Orlando Bloom: To The Edge (2024) Season 1 Review – A thrilling documentary that inspires risk-taking

Season 1



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Episode 1: Wingsuit
Episode 2: Free Dive
Episode 3: Rock Climb


Adventure sports are often associated with the feeling of an adrenaline rush as these sports refer to extreme activities undertaken through land, water and air. These sports are perceived as involving a high degree of risk and the new Peacock documentary starring Orlando Bloom features the English actor participating in 3 such sports activities.

The documentary sees Orlando perform one adventure sport from each of the three mediums of Land, Water and Air as he continues to do it to the point of becoming perfect at it. The show sees Orland try to perfect his skills at Sky diving, Deep sea diving, and rock climbing as he continues to perform these three sports repeatedly until he gets perfect at them.

The show evokes a feeling of resilience that sees the actor take on daunting and risky tasks. We also see Orlando’s partner – Katy Perry in each episode, either virtually or in person as she cheers him on. It is interesting how the makers of the show did not show a hint of Katy’s appearance on the documentary show. This way, the attention was all on Orlando, as he and the makers would want it to be.

Orlando Bloom: To The Edge gives viewers an insight into Orlando’s life as a simple human being in contrast to the public figure and celebrity that the world sees him as. The documentary is well-shot and shows the ups and downs that come with becoming perfect at a particular task. We see Orlando struggle, try and fail time after time but it’s also inspiring as we see him jump off the aircraft another time, even after making a mistake.

The show is inspiring and encourages viewers to get out of their comfort zones to take risks. This film reminds viewers of the Indian movie – Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara (translated: You Only Live Once) and Orlando Bloom: To The Edge feels like a more expensive version of the film.

With the same idea at heart, Orlando tries to inspire viewers to take risks, be it in terms of performing adventure sports or in life, in general. The show is detailed and sometimes gets boring. However, whenever Orland performs the three adventure sports, that feeling of boredom is taken away. Orlando Bloom: To The Edge is an exciting and thrilling weekend watch that inspires you to take risks.

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  • Verdict - 7/10

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