Orphan Black: Echoes – Season 1 Episode 10 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

We Will Come Again

Episode 10 of Orphan Black: Echoes begins with Eleanor and Kira sneaking into her office. They are able to print the faces of 11 of the scans and Eleanor tries to identify them while sending the 12th scan to a friend to help with.

What happens to Charlie and Jack?

Craig is stable but Jack is furious as he learns Tom has kidnapped Charlie. Lucy promises to give herself up and meets with Tom. However, as much as he wants to kill her and call it a day, he can’t as Darros only wants Jules. Tom agrees to trade Charlie for her.

Unbeknownst to this drama, Jules is busy bonding with Xander as she reveals that Lucy and Eleanor feel like family to her. Xander wonders if he is a younger version, why does he have the recent memory of Darros killing the earlier printouts? He is also angry at himself for wanting to be like Darros as he apologises for shooting Craig.

Unable to get in touch with Lucy, a worried Jules then heads over to Jack’s. She overhears Lucy telling Jack about Tom’s deal and runs off. Before Jack and Lucy can stop her, Jules gives herself over to Tom who lets Charlie go free.

Tina, Jack and Charlie decide to leave to steer clear of the danger. Charlie understands why Lucy can’t come with them and tells her to help Jules. Jack asks why she named herself Lucy and turns out it is a children’s book character who came to life because someone wished it. He assures her that he knows she cares for him and Charlie the way she does for Jules but he needs to put Charlie first. He refuses to answer if Lucy will ever see him again and leaves.

What changes Eleanor’s mind about Kira?

Rhona suddenly shows up and tells a surprised Kira that she relates to her. She misses her dad and wants Kira to print him. Kira tells her to let go and how the printer is disabled but guess that’s not what Rhona wanted to hear as she tells Kira to figure it out. Turns out, Rhona recorded the conversation where Lucas told her about the printing. She threatens to go public with it and reminds Kira that human cloning is illegal. A shocked Kira tells Eleanor who tells her to inform Lucas.

While Eleanor is alone at home, Lucas shows up, having spoken to Kira and broken up with Rhona. He apologises for being harsh and tells Eleanor that it will take him time to see her as his mother but he misses her. They hug and he asks how she feels about Kira. A conflicted Eleanor starts going through their wedding photos and vows. 

What is Darros’ big plan?

Meanwhile, Darros is announcing a launch the next day and Xander offers to help as it will be the only time they can get to Jules. As they plan the breakout, Kira tells Xander to disable Darros’ printer before he leaves and in return, he tells her about Darros’ sister. As for Eleanor, she continues to identify the 11 scans. 

Xander arrives at the farm and spins a lie about being the strong one and gains Darros’ trust. After he leaves for the launch, Xander sneaks in Lucy and they break out Jules. But they go their separate ways as he heads for the printer.

Meanwhile, Kira goes to the launch to stall Xander. He announces a genius project where 11 brilliant orphan teens will be nurtured to their fullest potential in helping humanity. Eleanor finally identifies the scans and realises these kids are printouts of brilliant scientists of the last 50 years which she alerts Kira. 

After the launch, Kira stalls him by asking why he is doing such an unethical thing by printing, manipulating and lying to the kids. He claims Jules was corrupted by them but a blank slate is easier to guide and nurture in the right direction. He goes on about how one of these kids with the right resources can cure cancer. She brings up her ace card – she asks about his sister, Zora who had cancer and if he is doing it for her. He says it is not about her and walks off.

How does Season 1 end?

She texts Lucy and Jules that Darros is on the way but they get lost and come across a ward where the printout kids woke up and were brainwashed into believing their fake backstories. Jules recognises her fake grandfather in one of the photos and takes all the photos to help track down the kids and tell them the truth. As they are leaving, Xander shows up and shoots Jules as she is his failure.

Kira comes home to Eleanor replanting their garden. She believes they should build a new life together and Kira is happy. However, Eleanor reveals that she finally identified that the 12th scan is Kira. But at the end of Orphan Black: Echoes Episode 10, Xander shows Lucy his 12th printout – Jules 2.0.

The Episode Review

Well, that was a solid misdirection in Orphan Black: Echoes Episode 10. We were hoping to see Skyler Wexler who would be the perfect age now to show up as a teen printout Kira. BTW a quick search on Skyler has us admiring the casting as August Winter who plays Kira in her 20s looks exactly like her.

But okay we finally understand why everyone was going on about how dangerous Darros is. Dude didn’t even wait for a whole monologue which allows the heroes to slip off. Straight-up shot girly like bye.

We finally got all the answers to the questions set up so far which is fair. However, we are left with even more questions making the Season 1 finale a bridge to Season 2 or a filler episode. It is common knowledge that a lot of writers end finales on huge cliffhangers to force the network into renewing the show.

However, this leads to a poorly written finale as the high stakes are replaced by a set-up for the next season. But what happens if the show is canceled? We don’t want another 1899, do we? Guess we have to pray real hard for AMC to renew Orphan Black: Echoes for Season 2…

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