Orphan Black: Echoes – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

Pegasus Girl

Episode 3 of Orphan Black: Echoes begins with Jules waking up from a “coma”. She touches her ear and sees pink ink letting the audience know she has been newly printed. She is admitted to Beacon Bayview and Dr. Pam Teller is her therapist. She makes up stories about Jules’ car crash and memory loss.

Over the days, she makes Jules memorise her fake past life and even tries to get her a fake friend. But Jules ends up bonding with Pam instead. Once she is adopted, Wes and Neva do their best to make her feel welcome.

At present, Jack and Lucy got to Beacon Bayview. A nurse overhears them asking for Jules and tells them about Pam Teller since she was an unauthorised private hire. The nurse also used to find Jules experiencing the same bloody dream that Lucy has. 

Kira finally meets with Josh who is a former employee. They had worked on printing Lucy and Kira worries that a malfunction may have made her dangerous. He assures Kira that Lucy is the perfect match of the model and is completely human. Kira feels guilty about what went down as she never planned to abandon Lucy.

We find Jules in class as she sells her drugs to Claire, someone who may be more than friends. At the same time, she keeps getting disoriented every time she sees pink ink when Pam pulls her out of class to ask why she skipped school the previous day. Jules finds it weird that she is checking up on her. She asks Pam about who sent her past belongings and why her diary doesn’t sound like her. Pam gives her the standard therapist response which doesn’t satisfy her.

At home, Jules and Wes go through her diary and find an entry that is exactly the same as an excerpt from the novel Pegasus Girl. The two find the author, David Stanley’s address online and visit him. He instantly breaks and reveals that he was asked to write the diary as part of a study. And begs them not to tell the employers that he copied some lines for his novel.

Meanwhile, Emily and Tom find the CCTV footage of Lucy entering Neva’s office. Emily starts having her doubts as the autopsy also shows that the bounty hunter was shot by someone shorter than Lucy. She wonders if Lucy is not dangerous but just cornered. However, Tom still believes in his shoot first ask questions later approach. 

Kira shows up to get Darros’ assurance that his people won’t hurt Lucy. He is all smiles as he jokes that he is not some movie villain and that he will take care of her. She is not convinced especially as she notices Emily fidgeting. Kira looks into the security agent who turns out to be a former CIA agent. Alone, she approaches Emily who only says that Kira should find Lucy before Darros Security does. 

Next, Kira runs into her son, Lucas and his Quaker girlfriend Rhona at Additive’s blood drive. She is all smiles but later, she steals Lucas’ blood.

Elsewhere, Charlie struggles to adjust as she has PTSD. Tina tries to take her to a park but Charlie is overwhelmed and pushes someone. When a cop arrives, she confesses to killing the hunter as she feels horrible. Tina quickly resolves the situation. However, neither Jack nor Lucy are able to get through to Charlie. Finally, as closure, they hold a funeral for him.

Lucy gets a surprise visit in the form of Jules who finally believes her. They wonder about the bloody memory and Jules has a suggestion – she makes drugs that make one’s dreams clearer. She heads home to get them and when Lucy tries to warn her, Jules is confident that nothing will happen as no one suspects her.

That doesn’t seem to be the case as Pam has alerted the Lees that Jules is having unhealthy disruptions and is hanging out with the wrong crowd. At the end of Orphan Black: Echoes Episode 3, the Lees force Jules to take “antidepressants” which she pukes out once she is alone.

The Episode Review

Orphan Black: Echoes Episode 3 finally brings Jules up to speed which let’s be honest, clears up most of the frustration. Characters like her are easier to have on our side than the antagonists cause they are just a menace. At least now she can unleash her chaos on Darros and Co. 

But we still wonder how Kira comes into play. It seems that she is funded by Darros and uses her print technology to do good like transplants. She clearly meant to help Lucy and Jules but her methods haven’t been working out. But where does this leave her if she is still enlisting Darros’ help?

BTW, Charlie’s storyline is the one that is taking us most by surprise. We honestly felt that she and Jack were a one-time thing in episode 1 to establish that Lucy cannot make a life for herself till she takes down Darros. But these little things like Jack tagging along with Lucy and Charlie’s PTSD are broadening the plot. The father-daughter duo is another puzzle piece that is yet to make sense in the bigger picture.

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