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Pool Party

Episode 3 of Only Friends begins with Nick Googling if friends with benefits can turn into lovers after sleeping with Boston for probably the millionth time. The answers are all negative and he is discouraged. After a bout, he jokes that Boston has it bad for him and this means their status has changed.

Boston agrees but before Nick can get his hopes up, he just says he is a regular now. Things don’t seem to be looking up for Nick, is it? Boston sees him sulking and tells him to be patient and just the way he is and their status may change even further. Nick then spots photos of Boston and Top from the photo booth and recalls one response – maybe the person isn’t interested because they like someone else.

At Ray’s, Sand tries to leave quietly but Ray wakes up. He is all cuddly and teases Sand for trying to bail. He jokingly asks if Sand is going to charge him but the singer keeps his distance. It seems on purpose as he doesn’t even react to Ray’s compliments but he smiles to himself once he leaves.

Meanwhile, Cheum wants to host a pool party for the hostel’s PR. Boston is in charge of CCTV, Mew for food and Ray suddenly volunteers for music. At the shop, Nick is staring at a copy of the photo of Top and Boston that he took on his phone (creepy much?) when Boston stops by for CCTV. He even asks for Nick’s help in installing it and acts cute till Nick agrees. But for one thing in return…

As for Top and Mew, their next date is at a silent disco. Mew changes his headphones to Top’s song and they sing along. He finds Top adorable with his off-key singing but someone called Beam interrupts. He reveals all of Top’s partying habits and hints that he is an ex. Top says he is not into all that anymore but Beam just scoffs.

The favour Nick wanted turns out to be help moving his things into Sand’s apartment. Boston begrudgingly agrees and there is an awkward meet-up as Sand recognises Boston as the player at Yo’s bar. As for Yo, Ray is pestering her to lend Sand for the pool party. She doesn’t mind but wonders if something is going on between them.

Sand shows up as he usually eats lunch there and Ray tags along to the kitchen. Sand promptly agrees to the pool party gig but Ray stays. He keeps bothering Sand, asking if he can eat too, while also hinting at eating something else. Boy, Ray calm down…

Sand tries to look steely but he ends up grinning and they cook together. Ray keeps teasing him and asking for more sex but also gets serious momentarily, offering to back down if Sand is not okay with it. Sand acts tough and says he is fine with sex between friends, but he doesn’t look too convincing, at least to us.

Nick oversees the CCTV installations at the hostel, and Cheum is grateful as she invites him to the party. He agrees but his smile falls when Mew and Top appear and he recognises the older boy from Boston’s photo. Later, he looks up Top and Boston’s Instagrams and looks troubled.

On the day of the party, Boston arrives with Nick in his green car (that is about to cause some real trouble). Nick asks about Top and if Boston likes him. Boston laughs it off and says he doesn’t like hot but cute people like Nick. Really? Nick then asks how they should introduce themselves and when Boston says friends, he sulks. On seeing this, Boston tries to cheer him up by saying Nick can call their relationship whatever he likes.

As Sand sets up, Ray flirts with him which Mew notices. Mew guesses that something is going on between them but Ray just smiles. Top shows up with drinks but is annoyed on seeing Sand who flips him off. Top says he has contacts and could have gotten a known band and Ray fires back that he has contacts too but he wants Sand’s band.

As the party rages on, Sand and Ray keep locking eyes, Boston is with Nick but he keeps looking at Mew and Top who are dancing. A tweet shows Boston saying he just wanted someone (Top?) to sleep with a guy (Mew?) and not date him. And that he has first dibs on that someone. Dude’s acting like a child now, ugh.

He looks at Ray and an idea forms. He goes up to him and says he knows that Ray likes Mew and he should shoot his shot. Ray is shocked at his bluntness but Boston says Top will dump Mew after sex and then Ray will just be a side character comforting his friend.

His next plan of action is to corner Top. He says that Ray and Mew are more than just friends and shows a photo from afar of two boys almost kissing. He says he has more photos of Ray and Mew but will only show them to Top after the party in his car. Nick overhears and runs off. The party is winding down and Cheum and April say bye to everyone.

Boston tells Nick that he needs to help clean and asks him to go home alone. Sand eyes a girl and Ray watches him till Mew interrupts. He says Ray should take his chances with the singer and that Sand may also like him. This sparks something in Ray but Top interrupts. Mew wants to stay and help clean but Top drags him home much to Ray’s annoyance. Boston watches the exchange from afar and sighs.

Ray spots Sand waiting for a taxi but after it takes too long, he offers a ride home while touching his hand. Top takes Mew home who kisses his cheek. Top is pleasantly surprised but he keeps getting texts from Boston. He claims that it is his father but wants to take Mew to his room. But on hearing that it is his dad, Mew pushes him to the elevator and says goodbye.

Ray and Sand are making out in the car after parking at Sand’s building. Ray knows that Sand cannot say no to him and the singer laughingly observes that Ray cannot take a no. Sand says that he hasn’t slept with people who are not his lovers more than once and Ray asks if they need to become lovers then. Sand laughs it off but gives in and they start kissing earnestly.

However, at that moment, Mew calls as he has misplaced his keys and Top isn’t answering. Ray drops everything to answer and agrees to pick up Mew and let him sleep at his place. Sand is shocked at the turn of events and says maybe it is a good thing they didn’t go further. Ray apologises but makes Sand leave.

Meanwhile, Top goes back to the hostel and gets into Boston’s car. Boston not only has a photo but a video of Ray and Mew (possibly kissing). He says it is 2 years old but maybe they are still together or Mew is dating Top to mess with Ray. Low blow, Boston…

On seeing the video, Top is hurt and Boston uses it to his advantage to say that they can also do anything they like if Mew can. They start having sex and it cuts to Nick watching them with headphones. Turns out, when they arrived, Nick wiretapped Boston’s car and heard the whole thing. Why are you torturing yourself, Nick, take off the headphones!

The Episode Review

Oh, no, Nick run before it is too late. Though, it just might be a little late for him. We all know how addictive that one toxic situationship can be even though we are aware of how messy it is. And even though Boston keeps passively degrading him, he can’t seem to stay away.

He really needs to put Boston in his place. You can do it, Nick, we are rooting for you! But if Boston keeps noticing whenever Nick is sulking and trying to make him happy, does that mean he at least has a sliver of feelings for him? Please don’t make this one-sided.

And TopMew are actually quite cute and dorky minus the whole Top being a red flag. The silent disco date was adorable and it seemed that they were really enjoying their time together till Beam interrupted. And just how many people does Top know, he also seems to have gotten on the bad side of Sand. Wait, are they exes too? And Boston is just as messy, why is he trying to ruin his friendship with Mew and Ray by playing with them?

Sand is trying so hard not to get hurt but if Ray is going to act cute and clingy, there is going to be a problem Houston! The way he readily agrees to everything Ray asks without a thought just shows how far gone he already is. Nick, Sand and Mew may have to form a scorned lovers support club if they continue in the direction they are heading.

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