Open Your Eyes – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

Who is Karolina?

Episode 4 of Open Your Eyes Season 1 begins with Julia awakening to find the redhead standing by the window muttering riddles. As she steps over, her hands suddenly turn to fire as she looks set to strangle Julia. And just like that, our protagonist awakens. It was all a dream – but boy did this seem real.

In the morning, Julia is interviewed by the authorities in charge of the facility. Among those is the sergeant, who grills her about details from the fire she was involved in from the past. Julia mentions a redhead present during the time, but a much bigger revelation is unveiled. It turns out when firefighters arrived at the scene, they found the building locked from the outside and Julia all alone. Did she lock her parents inside?

Things continue to get worse for Szymon, as he coughs up blood at lunch. On the back of this – and what’s happened to Magda as well – Julia decides to lay off the meds for the time being. Julia begins to see things more clearly too, with Adam the next victim that starts deteriorating too. He’s in a rough way up in his room and Piotr even takes him away to get his stomach pumped.

Julia continues to dig for clues, opening up her journal and realizing the entries there match the words spoken by the redhead. Even more eerie however, Julia looks in the mirror and sees Magda being drowned by that strange girl, Aniela.

Well, the others don’t seem to have seen Aniela in the room. Even worse, Zofia shows up in her room later on and casts her suspicions over Julia. She points out how the redhead seems to match the same facial features as Julia. Are they the same person?

With police being kept in the dark, Julia suspects foul play at Second Chance. Even worse, Zofia chalks up Magda’s death to an unfortunate stroke in the bath. When her body appears to be taken away in the back of a car, things certainly don’t look great.

Julia does some digging, partly thanks to Aniela snatching up Magda’s doll. Following her into a basement, Julia finds numerous bodies wrapped in sheets. That number on the doll’s chest? Well, it seems to be the code to break into a secret room hidden underground.

Julia hides when Piotr and Zofia show up with her black box. They press it against this strange rectangular shape and it seems to have some sort of reaction like it’s draining essence from it. Julia is determined to figure out what this all means and believes the clues may well lie in that room.

She recruits Pawel and Adam to her cause, and – armed with Magda’s doll – descends into the basement to figure out what secrets are being kept from them.

The gang hack into the mainframe but in doing so, all the boxes start flashing red and alarms begin wailing. This inevitably attracts all the workers to show up as the gang frantically search through the files. There’s no match for Julia but for Karolina? Well, Julia’s face flashes up on the screen. So is Julia really Karolina?

The Episode Review

Open Your Eyes returns with another decent episode, deepening the mystery while drip-feeding more information about who these guys and girls are inside Second Chance.

So it seems like Julia is really Karolina, which makes sense given the whispers and what we’ve seen so far. So who is this redhead then? It could well be that she’s a manifestation of Julia/Karolina’s own subconscious and she could have a dual personality. We’ll have to wait and see of course but this certainly seems to explain what we’ve seen so far.

Either way though, Open Your Eyes has been a decent watch and while it’s not the best mystery of the year, it’s certainly been an intriguing one.

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