Orphan Black: Echoes – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review

Unless You Trusted Someone

Episode 6 of Orphan Black: Echoes begins with Kira calling Josh who is evasive and she figures he remade the machine. Meanwhile, Neva learns the whole truth and promises to help Jules but James, her husband calls Pam. She and Darros Security pretend to be child protection service and kidnap Jules.

Kira heads home to find Eleanor back from her work trip. Turns out, after a month of Lucy running away, Josh explains that they can print Eleanor to the version 2 years before her Alzheimer’s since they have clear CT scans which will retain her memories. There is a new drug trial and it should be able to help delay her case of Alzheimer’s. Kira is hesitant but ends up printing Eleanor successfully. 

At present, Kira is so glad to see her that she tries to kiss her but Eleanor pushes her away. Kira is distracted by Lucy’s plan to find Josh that she doesn’t think much of it.

Meanwhile, Darros takes Jules to his farm and reveals that he printed her. He refuses to tell her anything else or allow into the locked room in front of her. But he claims that she is free to go and she runs out of the HQ. She isn’t able to get too far as there are sonic barriers all over the farm.

A worker, Xander comes across her and offers to help her. As they make their way back to HQ, they chat about Darros Foundations and their interest in plants. She begs him to help her disable the sonic barrier and he gives in. They find the clicker and make their way out to the nearest barrier.

Lucy and Kira make their way to the nearest vet hospital and luckily find Josh’s records. However, the address he has given is a P.O. box and Lucy enlists Jack’s help. As for Kira, she rushes home as it is time to give Eleanor her medicine.

But she is doing it secretly which means she has to force Eleanor to have “tea” even when she doesn’t want it. The awkward tension continues during dinner when Lucas shows up with his Quaker girlfriend, Rhona. Kira is curt about how she doesn’t believe in God. Rhona tries to ease things but Eleanor is upset and admonishes Kira. 

As the couple turns in for the night, Kira spots Eleanor getting texts from her mistress. She asks Eleanor but is surprisingly calm. As long as Eleanor is happy, Kira is happy. Eleanor is surprised and points out that it is Kira’s apathy that has distanced her. She can’t seem to understand her and Kira gets flashbacks of Eleanor’s dead body. Kira claims that she has changed and heads to the living room.

Meanwhile, Xander and Jules try to deactivate the sonic barrier but it fails. He believes that it is a sign that she should stay and help contribute to humanity. She tells him to leave her alone as she cries in the field. She begrudgingly heads back to the HQ and comes across Xander memorising Darros’ memories.

Turns out he is a printout of Darros and will be extending his legacy. Jules confronts him and he apologises for misleading her but Darros had told him to gain her trust. He reveals that Darros owns them and there is nowhere to go. She storms off and finally breaks into the locked room. She comes across Eleanor’s file and is shocked.

Elsewhere, Jack gets Josh’s address and Lucy passes it on to Kira as she decides to check in on Jules after being unable to get to her all day. Kira barges into Josh’s house and finds him frantically packing pack and trying to escape before Darros gets him. As she goes on about the ethics of letting a billionaire like Darros get his hands on the machine, Josh breaks down. He apologises for everything, shares that he looked up to her and then shoots himself at the end of Orphan Black: Echoes Episode 6.

The Episode Review

Well, Orphan Black: Echoes Episode 6 definitely kicks it up a notch with the Print Eleanor reveal. It would be interesting to get an episode from print Eleanor’s POV. Girly is smart, she would definitely find out what’s going on. And it’s ironic how the very thing that made Kira resurrect her wife is the same thing that drives them apart. But come on, cheating on your partner because you feel distanced… really? Lucy would never do that, just saying.

The Xander plot twist did feel predictable but it was nice to see him and Jules bond. It was definitely sus that only one guy paid attention to Jules running around the farm. But so far we haven’t seen anything really evil from this Darros guy. Like if we had a billion dollars, sure, even we would think about printing a younger version to allow us to live forever. 

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