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Payback Is A…

Episode 7 of Only Friends begins with Ray crashing his car and blacking out. He fractures his hand and Sand takes him to the hospital. Sand calls him out for drunk driving and tells him to love himself. Ray is sheepish and thanks him for saving him. Sand tries to lighten the mood by saying he is his emergency contact. He then apologises as he feels it is his fault for trying to expose Top.

Ray says it is not his fault and at that moment his father arrives and starts scolding him for drinking and totalling the car. Ray is upset that he only cares about the car and says mom died drinking because of him. Outside, Ray’s father asks Sand if he is close to him.

Cheum is upset on Mew’s behalf and has half a mind to scold Boston. Mew says it is not necessary and she thinks he is forgiving him. Instead, he says he will get nasty to deal with nasty people like him. 

Top confronts Boston who is confused about the audio recording. Boston finds the wiretap in his car and realises it’s Nick’s. He confronts him, calling Nick a stalker and blaming him for creating a rift between him, Top and his friends. Nick guesses that Sand may have been the leak but doesn’t say it.

Instead, he bites back that Boston is the one who slept with his friend’s boyfriend. On seeing Boston’s rage, Nick breaks down and says he loves him and wants Boston to love him only. Boston says he never loved him and hits him.

Top visits Mew to ask for forgiveness and the latter asks why he hooked up with Boston. Top brings up Ray and then says he doesn’t care if Mew hooked up with him. Mew gets angry as he has time and again said they didn’t hook up. He burns one of the drawings Top made of him but Top isn’t deterred as he says he will make Mew love him again.

Sand drops by and brings food and a healthy detox juice for Ray who makes a face. Ray messes around and asks him to help him shave and shower. Sand is indignant but gives in as Ray pretends to hurt his injured arm. He helps him shave while Ray rants about his dad talking about rehab.

He wonders about Sand’s dad and why he is not curious to meet him to which Sand says he is fine as a perfect family does not have to constitute a father, mother or a child. Ray then insists on Sand joining him for a bath and Sand gives in.

Ray finally arrives at the hostel and Cheum is upset he didn’t tell them about his accident. They patch up as Mew apologises for punching Ray and explaining that he wants to be the one to expose and hurt Top and Boston. Ray holds Mew’s hand while saying he still has him.

Boston shows up on seeing Cheum’s post about Ray’s accident. The interaction goes almost immediately wrong as Boston says he is ready to be scolded and to get it over with. When Ray tells him to apologise, he does it flippantly and again provokes Ray by saying he can now hook up with Mew.

He then says Top anyway picked him first and Mew would have never gotten a top-tier guy without his help. Furious, Mew kicks him into the pool and follows him, punching him. Cheum tells Boston to leave until he repents and realises that friends don’t betray friends.

Sand returns home to Nick trying to move out. He calls Sand a thief for stealing the audio and claims he ruined his happiness. Sand apologises and says he was only focused on Top. He tries to point out that Boston deserves it but Nick starts crying as he says he doesn’t care if he wasn’t even Boston’s #1 as long as he had him. Sand hugs him and says he can relate.

Mew meets Nick and says they are the victims and Boston needs to pay. He convinces Nick to help who reveals that Gap may have a video recording of Boston. Turns out, Gap has a platform where he posts videos of his hookups.

Mew gets Gap to take him home and says he can film him but first, he wants to see some of the videos. Gap shows him and then Mew tells him to take a shower. Alone, he finds Boston’s video and copies it onto a pendrive. Gap catches him but Mew tells him to back off as he can turn him in for filming Boston without his consent.

Mew meets up with Boston’s father and Boston is shocked as Mew says he has his short film and is about to play it for them. Boston takes Mew aside and begs him to stop. Mew laughs and says he is not like him, no matter how much he hates him he won’t share the video. Others may be nasty, but his mother has taught him to be kind. 

The quartet congregate at the hostel to talk about it and Mew, Ray and Boston agree to a temporary truce to see the hostel through. However, Top ruins the moment by arriving with books for Mew. Mew tells him he is not interested and that he will also be replacing him as an interior designer. Top tries to give him the books and it escalates with Ray punching him and Top fighting back. The rest try to stop them and Top accidentally punches Mew.

Ray takes care of Mew who thinks it is karma for punching him. Ray says friends take care of friends and Mew feels sad as he says he has always known about Ray’s feelings. Ray asks why he cannot give him a chance and Mew wonders if the one he should love is Ray. While Top gets emotional thinking about his time with Mew, Ray and Mew dance at the bar with Sand watching them.

The Episode Review

Okay, is Sand the only decent guy in this show? Instead of asking Ray to apologise for all the nasty things he said to him, Sand apologizes to him, and Nick. And comforts both of them while they barely care about him. Sir, you are too good for all of them, run, run as far as you can before it is too late.

Another person who needs to run is Nick. That confrontation scene with Boston is too painful. Though it makes sense that Nick needs to be messed up as well to wiretap Boston and then keep going for more even while getting hurt. His interaction with Sand is similarly sad, why is he angry with him instead of Boston? And then we have Sand who can relate, cause he still thinks Ray is in love with Mew which gets worse when he sees them dancing. 

But does anyone else feel that Ray’s love for Mew is not sexual or romantic? He may be mistaking it for gratitude or friendship as he has constantly felt like he is a burden and Mew doesn’t treat him like that. It is definitely different from what he has with Sand which is more in line with conventional romance.

Okay, yes Mew with his villain era, pop off king! We had high hopes for him after that jaw-dropping audio reveal moment in the previous episode and he does not disappoint. Going straight to Boston’s father and burning Top’s gift in front of him is spectacularly brutal. Go feral, Mew, take out all that rage, we know you got it! Oh, by the way, did anyone clock Mew’s tee – ‘friends don’t let friends go.’ Also, his laidback stance and Ray-like outfits while talking to Nick and Gap, woah. Gone is the nerdy, goody-two shows, glasses-wearing Mew.

Only Friends keeps surprising us every week and episode 7 is top-tier, the writing is so well done. The characters are all so fully realised and etched out. Even when Boston and Top are afraid, they don’t fully repent. Boston only cares that his friends won’t talk to him or that he won’t get Top. He probably is relieved that his sex tape won’t be shared when Mew goes on about his values.

The same goes for Top who brings up Mew and Ray hooking up even though Mew has constantly said otherwise. With the second half of the Thai BL getting a strong start, we are here for the new drama.

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  1. I love Sand and Ray.. I really hope that Ray realizes he is in, and deserves, a loving sexual relationship.. we know he will push Sand away again and smash the wine jug at Sand’s house , I really hope they choose to commit to each other though.

    agree it seems like Ray is grateful to mew- and maybe Ray can start to see there are different kinds of love not just love or sex

  2. Hey @Rameen, Boston took a photo AND a video of the kiss between Ray and Mew that we see in the episode 4 flashback, and he showed that to Top

  3. Okay, but what about the video clip Top mentions to Mew when he tries to apologize and “redeem” himself. Like what video clip did Boston show Top in the car in episode 3?

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