Oshi No Ko Explained: What happened during the “Mainstay” story arc?

Oshi No Ko Explained

Oshi No Ko is one of Shueisha’s Weekly Young Jump’s most popular series today. The manga began serialization in early 2020. Its source material and 2023 anime adaptation by Doga Kobo Studios impressed the anime community. With Oshi No Ko Season 2’s release vastly approaching, anime fans can’t wait to see what’s in store. 

Aka Akasaka, the series’s author, and Mengo Yokoyari, its artist, carefully mix emotional storytelling, likable characters, and rich themes to create a bright and dark entertainment-centric universe. By offering readers a deeper look at the idol and acting industry, Oshi No Ko resonated with multiple audiences, including ourselves

That said, Oshi No Ko’s tale is thoughtful and tense. It’s brimming with enough shocking scenarios, interesting secrets, and verbal confrontations to engage anyone who loves hard-hitting dramas. On top of having a peculiar yet intriguing supernatural twist, this pop star-centric series has taken fans for a loop with its multiple turns. 

Being the geeks that we are over here, we’ll be diving deep into the Oshi No Ko world, shedding light on the elements that make this story such a spectacle to anime and manga veterans and newcomers alike. 

What is the “Mainstay” story arc about? What can readers expect from this article?

As with any series, Oshi No Ko is broken into multiple story arcs, each containing minor and major events critical to the overarching tale. Where some arcs center around our protagonists, others focus on the secondary characters or antagonists (if any). Oshi No Ko consists of 10 story arcs (so far), each offering fans something important to remember as they read. 

The “Mainstay” story arc is Oshi No Ko’s seventh narrative arc. The anime hasn’t covered its content (as of this writing). However, the manga covered this arc in its ninth and tenth volumes, chapters 81-100 exactly. This arc follows Ruby and Aqua who star in a web variety show together. Also, the arc introduces several notable characters like Shun Yoshizumi (the variety show’s assistant director). Additionally, readers will discover Aqua and Ruby’s father’s identity.  

Considering Season 2 is almost here and likely another one will follow in a year or so, it may be difficult for folks to catch up to the series. Fortunately, this explanatory piece will highlight its important takeaways, allowing manga enthusiasts and others to see what’s in store for future anime seasons. 

Before we begin, it’s worth noting that this piece will contain spoilers for Oshi No Ko’s seventh story arc only! To reiterate, Doga Kobo Studios hasn’t covered the material of this story arc (as of this writing). We predict the “Mainstay” story arc’s content may appear in Oshi No Ko Season 3 or beyond (if those happen). Nevertheless, read at your own risk!

How does the “Mainstay” story arc begin? 

The arc begins with MEM-cho reflecting on B-Komachi’s newfound success with their music videos. While she commends Anemone and Himura for their support, MEM-cho argues Ruby’s mysterious gauze scene helped them achieve much more. However, MEM-cho says it’d be important to make more connections so they can achieve more.

Then, MEM-cho reflects on Akane and Aqua’s new achievements. She says Akane’s current TV drama’s gone well. As for Aqua, he’s starred in a variety show, became a magazine idol, and other things. MEM-cho, Miyako, Kana, and Ruby regroup somewhere. They discuss their upcoming line-up of activities and MEM-cho jokes about how busy they’ve gotten. 

Ruby and Kana depart for the day. MEM-cho realizes something is off with the two. We learn Kana’s upset that Aqua and Akane are dating for real. As for Ruby, she still has Gorou’s death lingering in her mind. 

What does MEM-cho learn from her discussions with Kana and Aqua?

After B-Komachi performs at another concert, we receive a brief scenario between the “Boss” character and his allies at a store. The men discuss what’s off with Ruby and Kana’s performances lately. The boss argues a new girl might be joining B-Komachi and says this is the reason behind those girls’ recent personality changes. 

Later, MEM-cho confronts Kana about her internal problems. Kana admits she and Aqua haven’t spoken lately. She argues it’s because of his relationship with Akane. Kana says she wants to root for them but wishes Aqua would stop avoiding her like the plague. MEM-cho comforts Kana and helps her get home safely. 

Eventually, MEM-cho visits Aqua after his variety show shooting and invites him to her home. There, MEM-cho brings Kana up in context to Aqua’s irrational decision-making habits. She suggests Aqua do something to uplift Kana’s spirit. Aqua says he’s avoiding Kana out of fear of her future and his own. MEM-cho understands and apologizes to Aqua for making assumptions. 

