Orphan Black: Echoes – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review

The Dog’s Honest Truth

Episode 7 of Orphan Black: Echoes begins with Lucy coming by Kira’s since she can’t find Jules. Eleanor learns the truth and Lucy sneaks out to find Jules on her own. We get an Eleanor-Kira confrontation as Eleanor is furious. She believes that one should not mess with death and Kira of all people should know the stakes of human cloning. She refuses to listen to Kira and leaves.

Meanwhile, Xander apologises to Paul Darros for messing the plan up. Desperate for Darros’ approval, he promises to fix it. He pretends to steal the master key and shows Jules the printer they were printed in. He tries to comfort her by explaining how Buddhism believes all bodies have souls including printouts.

However, he refuses to listen to her as she points out that he is a prisoner since he can’t leave the grounds. She sees that she still has drugs and she drugs him. As he goes down, she steals the master key from him and runs off. As for Xander, he sees Darros taking care of his sick sister.

On her way out, Jules takes the ominous-looking chip from Darros’ office, deactivates the sonic barrier and runs off. Darros is annoyed by the developments but tells Tom to follow Jules as she will lead them to Lucy.

Elsewhere, Lucy learns from Neva about Pam and visits her. The therapist goes on about Jules being with Darros, how she has a higher purpose and that Darros is untouchable. Lucy simply knocks her out and goes back to Kira who is frantic as she has been secretly dosing Eleanor with a plasma treatment to delay the Alzheimer’s signs. Lucy assures her that she will find Eleanor but she needs Kira to take down Darros. Kira accepts that she needs to let go of the original Eleanor and having found her closure, she gets to work.

Meanwhile, Printout Eleanor meets with Lucas and tells him about her Alzheimer’s. He is already distraught but Lucy shows up and Eleanor ends up telling him the whole truth. He is upset as it is morally wrong for printouts to exist and walks off. Lucy comforts Eleanor who feels like an imposter.

She shares that if the original’s memories make Printout Eleanor happy, that’s all that matters. They end up talking about the only bloody memory Lucy has and Eleanor reveals that it is their dad’s death. He was depressed and he took his life with the bloody knife young Eleanor found.

As for Jules, she finds a runaway dog from a nearby shelter with a tracker. The two head to a rest stop where she calls Craig. The owner is scared of the dog and Jules helps her in return for a favour. After she and the dog leave with Craig, Tom shows up. The rest-stop owner tells him about the tracker and he thinks he has hit the jackpot.

Meanwhile, Craig and Jules talk. She feels like a freak show but he assures her that where they come from doesn’t matter, it is where they go. She agrees and decides to fight back as she calls Lucy to the dockyard.

As for Darros, he cracks down on Xander, believing that if cannot even do a simple task of convincing Jules, he is not the perfect copy and cannot carry on his legacy. Xander asks about their sister but Darros doesn’t deign to respond. An upset Xander takes his stuff and leaves.

Tom finally tracks the dog to the dockyard where Jules stands as bait. Before he can get out of his car, Lucy and Eleanor ram their car into his. They drive off while the dog eats Tom’s dismembered ear.

Lucy updates Kira who goes through Josh’s laptop. He has records of the time he printed Xander and he doesn’t understand what Darros wants. Kira decides to meet with Emily and tells her about Josh’s involvement. At the end of Orphan Black: Echoes Episode 7, Emily asks her to tell everything and takes out her gun.

The Episode Review

Whoops, that’s a plot twist we did not see coming with Emily’s betrayal. Guess there is a limit to how much she is willing to help Lucy and Kira. Or was it always an act to get Kira to trust her and share sensitive information? In hindsight, it makes sense as she was never against capturing Lucy. She simply did not want to kill her, making us believe that Emily might trust Darros’ vision.

Oh, and it’s cool to see all the printouts teaming up in Orphan Black: Echoes Episode 7. But we didn’t expect Lucas to be so stubborn despite being raised by such open-minded parents. Dude really needs to tone down the whole morality aspect. We do wonder if Xander will be joining Jules and Co. to take down Darros. Or is he going to search for their sister? 

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