Only Murders in the Building – Season 2 Episode 1 “Persons of Interest” Recap & Review

Persons of Interest

The hit murder-mystery comedy ‘Only Murders in the Building’ is back for season two. And back with a bang. The story itself picks up from Bunny’s murder in the final episode of season one and our infamous trio are going in for questioning. The 10-part series has come out with two episodes up front. Episode 1 of season 2 quickly settles into a rhythm and sets up various mysteries for the trio to explore. But this time, they have another trio on their backs: Cinda’s girls. The famed podcaster has started her own Only Murderers in the Building to insinuate that the trio is behind the murder of Bunny Folger.

Brazzos is back, with a twist; Oliver might produce his own series on the podcast with a famous celeb, and Mabel might have just found her true partner in crime.

The trio is brought in for questioning by Detective William (from season 1) and Detective Kreps (played by Michael Rapaport). The duo try their best to get some insinuating statements from the three but they have gained valuable experience in their affair with death and crime. Once Mable discovers that the police have yet not found the murder weapon, they are released. Newspapers, magazines, and social media blow up with posts about them. While Charles and Mable are somewhat skeptical about their newfound fame, Oliver is elated. He jumps into the limelight and discusses a possible project with the new occupant of Sting’s former residence: Amy Schumer.

As they meet in the elevator again, the three have a deja vu moment. But this time, they decided NOT TO do a second season for their podcast. Mable walks into her apartment where she found Bunny, stabbed and bloodied. She has faint episodic flashbacks from the night. But none prove to be too helpful. Charles is called into the studio building to discuss a reboot for his hit cop show, Brazzos. #BloodyMabel trends on Mabel’s Instagram wall. Amidst the oceans of DMs, she spots one by Third Arm Gallery. It is a small artist’s collective headed by the intuitive Alice Banks (Cara Delevingne). She invites Mabel to the gallery’s exhibit opening the next day.

At the building, Charles is disappointed to discover that he will not be the Brazzos, but his character will be revamped as ‘Uncle Brazzos’ to a younger Noami Jackson as ‘Brazzos’. At the exhibit, Mabel is met with celeb status from the fans. She meets Alice and they hit it off. Mabel also tells a story about how she assembled a Frida puzzle aged four through five. The trio wakes up to Cinda’s seething podcast opener. It has intimate and embarrassing details about the personal lives of the three, again occasioning a meeting in Mable’s apartment. Cinda is hell-bent on framing the three for the murder and circumstantial evidence will be used by her to twist the truth. Mable also has vague recollections of what Bunny said before dying. “14”.

Out of the blue, we hear Bunny calling out to the three. The sound permeates Mable’s apartment through the air vents. Breaking their previous vow, they go through the vents and break into Bunny’s luxurious apartment. They also locate the source of the sound: Bunny’s old parrot, Mrs. Gambolini. She is as potty-mouthed as her owner. Before they can look around more, Uma and Howard walk into the apartment and the trio hide in Bunny’s bedroom closet. Uma mentions a “Rose Cooper” painting – erotica art – that is very valuable.

When they arrive in the bedroom, they do not find the painting. Mable discovers a secret elevator behind Bunny’s bedroom closet. It leads outside the building. But they do get a huge clue, despite the close shave. “We find the painting, we find the killer”, Charles says.  Mable stands atop the fountain and asks Charles and Oliver to start the podcast again.

‘Persons of Interest’: Ending Explained

In the dying moments of the episode, we see quite a lot of action and clues for the rest of the season. Oliver goes through mail and old cards where his attitude towards Bunny looks unintentionally criminal. He gets a text from Charles to come to his apartment straight away. Mable sits down beside the bloody spot in her apartment and recollects another thing that Bunny said to her: “Savage…” When they converge at Charles’ apartment, they find something shocking.

The painting from Cooper is hanging there. I bet Charles’s words would definitely come back to bite him. It seems that someone again is setting the trio up for the murder of Bunny. A simple enmity is not the reason here. There must be a hidden sub-plot that explains why the grumpy building manager is dead.

And what about Charles saying “that is my father” when looking at the painting! It was the most astounding of lines that ended the episode. A whole strand of theories run through our mind as we see them. We saw it was Jan in the previous season who became an insider to destroy the trio. This season, we expect someone else to stand up and take charge. For now, though, the good news is that our trio is starting their podcast again and it will be in opposition to Cinda’s.

The Episode Review

Season two of ‘Only Murders in the Building’ does not take a lot of time to find the magic of its illustrious predecessor. The show wastes little time getting to the crux of the matter and lays out the core mystery at the start. There are so many clues – not only for the trio but for us – that it is hard to keep track. The cast has swelled to include big names like Delevingne and Rapoport, who are likely to play an important role going ahead.

Episode one promises a number of delightfully twisted sub-plots about the characters’ past and life outside Arconia. It gave us just enough to indulge us and even point towards a meta adaptation of the podcast into a ten-part series. Another promising season of old charms and surprising plot reveals is on the cards.

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