Oshi No Ko Explained: What happened during the “The End of the Play” story arc?

Oshi No Ko Explained

Oshi No Ko is one of Shueisha’s Weekly Young Jump’s most popular series today. The manga began serialization in early 2020. Its source material and 2023 anime adaptation by Doga Kobo Studios impressed the anime community. With Oshi No Ko Season 2’s release vastly approaching, anime fans can’t wait to see what’s in store. 

Aka Akasaka, the series’s author, and Mengo Yokoyari, its artist, carefully mix emotional storytelling, likable characters, and rich themes to create a bright and dark entertainment-centric universe. By offering readers a deeper look at the idol and acting industry, Oshi No Ko resonated with multiple audiences, including ourselves

That said, Oshi No Ko’s tale is thoughtful and tense. It’s brimming with enough shocking scenarios, interesting secrets, and verbal confrontations to engage anyone who loves hard-hitting dramas. On top of having a peculiar yet intriguing supernatural twist, this pop star-centric series has taken fans for a loop with its multiple turns. 

Being the geeks that we are over here, we’ll be diving deep into the Oshi No Ko world, shedding light on the elements that make this story such a spectacle to anime and manga veterans and newcomers alike. 

What is “The End of the Play” story arc about? What can readers expect from this article?

As with any series, Oshi No Ko is broken into multiple story arcs, each containing minor and major events critical to the overarching tale. Where some arcs center around our protagonists, others focus on the secondary characters or antagonists (if any). Oshi No Ko consists of 11 story arcs (so far), each offering fans something important to remember as they read. 

“The End of the Play” story arc is Oshi No Ko’s tenth narrative arc. The anime hasn’t covered its content (as of this writing). Also, there is no indication of which volumes covered this arc’s content, however, we know that this arc was covered between chapters 148 to 152 exactly. This arc informs audiences on what happened after 15-Year Lie was released to cinemas. Also, some interesting developments ensue concerning Kana, Akane, and Aqua’s relationship. 

Considering Season 2 is almost here and likely another one will follow in a year or so, it may be difficult for folks to catch up to the series. Fortunately, this explanatory piece will highlight its important takeaways, allowing manga enthusiasts and others to see what’s in store for future anime seasons. 

Before we begin, it’s worth noting that this piece will contain spoilers for Oshi No Ko’s tenth story arc only! To reiterate, Doga Kobo Studios hasn’t covered the material of this story arc (as of this writing). We predict “The End of the Play” story arc’s content may appear in Oshi No Ko Season 3 or beyond (if those happen). Nevertheless, read at your own risk!

How does “The End of the Play” story arc begin? 

The arc begins with Aqua, Ruby, and the others at a beach. They’re thrilled that they finished filming 15-Year Lie and Minami insists everyone enjoy themselves. After our cast engages in many beach activities, Akane approaches Aqua by a tree. Aqua questions if Akane feels uncomfortable around him because of everything he put her through. 

Akane confirms she does feel awkward around Aqua. However, Akane wants to monitor Aqua because she knows Aqua intends to kill Hikaru. Akane suggests Aqua abandon his bloodlust and confirms her goal is to secure Aqua’s happiness. Later, Akane approaches Kana. Kana reveals she loves Aqua. However, Kana argues Akane is a better match for Aqua and urges her to become his girlfriend again. 

What unfolds between Kana and Akane at the beach and the former’s apartment? What is Akane’s primary goal?

At the beach, Kana and Akane continue discussing their romantic quarrels. Kana feels Akane still holds romantic feelings for Aqua despite their break-up. Also, Kana argues it makes sense for Aqua to choose Akane because she’s more intelligent, kind, and pretty than herself. Akane argues against Kana’s claims and ridicules Kana for not opening up to Aqua. 

Eventually, Akane visits Kana at her apartment. Akane tells Kana she wants to assist her in getting romantically involved with Aqua. She plans to share everything she learned about Aqua through their romantic outings together. Akane doesn’t give Kana legitimate reasons why she’s helping her. However, Akane says she will support Kana with advice and goods that’ll help her seal the deal with Aqua.

Akane flees Kana’s apartment and notices a billboard with Aqua on it. Akane knows Aqua’s been distancing himself from others so they don’t tamper with his Hikaru scheme. Therefore, Akane confirms she’s helping Kana get with Aqua because it’d foil Aqua’s revenge plans. 

What happens between Aqua and Gorou? What does Kana contemplate and do at her apartment?