How does Ruby earn a spot on the “Dig Deep! One Chance!!” variety show? Why does Ruby revisit Ichigo?

After chatting with Frill and Minami, Ruby reveals that she sent Masaya an enticing proposal during one of her live concerts. In it, she wanted to star as a reporter in the same variety show (Dig Deep! One Chance!!) Aqua’s starring in. Aqua confronts Masaya about this Ruby situation. Masaya says it’s great to have Ruby onboard because it shows the audience a new side to Aqua’s character. 

Moreover, Masaya shares details of how Ruby’s discussion with him went down. Masaya says he liked Ruby’s proposal because he thinks selling the two as twin siblings would be good for the show’s health. At the same time, Masaya is surprised Ruby came up with this ploy and believes she had an advisor help her formulate it. 

Then, we receive a flashback. In it, Ruby greets Ichigo, the former head of Strawberry Productions from the “Prologue: Childhood” story arc. Ichigo tells Ruby to leave him alone, but Ruby refuses. Ruby says she wants to monitor Ichigo since he was the closest person to Ai. She hopes to uncover the truth about the real man who murdered Ai. 

What advice does Ichigo give Ruby during the flashback scene? Does Ruby pull off her act well?

Firstly, Ichigo denies giving Ruby intel about her father or any of the higher-ups he knows about. For the former, he doesn’t know who Ai’s husband is. As for the latter, Ichigo knows Ruby would act recklessly toward his former acquaintances. Eventually, Ruby asks Ichigo how she can become more popular. Ichigo suggests Ruby join Deep Dive! and develop a character that’ll please its audience, much like Aqua has.

He gives Ruby more advice and suggests she act as a “stupid, rude, and cheeky” character. Then, Ichigo proposes Ruby fill out the show’s pre-questionnaire with an exaggerated tale. Then, we cut away to Ruby pulling this stunt off in the present. She discusses a silly soap-themed tale on the show, making everyone assume she’s beyond dumb.

This allows Ruby to pull Aqua’s stern and cold character into the mix. Aqua ponders Masaya’s remarks about Ruby’s “adviser” and he realizes someone helped her pull this off wonderfully. Then, Ruby recalls Ichigo’s words about getting friendly with the show’s assistant director (Shun Yoshizumi). Ichigo says befriending Shun will help Ruby become more popular because Shun might become a director (a man with more power) one day. 

What’s Shun and Ruby’s relationship like at first? What does Director Urushibara want Shun to accomplish?

Ruby continues chatting with Shun, making him wonder if she has the hots for him. The two discuss Shun’s career briefly before Director Urushibara arrives and interrupts them. Elsewhere, Aqua informs Ruby about the entertainment industry’s job structure. Through their discussion, we learn that Urushibara is a troublesome director.

Fortunately for Urushibara, he founded a production company. Then, we cut away to Shun, reflecting on the odd jobs he must tackle. Shun also delves into the other pros and cons of his position. Inevitably, Urushibara says he wants to shoot a Tokyo Blade-themed cosplayer segment for Dig Deep! since the Summer Comiket is approaching.

Urushibara plans to chat with Tokyo Blade’s anime department to avoid copyright issues. Meanwhile, Urushibara wants Shun to scout 10 erotic cosplayers or good-looking cosplayers with no show-business talent for the segment. Urushibara argues erotic cosplayers will drive more views to their show, unlike cosplayers who are well-versed in Tokyo Blade.

He suggests using Twitter to look for these special cosplayers so Shun attempts to do so outside. No cosplayers want to partake in the segment, much to Shun’s annoyance. Eventually, Ruby arrives and Shun asks her if she’s familiar with cosplaying.

What happens between Akane and Aqua after Akane leaves her studio? Who ends up joining Ruby for the upcoming show?

After Aqua picks Akane up from the studio, Akane realizes Aqua has feelings for Kana. Akane chooses not to ponder why Aqua’s withholding that from her since he’s been kind to her. Nevertheless, Akane gives Aqua details about her job and he bids farewell to her. Akane knows Aqua’s lies will sprout a merit of truth. 

