Orphan Black: Echoes – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review

Do I Know You?

Episode 5 of Orphan Black: Echoes begins in 2030 with Kira as a young doctor who works under Dr. Eleanor Miller (the model of Lucy and Jules). The two seem to be attracted to each other but there is a lot of push and pull before the two finally get together. They move into their first apartment which was remade for Lucy when she was first printed.

They also advance in their fields together with Eleanor working on a drug to cure Alzheimer’s for her mother while Kira works on printing organs for transplants. Eleanor also wants kids but upon learning she may not be able to have one, Kira steps in and gives birth to their son, Lucas who is the boy in the picture Kira had shown Lucy.

Darros approaches Kira in hopes of funding her project but she is not interested. Eleanor pushes her with the reasoning that they can use his money to make their project come true. Years go by and now it is 2050. Lucas grows up and goes to college. Darros is interested in human printing but Kira shuts him down. Eleanor loves to swim in her free time but one day she gets lost as she forgets the way to the pool.

She confesses to Kira that she has been forgetting things and they realise that she has an early case of Alzheimer’s. Her medicine doesn’t work on her and she begs Kira not to tell Lucas. Meanwhile, Kira throws herself into work and figures out how to print healthy neurons. While explaining the procedure, she mentions that she is doing it for Lucas’ sake but Eleanor is so far gone, she doesn’t know who he is. 

Kira is distraught but she goes ahead with the brain surgery on Eleanor. Thankfully, Eleanor wakes up with all her memories and all the tests Kira runs on her are the ones she ran on Lucy. They have a happy reunion only for it to be cruelly cut short as Eleanor does not survive the transplant and dies the next day. 

Desperate, Kira takes up Darros’ offer and negotiates that they will destroy the printer after they print Eleanor. He agrees but Kira takes precautions by not sharing the details of the lens in the project file. Without it, the machine would anyway be useless. The only one she shares this information with is Josh who also works on it with her. After they successfully print a bird, they move on to Eleanor.

Josh tries to get her to address the concern as to whether it would be the Eleanor she knows or a completely new person. He also points out that since the printout has the same genes, she would also get Alzheimer’s 20 years later. Kira chooses to get to that bridge later as Lucy finally comes into being. She hopes Lucy will remember their first house, Lucas and their inside jokes but she doesn’t. The imprint on her arm is not a brand but matching UV tattoos that Eleanor had gotten with Kira.

At present, once Lucy is up to speed with the story, she is angry at Kira as she did not ask to be made or feel alone in the world. She also points out that she is not a replacement for Eleanor. Kira apologises and promises to make it right. Lucy is still angry as she asks why Kira made Jules. Kira is confused as she reveals that she only ever printed Lucy after which she deactivated the machine at the end of Orphan Black: Echoes Episode 5.

The Episode Review

Alright, we apologise, we were not familiar with your game. The writers really did step it up considering we will now be entering the second half of the story. Orphan Black: Echoes Episode 5 finally gives us all the answers and everything that has been happening since the beginning finally makes sense. Oh, and it seems Lucy named herself after Lucas even if she doesn’t remember him. 

But now the focus falls on Darros and all his nefarious dealings. Looks like Lucy, Jules and Kira are about to team up to take him down. But he isn’t exactly as scary as he should be. Pretty sure he bribes Josh into telling him how to use the printer. Guess, we can give him the benefit of the doubt though. Hope he brings his A-game, we are counting on you Darros.

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