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Episode 1 of Only Friends begins with Mew introducing viewers to Yo’s bar, YOLO and how he and his friends hang out there. Ray is an angry and emotional drunk who picks a fight with anyone who is not his friend like Top and Sand, the club singer. Cheum loves to dance and Boston is always hitting on guys with the excuse of getting Mew laid who is a virgin. 

It is August and for their business administration class project, Mew, Ray, Boston and Cheum come up with a plan to run a hostel. Seeing a hungover Ray and an uninterested Boston who never listens the teacher is sceptical but agrees. Ray is the rich friend whose dad provides a villa for the hostel, Cheum will do the PR, Mew will handle the finance and Boston is in charge of finding an interior designer. 

Boston’s phone stops working and he heads to a mobile repair shop run by a tech student, Nick. Boston is all smiles and flirty which has Nick blushing. Later at the bar, Boston introduces Top as his interior designer friend. While Mew and Top flirt, Ray looks annoyed and Boston gives him a knowing smile. Ray makes a scene but as the rest joke he is a burden when drunk, he gets hurt and leaves.

Top and Boston go to get drinks and Cheum gives her approval of Mew sleeping with Top who just scoffs. Meanwhile, Top asks Boston to set him and Mew up. Boston says Mew is not interested as he is a virgin and is irked when Top says he doesn’t like know-it-alls but someone innocent (like Mew). Top then dances with Mew while Boston watches angrily before being approached by a stranger (a cameo by Drake).

Outside, Sand is getting on his bike when he spots a drunk Ray trying to drive his car with the door open. Sand is troubled but annoyed when they bicker as Ray is difficult and snobbily tries to hire him to drive him home. Sand is not interested but on seeing how wasted Ray is, he gives in.

Top gets Mew to take him to his place and asks if Mew knows what will happen next. They undress and start making out before Mew comes back to his senses and stops him. He says he is not ready and Top assures him before trying to kiss him again. Mew says he doesn’t know Top very well which has the latter confused. Instead, Mew asks him to have ice cream with him.

Elsewhere, having given only the street Ray lives in before blacking out, Sand is stuck trying to call classmates but no one knows his place. Ray just grumbles that he is a burden and to leave him alone. Sand takes him home and looks after him as he pukes and falls asleep. At home, Nick repairs Boston’s phone and seeing his naked selfie, starts jerking off. At the same time, Boston is seen having sex with the stranger.

Back to TopMew, Top jokes that no one has asked him to share ice cream before sex. Mew says he doesn’t want his first time to be a one-night stand and while Top understands he wants to know more. Mew reveals that he prefers honesty and is sensitive. If he has sex with Top, he will fall for him, get clingy and when they break up, his heart will be broken.

Top apologises for his initial reaction and asks if he can sleep over. Mew warns that nothing else will happen and Top asks if they can at least cuddle. Mew agrees and when they sleep, he smiles.

The next day, Ray doesn’t remember anything, and is confused by his surroundings and the fact that he is wearing PJs that say ‘poor boy’. He antagonizes Sand by asking if he took advantage of him and whether he has stolen his expensive clothes and wallet. Furious, Sand chases him out of his house.

Meanwhile, Mew takes Top book shopping and shares his love for books. Top asks if Mew has had situationships who says they have been brief. Top teases that books will only take Mew so far and asks if he can be more. Mew is flustered and at that moment Ray calls to ask about last night. He overhears Top offering to buy Mew a book and gets jealous. 

Boston goes to get his phone and Nick offers him a discount and free warranty which confuses him. He pays by phone but Nick asks to see a receipt. When Boston goes to share the screenshot, he notices a shirtless selfie of Nick in his gallery. He gets the hint and makes a move. They head further inside the shop and make out. 

The following week, as the quartet get their hostel ready, Top starts joining them even on campus and in group photos which annoys Ray and Boston. The four friends are hanging out at the bar when Cheum asks why Mew hasn’t made Top his boyfriend already. She says love doesn’t take time but Ray looks skeptical.

He brings up Mew’s need for honesty and asks if Top can be trusted. Boston teases him by saying that if he is worried, he should just date Mew. Top shows up to sit with Mew and Ray goes out for a smoke while Boston looks at the two in disbelief. 

Outside, Ray spots Sand and asks for a lighter who brushes him off. Ray apologises for his behaviour and thanks him for saving his life. Sand gives in and says he doesn’t hold grudges as he offers the lighter. Ray being the bratty kid he is asks him to light his cigarette for him and Sand complies. 

Inside, Boston catches Top alone in the bathroom and asks him about his challenge to bed Mew. Top says he always gets what he wants and now he wants to date Mew. Boston caresses Top’s hand and says they are the same aka players, so not to mess with Mew. Top wonders if Boston is jealous and it is revealed they had sex once as he points out that they are never sleeping again.

To prove his point, Top interrupts the band to declare his interest in Mew which has Sand rolling his eyes. Yo encourages him, being the heartless romantic she is, and he asks Mew to be his boyfriend who is elated that someone finally asked him out.

The Episode Review

Well, episode 1 of Only Friends is progressing at full throttle. There is barely any time to slow down and register what is going down. The 6 main guys are introduced along with Cheum, their female friend. The Thai BL drama’s dynamics are still a little shaky but little moments like Ray being possessive of Mew and Nick getting instantly infatuated with Boston foreshadow their relationships in the coming episodes.

And wait, does Boston like Top and know that Ray likes Mew? But Boston, why you getting jealous, you set yourself up by getting Top on board in the first place. Meanwhile, Sand is such a mood, he is totally done with everyone including Top.

By the way, the premiere is totally Top’s episode, he does the red flag disguised as the good guy so well you almost believe it. But there are moments when his true self shows when he is cocky with Boston and doesn’t stop the first time Mew says no when making out. And he puts him on the spot by proposing to him in public so that if Mew wants to say no, he will have to make a scene. Looks like Top is playing the long game now.


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