However, if Aqua cheats on Akane, Akane won’t hesitate to kill Aqua. Next, Ruby attempts to get Minami to star in Dig Deep’s Tokyo Blade segment with her as a cosplayer. Minami hesitates because she’s known for model work and not cosplay-like work. Ruby ensures Minami that if this goes well, Minami’s career could take off. Yet, Ruby says it’s up to Minami to decide. 

Minami tells Ruby she’ll speak with her manager to see if it’s wise for her to accept this deal. While pondering it, Minami wonders if Ruby’s starting to get too ingrained in the adult world’s dirty affairs. Elsewhere, Shun runs into more cosplayer recruitment issues. Then, Shun’s sister Mimi, enters his room, asking him for a cord. 

Shun asks Mimi to participate in his show’s cosplayer event. Mimi refuses because it’d ruin things for her as a V-Tuber. Shun persuades Mimi to participate in Dig Deep’s event after giving readers a breakdown of V-Tuber culture, how he influenced Mimi to pursue this career, and other things. 

What happens when Shun revisits Urushibara at his office? How does Mimi assist Shun further with this cosplay debacle?

After Shun coerces his sister to participate, he and Ruby discuss the event in detail. Ruby tells Shun it’ll be hard to get Abiko (Tokyo Blade’s author) to comply. Shun’s nervous about this so he meets with Urushibara to confirm things. After highlighting the list of cosplayers Shun recruited, Urushibara calls Tokyo Blade’s anime department. 

He doesn’t receive permission to use that story’s material. Urushibara suggests Shun tell the hired cosplayers to wear Tokyo Blade-like cosplays to tomorrow’s interview event. Shun returns home and apologizes to the cosplayers he hired via social media. He tells Mimi there’s still time but stresses out over what Ruby should wear. 

Mimi says she can lend Ruby a free-size cosplay for tomorrow’s interview session. Shun thanks Mimi and interview day arrives. 

What happens on interview day between Ruby, Urushibara, and the others?

On interview day, Ruby, Minami, and one of Ruby’s friends, Meiya, introduce themselves to Mimi and Shun. Meiya’s known for cosplaying in a boy’s magazine. Meiya asks Mimi and Minami what their thoughts are on the staff’s last-minute changes. Minami, Mimi, and Ruby don’t complain much, but Meiya’s mildly bothered. 

Shun apologizes and Meiya tells him it’s not his fault. After filming specific scenes, Shun apologizes to Meiya again, much to her confusion. Then, Urushibara arrives and makes an erotic comment about Meiya’s cosplay. Then, they film the interview segments. After that, the girls decide to explore Comiket in their cosplay outfits. 

Eventually, Ruby, Minami, and Mimi bid farewell to Meiya. Meiya leaves a nasty tweet on Twitter. In it, Meiya shares her problems with Dig Deep’s staff, their decisions, and other things. She alludes to wanting to suspend her cosplay activities for a while too. 

What happens when Shun confronts Meiya over her tweet? Why does Shun fear for his future?

Shun calls Meiya and asks her to remove her tweet. Meiya refuses and lists several reasons why she won’t delete it. From sexual harassment to spending countless nights working on her costume, Meiya tells Shun she made the tweet to warn her fellow cosplayers. Therefore, Meiya refuses to remove the post and ends the call. 

Urushibara informs his staff about what’ll happen to the summer episode they filmed. He warns Shun never to hire a problematic girl like Meiya again. Shun confronts Urushibara about his directing methods and Urushibara retaliates. Urushibara argues he exists to push TV show boundaries and plans to keep things that way. 

He says clean content won’t rake in the viewership. Urushibara admits he harassed Meiya to bring in views and money so he could feed his family. Nevertheless, Urushibara promises to take responsibility for his actions and departs. At home, Shun reflects on and discusses his and Urushibara’s positions with Mimi. 

Shun’s not thrilled about his future since it lacks freedom. Moreover, Shun admits that he hates Urushibara’s methods but knows his content grasped people’s attention. Shun heads somewhere and notices Meiya’s story got picked up by the news. He questions if he’ll lose his job over this drama. Then, Ruby graces his presence and presents him with a new proposal. 

What happens before Dig Deep’s Special Event? How does Ruby get Meiya to comply? What does Urushibara reveal to the world?

