawa Family, and Hikaru through 15-Year Lie’s next scenes? 

After Aqua’s beach trip with his friends and Masaya’s brief meeting with Hikaru, we return to 15-Year Lie’s film set. Aqua, Taiki, and Frill are on set with Ruby. Remember, Ruby stars as Ai, Aqua stars as Hikaru, Taiki stars as his father Seijuro, and Frill stars as Airi (Taiki’s mother). As for Taiki himself, an unnamed child star is playing him. 

The film continues and centers around Ai, Seijuro, Airi, and Taiki. Seijuro and Ai discuss Ai’s lack of understanding regarding acting. Airi introduces herself and Taiki to Ai. Then, Seijuro introduces Hikaru to Ai because he argues Hikaru can teach Ai a thing or two about acting. As Ai and Hikaru act, Ai marvels at Hikaru’s looks and states he’s like a jewel everyone should own.

Ai questions if everyone views her the same way. Then, Hikaru departs and bumps into Airi. Airi notices Hikaru’s having fun with Ai and asks Hikaru to share his opinion of her. Hikaru says Airi is more beautiful than Ai. Airi laughs and inappropriately touches Hikaru. Eventually, Hikaru arrives at Ai’s apartment to give her acting lessons.

Ai asks Hikaru for tips, but Hikaru says he can’t help Ai because she’s a weirdo, resulting in the two engaging in banter. Some time passes. Ai and Hikaru embark on a date. After that, Ai and Hikaru discuss Hikaru’s “dislike” for tomatoes and how much fun Ai had during their date. Internally, Hikaru says he’s painted a falsified image of himself to Ai.

He reveals he adores tomatoes and has a lot of money because Airi paid him to have intercourse with her, despite their age gap. Additionally, Hikaru finds Ai’s “cute” remark frustrating because he argues he doesn’t deserve that remark. Simultaneously, Hikaru believes that no one will see through his falsified image. Another day passes. Ai surprises Hikaru and knows he’s as much of a liar as she is.

With stars in their eyes, Ai remarks how she and Hikaru have the “eyes of a liar” and are great at deceiving folks. Eventually, Ai confronts Airi about her sexual assault on Hikaru. Airi tells Ai to mind her business and that Hikaru came to her on her own free will. Ai argues Hikaru is still a developing child who struggles to decipher right and wrong. Ai declares Airi a sex offender. 

Airi retaliates, arguing that she’s experienced similar treatment as Hikaru has. Moreover, Airi says she loves Hikaru and they close this scene of the film off with Airi stating Hikaru’s experience was better than what she went through. 

What’s gotten everyone in arms about Ai and Hikaru’s kiss scene? Does the scene occur or not?

Eventually, Frill reminds Ruby of Ai and Hikaru’s kiss scene. Everyone’s confuzzled about the scene and Miyako reveals Masaya insisted they include one in the script. She reveals Aqua approached Yoriko and Abiko for help regarding the script’s romance scenes. Yoriko and Abiko helped Aqua craft several scenes and shot him down when he requested Ai kiss Hikaru on his cheek.

Yoriko tells Aqua that writers seek inspiration from real-world outcomes and are willing to take responsibility for the material they present to their audiences. Aqua ponders Yoriko’s remarks and Ruby greets him seconds later. She knows the upcoming kiss scene is bothering him, so she insists Aqua think of her as Sarina while she views him as Gorou.

Aqua’s still bothered by it all. Ruby clings to Aqua more and the two discuss their past lives as Sarina and Gorou. The two touch upon their relationship as these individuals too. Although Aqua argues the “Gorou” Ruby knew is long gone, Ruby disagrees, and highlights several things Aqua has done that remind her of “Gorou.”

Ruby argues that “Gorou” is still her first love and idol. We receive the kiss scene, much to Kana, Akane, and MEM-cho’s astonishment. 

How does Melt convince Ruby that he’ll pull off his role as Doctor A (Gorou)? What do Tsukuyomi and Ruby discuss outside the hospital?

Melt visits a hospital to record his Doctor A (Gorou) scenes. Ruby confronts Melt when he’s finished recording, and is disgusted by his portrayal of Gorou. She lists why Melt’s portrayal wasn’t good enough and argues Taiki should’ve played Gorou. Ruby spots a B-Komachi pencil in Melt’s shirt pocket. Melt tells Ruby he added this to the outfit because he learned that Gorou was a fan of B-Komachi.

Moreover, Melt tells Ruby he predicts Gorou became a B-Komachi fan because Sarina influenced him. This changes Ruby’s perception of Melt as an actor and she asks Melt to teach her his ways. Melt is bothered at first but accepts Ruby’s offer. Some time passes. Ruby notices Tsukuyomi resting in a tree outside. Ruby tells Tsukuyomi she’s happy that Gorou lives on through Aqua as Sarina lives on through herself.