In a dream, Aqua confronts Gorou while the latter’s lying in the same entryway where Ai perished. Gorou reveals he’s thrilled that Sarina survived and achieved her dreams as Ruby. He argues he can depart this world joyously and no longer desires revenge. Additionally, Gorou says he won’t thwart Aqua’s future goals. The two discuss Aqua’s relationship with Ruby and Aqua promises Gorou he only sees Ruby as his younger sister.

Gorou brings up Kana and why Aqua finds her attractive. He argues Kana likes Aqua and suggests Aqua make a move on her, much to Aqua’s annoyance. Gorou hands Aqua a knife and says it’s up to him to decide what he wants to do with it.

Kana reflects on her encounter with Akane at her apartment. We discover Kana turned down Akane’s help. Akane retaliated by warning Kana that she better hurry and make a move. Otherwise, Akane says she wouldn’t mind getting back with Aqua.

Kana reflects on this conversation and how she started developing romantic feelings for Aqua. Kana wonders if Aqua views her the same way she views him. Kana texts Aqua and asks him if he’s free on Saturday. 

What happens during Kana and Aqua’s date? What is Kana’s primary goal?

Aqua and Kana go for a stroll down a street. Kana states why she requested Aqua to wear a uniform and says they’re on a date, much to Aqua’s discomfort. Nonetheless, Kana reveals some baseball gear to Aqua and suggests they play a game of catch, much like they did in the “Show Business” story arc. Aqua’s uncertain because he’s afraid people will track them down due to their fame.

Kana tells Aqua she wants to play catch with him at YouTou High School. Since they’re wearing school uniforms, Kana argues no one can tell who they are. At the high school, Kana and Aqua play catch and discuss topics surrounding their respective career choices. Aqua says he wants to attend medical school and become a heart surgeon.

Kana argues that’s a perfect career for Aqua since he likes helping people. Then, Kana reveals that she wants to become Aqua’s idol. Aqua is shocked by Kana’s statement. Kana tells Aqua she wants him to watch her final B-Komachi performance on Christmas. Kana’s unsure if she’ll best MEM-cho or Ruby’s performance. However, Kana argues Aqua will call Kana his idol once that performance ends.  

How does “The End of the Play” story arc end?

Someone interviews Taishi about the movie in a conference room. Taishi tells the interviewer that he dedicated 15-year Lie to Ai Hoshino. Then, we receive an update on 15-Year Lie’s first screening. The narrator claims folks cried after the film’s credits appeared, but argues not all of them cried for similar reasons. Aqua and the others regroup somewhere.

Aqua confirms he edited the footage slightly since Frill knows Ruby’s acting wasn’t top-notch. Aqua cheers Ruby up and claims no one could’ve pulled 15-Year Lie’s final scene off but her. Masaya and Taishi meet somewhere. Taishi says he’s unsure if he accomplished his goal of capturing Ai’s true essence in 15-Year Lie. 

Nevertheless, Taishi says he can move towards the future now that he’s filmed this movie. Then, Taishi confronts Masaya, asking him if this film helped him wash away any regrets he made in the past. Masaya argues he’s too old to have regrets and isn’t passionate about filmmaking anymore. However, Taishi knows he’s bluffing. 

Masaya stares at a poster of Ai before departing. He wonders if he was of any help to Ai. Later, Aqua gets interviewed by someone in a different conference room. Aqua tells the interviewer he only performs for himself and loves himself. He says he’ll never return one’s feelings for him. Nevertheless, Aqua hopes people will be okay with that. 

The interviewer tells Aqua he’s lying because the interviewer knows Aqua’s distancing himself from folks since he cares for them. Aqua says he pursued acting for vengeance against Hikaru, who happens to be the interviewer.

“The End of the Play” story arc ends with Aqua telling Hikaru he won’t be able to move forward in life until he gets his revenge on him. 


Oshi No Ko is a brilliant manga with an equally entertaining anime adaptation. Coming off of the fandom he earned with Kaguya-sama: Love Is War’s finale, Aka Akasaka has much to prove with Oshi No Ko. This arc was short and snappy. It expands upon Akane and Kana’s newfound goals. Also, it reminds fans of Aqua’s true agenda to get revenge on his father, Hikaru Kamiki. 

As always, if you want to check out more Oshi No Ko-related content, click here. For the final story arc, we plan to cover that arc in a similar format. However, the content in that one will be prediction-based since the final story arc’s events are ongoing (as of this writing). Nevertheless, feel free to keep us on your radar if you want to know our predictions on how Oshi No Ko may end. 

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