Before the special program event, Kote Mimoji, Dig Deep’s Chief Director offers Urushibara an apologetic proposal plan. Before the others comment on this plan’s operations, Shun presents Ruby’s apologetic proposal to the crew. Although they’ll need to do a few things to pull Ruby’s plan off, Masaya insists they move forward with it.

Then, Ruby initiates her Dig Deep plan. She reveals that Meiya is present in the area too. After someone from the crew apologizes to Meiya, Meiya recalls a prior meeting with Ruby. Ruby tells Meiya her complaints are justifiable, however, Ruby argues Meiya’s complaints will make it harder for future TV networks to work alongside cosplayers. 

Therefore, Ruby wants Meiya to tell the world what specifically bothered her during her collaboration with Dig Deep’s staff. Ruby says she’ll guide Meiya. This convinces Meiya to partake in Dig Deep’s special program. In the present, Meiya says she doesn’t want an apology. Instead, Meiya wants the staff to investigate the cause of the issue and reform their organization. 

Next, Ruby announces a new topic regarding that episode’s Tokyo Blade copyright debacle. Urushibara chimes in and explains what happened between him and the anime committee member to the audience. Then, this same committee member chimes in, telling the crowd that she told Urushibara he’d need Abiko’s approval and that Urushibara barely checked his mail. 

What are the main points of Kana’s copyright-centered interview with Abiko?

Since Ruby’s busy hosting Dig Deep, she entrusted Kana with interviewing Abiko about the situation. During the interview, Abiko details Tokyo Blade’s copyright process, highlighting topics involving merchandise, cosplay, and permissions. As for the latter, Abiko says original creators won’t deny copyright permissions from their fans. 

However, Abiko says that for “goods and music,” the companies that want to use their work must pay royalties to the production committee for their right to create those products. Additionally, Abiko says the publisher will send copyright checks if the respective company creates nefarious items with the original creator’s work. 

However, this creator can veto their publisher’s decision if they argue that the person creating these products is respectfully using their property. Abiko tells Kana and the world that she doesn’t appreciate people depicting her characters in overly erotic ways. She suggests the companies and fans depicting her work in that light read the “fan work guidelines.”

This concludes Kana’s interview with Abiko on the copyright Dig Deep! debacle. 

How does Ruby resolve Meiya’s issues with Urushibara? What does Urushibara do and say to satisfy Meiya?

A member from the Dig Deep! team asks Meiya to discuss her complaints with the sexual questions she was asked during the show’s Comiket program. Meiya says she doesn’t mind being asked erotic questions as long as she develops mutual trust and respect for the party asking them. That said, Meiya didn’t feel that way toward Shun or Urushibara and argued she felt sexually harassed. 

Nonetheless, Meiya wants Urushibara and the others to promise her that they’ll prevent another heinous occurrence from happening again on the show. If they do, Meiya vows to delete her tweet. Ruby argues that Meiya should strive for more. Therefore, Ruby asks Urushibara to arrive in the area in a Princess Saya outfit and perform a purification ritual on live television.

Urushibara apologizes and Ruby tells Aqua that she’s aiming for an “eye for an eye” type of apology with this showcase. Urushibara tells Meiya he made this cosplay himself. He says he understands how dreadful it felt for Meiya and the others to create a new cosplay (on the fly) due to his poor decisions. Meiya appreciates Urushibara’s sentiments. She says she’s satisfied and deletes the tweet. 

How did Ruby orchestrate her Dig Deep! scandal plan? What is Ruby’s main objective from all this?

After the event, Aqua confronts Ruby about the Dig Deep! scandal because the former argues the latter couldn’t pull this off alone. Ruby admits she imitated Aqua’s manipulative tactics he used on “Love Now” during the “Dating Reality Show” story arc. Ruby tells Aqua someone (Ichigo) told her to grow close ties to Shun. 

However, Ruby went against that advice and chose Urushibara as her main target because she was impatient. In a flashback, Urushibara thanks Ruby for saving him with her proposal. As thanks, he promises to continue integrating Ruby into his show. In the present, Ruby reveals she purposely caused this scandal after noticing the tension between Urushibara, Shun, and the others. To fuel the flames, Ruby got Meiya involved. 

Ruby confirms she despises Meiya for her petty ways, making her a brilliant tool for her Dig Deep! plan. Ruby rambles on about Meiya and what her actions represent further. Then, Ruby reveals that everything for the show went well from its viewership and other things. Ruby argues she did nothing wrong. Aqua confronts Ruby about her dream of becoming a pure idol and says becoming someone like him won’t help her achieve that. 