Tsukuyomi understands and laments how she’s thrilled they’ll be filming these new scenes in Takachio. She mentions how she holds fond memories of this place and delves into the different types of deities people worship. Tsukuyomi argues Ruby should show her similar respect. Ruby asks Tsukuyomi if she’ll be ready to perform next week, and Tsukyomi promises Ruby she’ll do a great job. 

How does Tsukuyomi’s performance as Ruby and Aqua go? What’s the significance behind Sarina and Gorou’s flashback with the captured crow?

Tsukuyomi films her “Ruby” scenes on set. Ruby confronts Tsukuyomi about her portrayal of her and tells Tsukuyomi to give it her all during the dance scene with Ai. Tsukuyomi experiences a deja vu moment during this scene with Ruby. After that, we cut to the next day. Tsukuyomi performs her “Aqua” role next. Taishi praises Tsukuyomi for her portrayal but Kana isn’t thrilled over Tsukuyomi’s performance.

Aqua arrives. He shares discouraging remarks in Tsukuyomi’s way, aggravating Tsukuyomi further. Tsukuyomi argues she portrayed them as she remembers them. We flashback to a scene of Sarina saving a trapped crow. We can interpret the crow as Tsukuyomi based on how the present and past scenes transition here.

Regardless, Sarina presents Tsukuyomi to Gorou. Gorou helps Tsukuyomi recover and sends her flying into the air. Tsukuyomi observes Gorou and Sarina’s developments over multiple months and seasons. We learn she was resting on a tree branch, observing Sarina and Gorou’s final moments together. Tsukuyomi eavesdrops on Kana, Aqua, and Ruby’s discussion of her in the present.

Tsukuyomi departs, declaring that Aqua and Ruby always looked adorable to her, even when they were Gorou and Sarina. 

What new details do we uncover about Hikaru, the Himekawa Family, and Ai? Who does Ruby encounter at a shrine?

15-Year Lie’s filming continues. In these scenes, Airi reminds Hikaru that he impregnated Airi with Taiki. She argues Hikaru can’t flee from here even though he admits that he loves Ai more than Airi. Hikaru informs Ai about Taiki and Airi and asks Ai if she loves him. Ai says she doesn’t know. Eventually, Hikaru encounters Seijuro. 

Hikaru informs Seijuro about his hidden affair with Airi, resulting in Seijuro murdering Airi and himself. Then, we get title cards, indicating that the film recorded more scenes. After filming, Kana greets Aqua backstage and notices he’s going through a tough time. Kana presents Aqua snacks to cheer him up.  Aqua thanks Kana for her help and says she knows how to make his life fun.

Aqua departs. Kana shares a similar stance with Aqua regarding the amount of fun he has. Then, we cut to Ruby praying at a shrine and it starts raining. Hikaru arrives and offers to share his umbrella with Ruby. 

How does the “Movie” story arc end?

Ruby thanks the gentleman (Hikaru) for sharing his umbrella. Remember, Ruby doesn’t know this gentleman is her dad. Nevertheless, Hikaru asks Ruby why she was praying at a shrine. Ruby says she wanted God to tell her what to do if she saw Hikaru. Hikaru tells Ruby God won’t help her and that she should rely on herself for an answer. 

Then, the two touch upon Ruby’s dreams. Ruby wants to fulfill Ai’s wish and surpass her, much to Hikaru’s surprise. Before Hikaru attempts to murder Ruby, Akane arrives and pulls Ruby away from Hikaru. Akane thanks Hikaru for looking after Ruby and flees with Ruby. She gives Hikaru the “cold stare” treatment, indicating to Hikaru that Akane may know who he is.

Nino arrives and questions Hikaru about Akane. Hikaru believes Akane may have been monitoring him a couple of times. However, Hikaru’s more interested in 15-Year Lie’s release. He knows Masaya labeled him as “Boy A” but knows people will research “Boy A” and eventually discover Hikaru is responsible for Ai’s demise. 

Nino’s concerned, but Hikaru tells her not to fear. Hikaru knew this day would come and feels he deserves to rot for all the people he’s hurt. We receive several panels depicting Gorou’s demise, Ai and Hikaru’s break-up, and Ai’s demise. The “Movie” story arc ends with the film crew telling Ruby they’ve finished filming 15-Year Lie.


Oshi No Ko is a brilliant manga with an equally entertaining anime adaptation. Coming off of the fandom he earned with Kaguya-sama: Love Is War’s finale, Aka Akasaka has much to prove with Oshi No Ko. This arc gave fans answers to many questions regarding Hikaru and Ai’s connection to the mystery surrounding Tsukuyomi’s character. With two arcs left, one can’t help but question how Aka Akasaka will end Oshi No Ko. 

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