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The Checklist

Episode 2 of Only Friends begins with Top publicly proposing and Mew agreeing to be his boyfriend. The rest of the characters are interviewed and asked what they think about it – Top, Cheum and Yo are excited, Boston and Ray are annoyed while Sand finds a public proposal childish.

At the hostel, Top is busy with the contractors while Cheum, Boston and Mew watch him. Boston shares that Top has never dated anyone for more than 3 months and warns that Mew is just a challenge to him. But Mew is curious to see how long Top will stay with him without sex.

Outside, he sees Ray drinking by the pool and worries for him. He also wonders why his friend doesn’t like Top and Ray says they are moving too fast. But they reconcile as Ray says he is fine as long as Mew is. They hug but Top interrupts them citing he has a date with Mew.

Elsewhere, Nick and Sand bump into each other and are revealed to be friends. Sand’s roommate is leaving and Nick wants a bigger place so they agree to live together. Top takes Mew to play laser tag and continues to hit on him. Mew stops him and also tells him that the public proposal was out of line. Top apologises and Mew says he is not easy.

Top is confident that he is Mew’s type and the latter tells him to try pursuing him afresh. Mew also cockily points out that he finally knows Top’s weakness – he likes Mew. He also tells the camera that he has a checklist for his partner – someone who respects him, gets along with his friends and doesn’t lie.

At college, Ray spots Sand selling something and confronts him. When Ray brushes him off, Sand follows him to a strip club, unable to let it go. He even accuses him of drug dealing but when Sand’s bag falls – it is full of wine he has been selling. Ray easily covers the damages and offers a new side gig, to be his drinking buddy. Sand is not swayed till Ray keeps increasing the offer to 10k baht and he finally agrees.

Meanwhile, Boston takes Nick to his place and they sleep together. While Nick is lying down, Boston tries to take a photo of him and he gets shy. However, Boston assures him and also points out that he only takes photos of his favourites. He also takes Nick to his darkroom. They end up talking about their dreams as Boston only took business administration because of his father.

Similarly, Nick is a graphic designer who is running the tech shop for his family. Boston develops the photo and Nick reveals that he doesn’t like his photos as people used to tease him for his appearance. Boston says he wouldn’t have gone for seconds if Nick wasn’t cute and lightly slaps his face. 

As for the drinking buddies, Sand is in awe of Ray’s mansion. He is further impressed with his music collection and Ray says it was his mother’s. She passed away when he was a kid. Their mood goes down and Sand starts cheering with a song they both like and Ray cracks a smile.

A few days later, the quartet go to a water park along with Top and Cheum’s girlfriend, April. Top and Mew fawn over each other while Ray and Boston are annoyed. Cheum injures her leg while water skiing and Top not only rescues her but also looks after her foot. Seeing this, Mew ticks off his second requirement – his partner should love and get along with his friends (umm someone please take a look at Ray and Boston’s faces).

The two boys are further annoyed and while Top is showering, Boston decides to pay him a visit. While Mew, Ray, April and Cheum wait outside, Boston starts kissing Top. In a flashback, we see that Boston approached Top at the bar one day and later in the photo booth, Top kissed him. Back to the present, Top half-heartedly tries to stop him but gives in as Boston keeps touching him.

Outside, Mew decides to get the two as they are all about to leave and heads to the showers. He calls out for Top and on hearing him, Boston and Top stop and look stunned. An annoyed Boston quickly hides in the next stall and Top distracts Mew by pulling him in and saying they should shower together.

Later, at home, Top is busy assembling a table for Mew who brings him biscuits. Top plays hard to get and Mew puts the biscuit in his mouth and tells him to take it. They almost kiss but Mew stops him. Top asks to stay over as he is tired and it is late but Mew is not too sure. He keeps pushing till Mew finally gives in but tells him to take the couch.

Boston blows off some steam with Nick who asks about their relationship. Boston finds him cute but flippantly says they can either be friends with benefits or just do booty calls. He says he doesn’t do drama but on seeing Nick sulk he says they can be friends. He teases and kisses him before leaving while Nick smiles to himself.

Meanwhile, Ray interrupts Sand and his date, Amm by being nosy and hinting at a threesome. Sand points out that the last time they drank, Ray blacked out but the latter wants them to hang out again as he likes talking to Sand.

Ray offers double the money and an annoyed Sand apologises to the girl as he says he needs to take care of his drunk friend. He drives Ray home who teases him about Amm and asks if he is horny. He starts randomly singing and Sand gives in and laughs at his antics.

Top is about to take some pills when Mew checks in on him. Top says that he has insomnia and cannot sleep alone which has Mew thinking it’s a line. However, Top stays serious and says as a kid he almost died in a fire while sleeping alone at home. Mew feels for him and offers to lie down with him. He states that they can only hug and Top agrees which has Mew happy that he is being respected.

Meanwhile, in the darkroom, Boston looks conflicted while looking at a picture of Mew and Ray from the water park. Back at Ray’s place, Sand teases him that he is the lonely, rich spoiled brat as his friends are all busy with their lovers. He says he can be his friend and can hang out with him for free. Ray changes the topic and asks about Amm and if Sand has a type.

Sand says that he is open to all genders and if he vibes with the person, that’s that. Ray wonders about himself and Sand says he won’t sleep with him for money. But as Ray continues to hit on him, Sand reciprocates and they kiss. However, Sand points out that it’ll change to something more if they do it while Ray says that some friendships begin with sex.

As they undress and make out, it cuts to them doing the solo interviews. Ray smirks as he says friends can have sex as the heart and his dick have different duties. But for Sand, it seems that it is about to get complicated as he says that it is like playing with fire.

The Episode Review

Oh wow, the format of Only Friends is getting pretty interesting now with episode 2. In episode 1, we only see Mew talking to the camera making it seem as if he is telling us his story. However, with all the characters also breaking the fourth wall, it is as if someone is interviewing them. Is the interviewer someone we know and will it tie up with the main plot? 

The rest of the characters are also getting their back story and screen time, finally doing justice to the ensemble cast. Cheum has a girlfriend but hopefully, we get to see more of her and April. Boston is not really misleading as he is constantly keeping casual, but it feels as if Nick wants more.

Neo is playing the bad guy super well as we can already see the conflict that is going to arise between his Boston and Nick, Mew and Top. Top’s trauma doesn’t allow him to sleep alone, though how sure can Mew be that he is saying the truth?

Sand knows Nick, is pansexual and has side hustles to earn enough while Ray is giving sugar daddy vibes and is lonely and extremely nosy. Oh, and how about that spectacular A-grade miscommunication between Sand and Ray?

For Sand, sex and feelings are entangled but he immediately changes his stance in the interview when Ray says they are just going to stay friends. And good on Mew for calling out Top on the public proposal. He isn’t as weak-minded and naive as most ‘nerdy’ protagonists in Thai dramas. Hope he doesn’t get too in over his head and cocky while handling Top.

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