Orphan Black: Echoes – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

It’s All Coming Back

Episode 4 of Orphan Black: Echoes begins with Wes and Neva checking in on Jules while she is packing up the drugs. After Neva leaves, Jules asks Wes to cover for her and she takes his phone. Turns out that Darros tracks their phones, so she fools Tom and Myung (her bodyguard) who think she is Wes thanks to his phone.

Lucy and Jack are in the middle of telling the truth to Charlie who is quite understanding when Jules arrives. She and Jack bicker before prepping the drug. She and Lucy ingest it and they end up enjoying their high. Jack has to babysit them and finally gets them to draw their dreams. Both women end up filling the pieces the other didn’t know and Tina recognises the location – Jamaica Plains in Boston.

Elsewhere, Kira shows up at one of Darros’ events and confronts him about ordering a hit on Lucy. He points out that human printing is a joint project which means he has an equal say.

While Kira panics, Emily takes her to Lucy’s trailer that they had grabbed to find some clues about her whereabouts. She reveals that she is helping because she knows what it is like to be the only one to look out for someone. Kira finds the young boy’s sketch (from the photo she had given Lucy) in a book and tears the page.

Lucy and Jules end up in Boston and as they look for the house in their dreams, they hear the same wind vane from their dream. It leads them to a house which has been turned into a sorority house. To enter the bathroom, they need to play beer pong and Jules is surprisingly good at it.

She wins and the two are allowed to enter the bathroom. While the bathroom has been remodeled they find a loose tile underneath which is the original bathroom design – the same one from their dream. As they head out, they ask the sorority who owned the house and they have just the right amount of information.

An amnesiac woman named Melissa had wandered into the house claiming it was hers. They had driven her back to her current assisted living home. With the address, Jules and Lucy are on the move. 

Neva checks in on Jules to find her missing. She interrogates Wes who breaks down and tells her everything as he is worried Jules is in trouble. However, Neva is not worried as she instantly tracks Wes’ phone that Jules has.

Meanwhile, Jules and Lucy show up at the home and visit Melissa. She keeps calling both Eleanor and the head nurse informs Kira. Guess she is under Additive payroll as well. Of course, Tom has tapped Kira’s phone and rushes to the location just as Kira heads there.

Jules and Lucy play along with Melissa’s delusions and learn that her daughter is Eleanor. And yep, Eleanor looks just like them which means she is the model from which they are printed. Melissa is extremely aggressive and it seems something bad had happened before Eleanor’s graduation. Before the girls can ask her more, Tom, Myung and Emily show up.

Jules and Lucy split up but they are cornered by the unlikeliest of people. Jules runs into her mom but surprisingly Neva maces Tom. Assured, Jules runs away with her. Meanwhile, Emily catches Lucy and tells her to attack her.

A confused Lucy listens and this buys her enough time as Myung stops to check in on Emily. Lucy is stopped by Kira who wants to help her. In the end, she baits Lucy by showing her the sketch of the boy and revealing that she knows who he is. Lucy gives in and drives off with Kira. At the end of Orphan Black: Echoes Episode 4, Kira tells Lucy that she was made out of love.

The Episode Review

We are almost about to reach the midway mark of the show and we have more questions than answers. Orphan Black: Echoes Episode 4 does a good job of keeping the suspense going with Neva’s participation, Eleanor’s identity and the purpose of the bloody bathroom. However, that’s about it for now.

This spin-off just doesn’t have the high stakes which Orphan Black had even in the earlier seasons. The bad guys are all bumbling buffoons who sing offkey and give unconvincing death threats. Seems like the show needs to step up the pace or it will lose its viewers’ attention. We will very likely be getting answers from Kira in the next episode, so there’s that consolation.

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