Only Murders in the Building – Season 2 Episode 2 “Framed” Recap & Review


A flashback shows the history of Arconia and Bunny at the start of episode 2 of Only Murders in the Building Season 2. The beautiful building was the brainchild of architect Archibald Carter. He inserted secret passages into each of his marvels.

The infamous playboy soon settled down. His daughter Leonara, married Mr. Folger and thus, Bunny was born. She stayed for her entire life in the Arconia. In the same time frame, we see Charles’ father romance both Leonara and Rose (the artist of the painting), who lived in the opposite building. Given this background, it is hard to believe Bunny didn’t know about that passage in her closet. But the more pertinent question is: who else did?

In the present, the trio looks at the painting and notice the word “savage” written behind it. This is what Bunny was referring to – not Charles. Howard drops by as Mabel and Oliver scramble to hide the painting away. They pop out just in time when Howard reveals that a memorial of sorts is taking place at Bunny’s place. They’re welcomed with pessimism in the house. Nina Lin also announces herself as the new Board President.

An old lady walks into the apartment and claims the missing Rose Cooper’s as hers. She is Leonara, Bunny’s mother. The trio planned that Mabel and Oliver go down with the painting in the alley and Charles come down using the secret passage to put it back in its place.

“We’re getting the hang of it. Absolutely. You can tell it is our second season!”

Charles, though, is fascinated with the unfinished business of the painting. He wants to ask questions to Leonara but is called by the other two. As always happens with the ‘plans’, Charles mistakenly closes the entry door to the building. They are now stranded with the painting near the dumpsters. They leave it there, hoping to pick it up once the crowd clears. Mabel’s romance with Alice is confirmed as the two kiss after the former destroys a sculpture made by Alice in her fondness. Oliver goes to Schumer’s apartment to discuss the project. Twofold shocks await him: the painting hangs on one of her walls, and Amy wants herself to play Jan in the series.

Charles visits Leonara, still concerned with his father. Leonara reveals the information about the romance, as mentioned above. The trio and Leonara converge at Amy’s apartment. The true owner of the painting spots the fake in a second. The original was torn from the back and the canvas glued together by Rose. Uma leaves Mrs. Gambolini to Oliver, as part of Bunny’s will.

Charles gets closure about his father from the night of the flashback. Mrs. Folger does sound off a warning to him that “he will come looking for her”. Bunny might even be Charles’ sister. In the final scene, Gambloini then reveals that she knows who the killer is.

The Episode Review

This episode brought a different kind of flashback that Only Murders in the Building had never seen before. The deep dive into the Folger family and Bunny’s “institutionalization” in the building was insightful. The real question now the trio has to answer is – who has the real painting? At the start, Charles led the trio to change their stance “the killer has the painting”. By the end, the status quo has been regained. The real painting will lead them to answer significant questions.

For Charles, some closure on his father’s life was a welcome move. Leonara is another character made from the show’s immaculately oddball fabric. She is a true representation of its cinematic universe. Underneath the old, snobby rich lady, is a sweet, misunderstood simpleton who just wants to be seen? Sound like anyone else on the show?

Mabel’s bisexuality came as a big surprise. It was quite apparent in the way Delevingne’s Alice was coming on to her that something like this could happen. Well, now that the truth is out, more power to the couple. It seems like viewers are still undecided about Amy’s character. The actress had a breakout role in The Humans earlier this year but her comic act in Only Murders in the Building has been lackluster thus far.

Overall, the batch of two episodes have produced first-rate entertainment. Watching out notorious three being their goofy, adorable, and perceptive selves has brought fresh smiles to our faces.

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  1. It was a miracle that the paper from Bunny’s mom came out of the bag almost in pieces, then suddenly is without cracks, a second later again with cracks and a piece missing.
    But reading out it’s magically in 1 whole piece without cracks in it

  2. Yeah, I agree with the hate for Schumer! Watching that scene where she tries to seduce Charles as “Jan” was unbearable. Reminded me of so many reasons why I cannot stand her on the screen. Fast forward x2 lol xD

  3. Alice clearly has the hots for Mabel. Delighted to see Shirley MacClaine. Hate. hate. hate. Amy Schumer. Fast forward through every scene she is in. Hope she won’t be a regular. She’s not funny. Every scene she’s in is like getting a tooth pulled without anesthesia.

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