Orphan Black: Echoes – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review


Episode 2 of Orphan Black: Echoes begins with the young girl, Jules trying to call 911 and her mother, Neva Lee. Lucy firmly believes that Jules is on the cloning project and kidnaps her when she tries to escape. They end up at Craig’s and we are shown that one of the residents is a disgruntled ex whom Lucy ghosted when she left the home.

Craig advocates for Jules but does accept that there may be some truth to her being a clone. Jules is not forthcoming but they learn that she was in a car accident which killed her parents and erased her memories (convenient). Her grandfather is ill so she has been adopted by the Lees.

Lucy tells her all about printing clones and tries to prove it by showing her their matching wrist scar. But when she checks Jules’ arm for the Additive imprint, the young girl doesn’t have any such brand. 

Meanwhile, Cosima sends Felix to check in on Kira who is stressed out as she wonders if she did something wrong with Lucy. Uncle and nephew catch up and we learn that Felix is a successful artist, Kira has become estranged from Sara who runs a charity and Kira’s son, Lucas is a high school dropout and a devout Quaker. Felix tries to get her to relax by taking her to a club. 

Elsewhere, Tom and his right hand, Emily head to a Dr. Darros’ nature sanctuary. The doctor is quite rich and eccentric as he works on saving some extinct turtles. He is hellbent on finding Jules even if it means killing Lucy but doesn’t loop in Kira who doesn’t know that Jules has been kidnapped.

Back at the home, Jules pretends to pee and hides in the bathroom. Outside, a more composed Lucy apologises and tries to play the sympathy card as they both lost their memories. However, Jules rips out a pipe on instinct, lulls Lucy into false security and stabs her before running away.

Jack and his daughter, Charlie return as they are bunking at Tina’s, a fellow soldier. She knows a lot about Jack and had taken in Charlie, when her mother, Clara had abandoned her while Jack was on tour. Charlie is still pretty shaken up and Jack tries to comfort her. They are interrupted by a sheepish and bleeding Lucy who explains that she cannot go to a hospital. Jack stitches her up and she also reunites with Charlie.

Kira is anything but relaxed at the club as she keeps trying to get in touch with a Josh. She finally explains to Felix that she is printing neurons but they fail to communicate after being transplanted. She believes that coke may amplify the signal but she has to keep it a secret as she can’t jeopardise her funding. Following her abysmal stint to score, he easily gets his hands on some. He also ends up calling Lucas in hopes of having him check in on Kira but it fails. 

Jules makes her way home where she is cold to her stepfather, James who believes she ran away from school. She tells her adopted brother, Wes the truth but they are more focused on Lucy the “crazy kidnapper.” There is also some tension between James and Lucy as it was Neva who was hellbent on adopting her.

Once Neva returns, James argues with her as he doesn’t have it in him to foster a relationship with Jules while Neva insists on making it work. Jules listens to it all. She goes through her photos before the car crash and they seem fine till she notices that the doll next to her is in pristine condition and is also in a photo of her as a toddler.

At Tina’s, Jack is irked to learn that Lucy is again leaving now that she has found an address for Neva. He puts his foot down and asks for an explanation otherwise he will leave for good. She gives in and takes him to the lab she was made in, now abandoned. She tells him everything and while he is in disbelief, he hugs her.

Back at Additive, Felix coaxes Kira to tell him what’s bothering her. We learn that her project helps those who need transplants. However, it seems they have not yet publicly ventured into full body transplant like Lucy who may have been a human trial. With the guilt that she may have made Lucy defective, she worries that she is a terrible and selfish person. It doesn’t get better as her cocaine experiment fails.

Neva checks in on Jules who seems lost. The stepmother believes that she has trouble settling in and assures her that she doesn’t need to know of Jules’ past to know how wonderful she is. They are interrupted by a security notification that Jules has entered Neva’s office which they believe is an error.

Turns out, Lucy accidentally gets scanned at Neva’s office building and is identified as Jules Lee as they have the same DNA. She sneaks into Neva’s office and finds a family photo taken in front of Beacon Bayview. We also see that Neva works for Currentsy, a subsidiary of Darros’ company. As she goes back to Jack, Tom tells Darros that Jules is back and they have Lucy’s location.

Jules decides to video call her grandfather who claims that the scar on her wrist is from a bicycle fall. She is assured but unfortunately, after the call, we see that the grandfather is an actor hired by Additive. At the end of Orphan Black: Echoes Episode 2, he leaves the set with Jules’ bodyguard.

The Episode Review

Orphan Black: Echoes Episode 2 keeps the suspense and while including several conflicts, also weaves in the exposition so we are not lost. A lot is happening but it is classic Orphan Black structure and is bound to make sense in the coming episodes. So far, all good.

There are a lot of subplots as well which gives all the secondary characters to shine. But we do hope they are balanced out well as the show proceeds or we might end up with a hodge podge of forgotten drama, missing arcs and half-fleshed-out characters.

Lucy as a character is not wholly likeable, she is too arrogant and headstrong. Don’t get us wrong, Ritter’s Jessica Jones had similar traits but she was definitely relatable and the same goes for the OG Orphan Black lead, Sara Manning. The writers need to soften Lucy’s edges to give her more depth which hopefully we shall get to see in the next episodes. 

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