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True Friends

Episode 4 of Only Friends begins with a flashback 2 years ago. Ray is drinking and takes a couple of pills as he says that people have family or close friends as an emergency contact but he has none, except Mew. He is in the bathtub and he makes a sort of goodbye call to Mew. On hearing him, Mew panics and rushes to him, hugging him as Ray cries and blames himself for being unloveable, a burden and for his mother’s death. 

It cuts to Mew, Cheum and Boston cheering up Ray and hanging out with him. As they drink, Cheum says they all love Ray and starts joking that if she wasn’t a lesbian, she would hit on him. They laugh and Boston takes a very drunk Cheum inside to sleep it off.

Alone, Ray thanks Mew and says he will return the favour if ever needed. He also reveals that he likes him more than a friend and kisses him. Mew kisses back just when Boston returns. Boston takes a video of them kissing and smirks — the same one he showed Top.

At present, Mew is at Ray’s place and says he called him because Top is busy. Ray acts hurt that he is an afterthought and Mew placates him. As they lie down to sleep, Mew keeps gushing about Sand and hopes Ray can date him. When he closes his eyes to sleep, Ray kisses him, saying he is still in love with him. Mew is shocked and reprimands him for the non-consensual kiss. He also sternly tells Ray that he only sees him as a friend.

The next day, Sand is taking out his frustrations on his guitar when Nick checks in. Sand asks what it means if he gets upset because of someone – does he like him? They think about it and Sand brings up Boston. He teases Nick who says they are just friends but then gets serious as Sand says to be careful.

Meanwhile, Mew is hanging out at Top’s hotel where they also take photos at the photo booth. They go up to Top’s room and Mew spots an airplane toy with the letter ‘B’ engraved. They talk about how many people Top has slept with and he doesn’t hide it but gives a vague answer. 

Ray shows up at Sand’s and offers to be his chauffeur all day as an apology. Sand tries to rebuff him but Ray keeps pleading and acting cute till Sand gives in. They are at a music shop and on seeing Sand’s interest in a guitar, Ray offers to buy it. Sand tells him that friendship and love cannot be bought.

He also tells Ray not to play with people’s feelings like he did last night. Ray accepts and apologises while explaining why he bailed on Sand. They quickly patch up and hang out at a record store next. With Ray only listening to old music, Sand tells him about his favourite Thai bands and even plays a record for him.

Top is alone in an elevator when Boston ambushes him. He tries to kiss him but Top pushes him off and wonders why he is messing with his own friends. He mocks him for being jealous of Mew and walks out. In his room, Top thinks about Mew and regrets his night with Boston but at the moment Beam arrives.

Predictably, Boston is blowing off steam with Nick and then goes for a shower. Nick quickly goes through his phone and then pretends to take a selfie when Boston comes out. He tries to take a selfie together but Boston stops him as it could affect his father’s political career. Umm, what about your reputation as a player? The whole city knows about it.

Nick is hurt and later when he is alone, he texts someone. Turns out, it is Top as they meet up. Nick says he knows about him and Boston and tells him to stay away from Boston. Top scoffs and says he isn’t interested in Boston. As a parting bit of advice, he tells Nick not to fall for Boston as he is bad.

Outside, while reversing his car, Top crashes into Sand’s bike. He looks worried for a second before seeing that it is Sand. They lock heads as Top says he should have been careful of his things and Sand punches him. They get into a fight till Nick hears and stops them. At home, Sand tells Nick that Top stole his ex. And Nick comes clean about how he found out about Boston and Top as he shows the audio recording.

Meanwhile, Ray shows up at Mew’s and apologises. Mew asks why he kissed him if he knows better and Ray asks about Top. Suddenly, Top shows up and Ray leaves. Top asks if Ray likes him and Mew says they should be honest with each other. In the flashback, Mew stops Ray before the kiss can go any further. At present, Mew says that Ray does like him and they kissed but that’s it.

Top finds it hard to believe but accepts and says he has nothing to hide (Sure, Jan). Mew asks about the airplane and thinks it is Beam’s. Uhh.. none of Boston’s friends suspect how shady he is? Top simply says Beam is his drug dealer but he is not an addict. Mew is not happy and tries to get him to stop but Top asks if he will get an award if he does. Mew says if Top stops, he will sleep with him. Be careful Top, the hunter is about to become the hunted.

Top throws the coke and kisses Mew. But before they can go any further, Mew says no to penetration. Top is surprised and changes tactics by saying the airplane was given by an ex called Boeing. Are you sure you’re not lying Top? Boston fits the bill too…

Top says he doesn’t have a favourite ex now and he only likes Mew. However, they stick to Mew’s sexual boundaries. Later, while showering, Mew says it was okay and Top starts asking what he means. He adds that he can’t remember the last time he cared if the other person was satisfied or not. Mew says he doesn’t hate him for it but doesn’t like this selfish attitude. Top says he knows but Mew makes him want to be a better person. 

Meanwhile, Ray is sulking in his bathtub while looking at a sun’s rays key chain that Mew gave him. He says that Mew was always his emergency contact, but realises that he is not Mew’s emergency contact. He looks at the ‘Poor Boy’ tee that Sand had given him and thinks back to the record shop. In the flashback, while they listen to the record, Sand keeps staring at him and smiling. Their hands move till they touch.

The Episode Review

Okay, so it wasn’t wrong for Ray to blow off Sand for Mew. Friends code matters, sorry Sand. On the other hand, it isn’t even wrong for Sand to feel hurt as he always drops everything for Ray and expects Ray to do the same. But if he knew the two friends’ past, maybe he would look at it from a different angle. Why does he fold so easily, though? Just one puppy dog eyes and Sand forgives Ray so quickly. 

But one person who cannot understand friendship is Boston. What is wrong with him? Even Top is tired of him, and that man is a serial playboy. Boston taking the video of Ray and Mew shows his true colours. How can he smirk and betray his friends, especially Ray who is in a bad place, and for whom they are all hanging out in the first place? How is the Thai drama going to redeem him, things aren’t looking too good for him.

Even Top is slowly getting his redemption arc. But Nick what are you doing? Why are you going all ‘stay away from my man’ to Top? Top isn’t the threat, Boston is and you need to stay away. This is all going so wrong so fast. And we love it!

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