Ruby retaliates and reminds Aqua that Ai wasn’t genuine. Moreover, Ruby argues pure and honest idols can’t become popular. Ruby tells Aqua that she’ll continue down this road and will become famous as their mother hoped. 

How is Ruby’s newfound success affecting B-Komachi, Miyako, and the others? 

Before we touch on that, we receive a news report highlighting Ruby’s achievements. Ruby earned the Newcomer Idol Award, helped B-Komachi’s YouTube channel reach 900,000+ subscribers, and has appeared on several shows as a guest alongside Aqua. In an interview, Ruby confirms she’d like B-Komachi to perform at the dome to honor Ai’s dream. 

MEM-cho and Kana discuss Ruby’s achievements and how her success has impacted their channel’s growth. MEM-cho wonders if all the energy she put into helping the channel grow was for nothing. Next, Kana says their audience only cares about Ruby. Kana suggests she and MEM-cho wait for Ruby to finish her side work before filming a new video for their channel. 

Meanwhile, Miyako unloads her frustrations about the work she’s been entrusted with to Aqua. Miyako confirms Ruby enticed Shun to quit his assistant director gig to become Ruby’s director. Miyako’s thrilled about this because it means less work for her. At the same time, Miyako feels useless to Ruby because she isn’t a big shot like Ichigo was. 

What does Ichigo reveal to Aqua at the port? How does Aqua respond to this information?

Aqua visits Ichigo and tells him he knows he helped Ruby with the Dig Deep and job-hunting situations. Ichigo explains why he’s helping Ruby and doesn’t want to get Miyako involved. Ichigo says he wants to murder the person who’s responsible for Ai’s demise. Aqua tells Ichigo he held a similar dream and tells him the person who conducted Ai’s murder died.

Ichigo tells Aqua Seijuro Uehara died before Ai moved to her new place, therefore, Seijuro wasn’t responsible for Ai’s murder. Ichigo reminds Aqua of the “brood parasitism” idea and suggests that’s what led to Seijuro and his wife’s double suicide. Moreover, Ichigo argues Aqua and Ruby’s father may not be the culprit.

Ichigo says it’s possible someone who worked for Ai’s agency (at the time) could’ve leaked Ai’s home details before her death. Aqua has a breakdown and doesn’t want to believe Ichigo’s words. Ichigo understands, tells Aqua he’s speculating, and suggests Aqua go home and rest. Aqua flees to a bench, ponders his actions, startles Kana, and has another breakdown. 

What happens to Akane during and after the Japan Film Awards? Who is Aqua and Ruby’s real father?

After reflecting on Aqua’s decision not to attend the Japan Film Awards with Akane, Akane receives the New Actor Award at the event. Next, Akane notices a bouquet of white roses and someone tells her it’s a gift from a former Lala Lai graduate. Then, Akane attends a dinner session with her colleagues and bosses. The president remarks how Akane’s time on “My Love” changed her.

He argues that the show gave her the eyes needed to impress folks. He says these are “deceptive eyes,” which grant any actor the power to make lies look like the truth. Next, the president tells Akane the gentleman who sent her the white roses had similar eyes. 

This actor interests Akane, so the president tells Akane that she can find this Lala Lai graduate’s performance videos at the Lala Lai’s private inspection rehearsal playlists via YouTube. Akane checks out the footage and realizes this actor looks like Aqua. Akane ponders Taiki and Seijuro’s connection to this Lala Lai graduate and wonders if Taiki happens to be the graduate’s son. 

Akane ponders the graduate’s connection to Ai and speculates Ai and this graduate kept their relationship a secret. Moreover, Akane believes the graduate provoked Ryosuke to murder Ai after revealing that he impregnated Ai with Ruby and Aqua. Akane reveals Aqua and Ruby’s father was a 15-year-old middle school student (at the time) named Hikaru Kamiki. 

What’s Akane goal? What happens between Akane and Aqua after he saves her from another bridge incident?

After realizing Hikaru’s Aqua and Ruby’s father, Akane ponders everything Hikaru’s done to them and Taiki. She knows his crimes won’t get him sentenced to prison since he performed these potential crimes as a minor. Therefore, Akane vows to murder Hikaru herself to prevent Aqua from coating his hand with Hikaru’s blood. 

