Open Your Eyes – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review


Episode 3 of Open Your Eyes Season 1 begins with Julia playing the piano until Zofia shows up. It turns out the girl is going to perform on stage as part of her recovery program.

Julia is uncomfortable with the idea, believing she needs to work through her grief and memory loss rather than being on stage in front of people. Julia calls out Zofia for her suggestion and questions the validity of this entire facility.

In Zofia’s office, our good doctor shows off old footage of Julia before the fire. She’s confidently playing in front of people and it seems like she may well have done this numerous times. What Zofia is doing appears to be a way of channeling her emotions.

Well, Julia gets searching online for more information regarding the fire but nothing seems to make sense. Sitting with Pawel on his laptop, reports from the time claim no casualties were reported and there doesn’t seem to have been a fire either. But how can that be?

Further evidence suggests something amiss later that day. Julia finds a strange code imprinted under the clothes of Magda’s doll along with a kid being taken away from the facility dosed up. This is the same child that has ties with Szymon too, but when he doesn’t answer his door, it seems to reinforce that there’s something seriously wrong here.

Piotr and Zofia continue to watch Julia from afar, claiming she needs to be “ready” before they proceed with the next steps. Julia is sceptical about this whole facility and believes that they’re being manipulated. Based on this evidence, it’s hard to disagree with her.

Julia’s visions continue to get worse too, with repeated whispers of “Karolina” and seeing that strange redheaded girl. Zofia encourages Julia not to get distracted, although that’s easier said than done. More nightmares ensue, only this time it’s followed by Julia getting her period and leaving blood stained all over her clothes. Or does she? When Julia rushes off to see Isa, the blood is gone and it seems like this was all one big vision.

What’s not a vision however, is how these kids seem to be deteriorating. Szymon looks completely drained at breakfast the next day. He’s docile and irresponsible. According to Zofia, he’s “devastated about his music.” Hmm…

Speaking of which, Julia gets to work playing the piano for her concert. As she does, the camera pans down once more to show this strange machine humming away in the basement. Could this be the key to what’s going on? Julia senses something amiss and stops playing. Magda laughs from the crowd while Adam awakens in his room. Julia stumbles out the room and immediately collapses on the ground.

The Episode Review

Open Your Eyes seems to be a literal title related to what’s going on across the facility. Whatever’s happening at Second Chance, it’s clear now that this isn’t just a memory recovery center. There’s something very wrong here and that’s clear to see through the various different “treatments” we’ve seen so far.

Piotr and Zofia are the ringleaders of course, but their reach seems to extend beyond that to whatever the machine is in the basement. We’ll have to wait for answers to that one but this episode continues to keep up with the hallucinations, leaving lots of question marks over what’s happening.

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