Only Murders in the Building – Season 3 Episode 5 “Ah, Love!” Recap & Review

Ah, Love!

Episode 5 of Only Murders in the Building is all about love. We see three distinct flavours of it in the form of Oliver, Charles, and Mabel’s expressions.

The trio converges at Charles’ doorstep where he reveals that he hasn’t asked Joy about the lipstick yet. Two full days have passed and Mabel is getting antsy. She is going on a date with Tobert that night, firmly maintaining that he has a “promising lead” they need to discuss. Oliver has a date with Loretta at her apartment.

Charles finally conjures the courage to ask her about it. But Joy simply ignores him, making herself busy with her large aquarium and running away from Charles. He certainly cannot have “another” murderous girlfriend…right? In walks Sazz Pataki (the irresistible Jane Lynch), Charles’ stunt double with yet another captivating guest appearance. She has been called as an understudy to Charles for the play.

Joy walks out of the apartment, upset at Charles’ accusations. They were supposed to go to cake testing together. But now she is going alone, leaving Charles with Sazz to figure out his life situation. Charles admits he has trouble reconciling the fact that Joy might be the murderer. He feels he is making the same mistakes again, something that Sazz tastefully coins “MGDS” – Murderous Girlfriend Derangement Syndrome. She plays a quick-fire quiz with Charles to diagnose what is really bothering him. 

After a couple of questions, she determines that Charles isn’t afraid of Joy; he is afraid of “joy,” i.e., being happy. When Joy comes back home, Charles apologizes to her. But more importantly, Joy takes the lead and clarifies how the lipstick got there. She confesses that she was in Ben’s room that night but only because Howard informed her that Ben had a “cosmetic emergency.” This validates Kimber’s claims of Ben trying to hide a “big red mark” on his face. That is how the lipstick fell onto the table. Charles believes Joy because he was the one who gave Ben a punch in the face!

This connects to Loretta’s claims that we will get to later. But the clouds are still dark for Charles’ relationship as Joy gets upset when she learns that everybody knows about the lipstick but her. Charles does himself no favours and finds the worst possible time to tell her about the inadvertent marriage proposal. This prompts Joy to call off the engagement and leave the apartment.

Mabel and Tobert share a more conventional date. Tobert reveals that he did not have a solid lead and only wanted to have dinner with Mabel – a “date” date. He reveals his suspicion of Jonathan, Ben’s understudy and Howard’s boyfriend. He does not have a lot to back up his claim but the duo sees Jonathan that night meeting up with Ben’s doctor – Dr C. Although they reveal their presence to him in a messy way, Mabel puts his name up on the “murder mystery” soft board at her apartment. Tobert is obviously with her and they share a kiss, post which they proceed to have sex. 

Oliver and Loretta’s date does not go smoothly either. Their rough patches have more to do with each other’s awkwardness around the situation. It is clear the two have not dated other people in a while. Hence, this is only rustiness. As the evening goes on, we see them getting comfortable in each other’s presence. Loretta’s anxiousness ensures that the food is as hard as a rock. One bite and Oliver is down one tooth!

She quickly takes him on a cruise and informs him of a family tradition. Whenever one of her teeth fell, her mother used to bring her on a cruise to throw the teeth overboard and make a wish. “Tooth Ferry” is the childhood memory you are looking for here. Loretta and Oliver share a relaxing, romantic evening together smoking weed. 

The former laments her “hard luck” and thinks she is cursed because of how long it took for her to get a first break. She also reveals that on opening night, she had a fight with Ben backstage. He called her “obsessed” with him and “unworthy” of sharing the stage with him. This is why Charles punched Ben, by the way. Loretta is moist probably the one who wrote “f*****g pig” on the mirror given this new development. One interesting thing she points out is that Ben’s brother/manager Dickey did not like Ben. Oliver simply cannot hold back and kisses her passionately. 

They come back home and have sex. As Loretta departs to take a shower, Oliver rummages around her room. To his absolute shock, Oliver finds an entire diary on the bookshelf that proves Loretta was indeed obsessed with Ben. It has his photos, and newspaper clippings, and seems something right out of that crazy stalker fan’s playbook from episode 2. 

The Episode Review

The New York brand once again shines brightly in episode 5 of OMITB’s Season 2. The creatives have done really well to ingrain the city’s moods and palettes into the show. This episode’s “love theme” was reflective of NY’s finest indulgences and the “not-so-great” parts as well. Each of our protagonists found themselves embroiled in romantic entanglements, which is a first for the show over its three seasons.

In this episode, the trio were barely in a room together brainstorming the murder and that is a little disappointing. We did get some fascinating clues for the rest of the season. But this episode couldn’t conjure up the traditional titillation we are inclined to feel when watching the show. 

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