Before Akane commits the act, she embarks on an individual investigation. She wants to ensure that Hikaru is the culprit behind Aqua’s suffering. After that, Aqua calls Akane for advice and says he wants to stand by her side because she emotionally saved him. Akane tells Aqua to think for himself and that she’ll stand by him, no matter the outcome. 

Eventually, Aqua saves Akane from a passerby. Alone, Akane asks Aqua what he’s doing here. She looks at one of her keychains and opens it. Akane spots a tracking and listening device inside. Aqua tells her he implanted the device in that keychain’s toy sometime after “My Love” ended. Therefore, Aqua knows everything Akane dug up about Hikaru and her plans to murder him herself. 

Akane’s upset that Aqua didn’t trust her and says she would’ve done many things to help Aqua achieve his goal. Aqua calls Akane out for her lies. Aqua kicks Akane’s white roses and shows her the knife she stored inside it to back up his claims. He breaks up with Akane and tells her not to get involved in his family business. 

Simultaneously, Aqua promises to remove the GPS tag he planted on her and won’t invade her privacy anymore. Aqua admits he’s taking a wrong turn, but he’s happy Akane’s life won’t be in danger anymore. He hopes to settle things with Hikaru once he finds him. 

What’s plaguing Kana’s mind? What entices Director Masanori to offer Kana his contact information?

After Kana overhears Ruby offer Shun’s sister a B-Komachi role, Kana reflects on how difficult life’s been for herself. Kana hasn’t gotten any new job offers and feels like an extra on B-Komachi due to Ruby becoming more popular. Kana visits a fellow actress named Mako somewhere. The two chat briefly until Director Masanori Shima arrives. 

Kana wants to impress Masanori. She argues he’ll give her an acting job to increase her popularity. Kana praises Masanori’s film but he ensures her that he’s a fan of hers. Jealous, Mako reminds Masanori that Kana’s a part of B-Komachi, enticing Masanori to bring up Ruby. Kana tells the two she feels like an extra in B-Komachi and lacks talent. 

Masanori disagrees and tells Kana no one has tapped into her potential yet. Masanori asks Kana to exchange Line accounts with him because he wants to showcase Kana’s latent potential to the world. 

How does the “Mainstay” story arc end?

Kana exchanges Line account information with Masanori and ponders this development the next day. While that’s happening, Miyako and Shun lecture Ruby on how companies and agencies manage their stars. They touch upon topics like privacy, trademarks, ownership, and the changes they can make to protect their clients’ public image. 

However, Miyako ensures everyone that Strawberry Productions is an easygoing company compared to others. She says Ruby and the others must inform her about life updates. If they do, she promises not to bother them about romance or life-oriented matters. Ultimately, Miyako hopes MEM-cho, Ruby, Kana, and others will come to her or other staff for help. 

Later, Kana visits Masanori at a restaurant. There, Masanori unloads his frustrations with the Japanese entertainment industry and his desire to treat his workers respectfully. Kana admires Masanori for his stance on actors and the industry. As they engage in gossip and casual discussion, Kana says she wouldn’t mind speaking with Masanori more. 

Before Masanori offers Kana a job, he tells Kana he wants to know her more. Then, the restaurant worker tells the two that the place is closing soon. Masanori ponders bringing Kana to a bar to chat but notices it’s late. Kana urges Masanori to bring her along regardless. Therefore, Masanori insists they continue this discussion at Masanori’s home. 

Kana complies and follows Masanori inside. She argues everything will be fine since Masanori seems like a gentle fellow. Then, we see a cameraman spying on the two from afar. The “Mainstay” story arc closes with the man planning to photograph Kana and Masanori for a potential hit piece. 


Oshi No Ko is a brilliant manga with an equally entertaining anime adaptation. Coming off of the fandom he earned with Kaguya-sama: Love Is War’s finale, Aka Akasaka has much to prove with Oshi No Ko. This arc showed audiences a new side to Ruby and finally unveiled Aqua and Ruby’s father’s identity. With its twists and turns, it’s no wonder fans were bewildered by this arc’s content. 

As always, if you want to check out more Oshi No Ko-related content, click here. Also, we plan to cover the next story arcs in this format, so feel free to keep us on your radar if you want to know what happens after Oshi No Ko’s “Mainstay” story arc.

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