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Getting Even

Episode 10 of Only Friends begins with Mew asking Top about Boeing. Top is overjoyed that Mew showed up and thinks it is because he is getting a second chance. Mew is not sure after seeing Top still talking to his ex. Boeing interrupts their moment and asks Mew to stay for lunch.

Boeing comments that he cooked according to Top’s liking but Mew is indifferent. Boeing tries to break the ice by talking about how Top talks to him all the time about Mew and loves Mew. Top tries to play it cool and Boeing jokes that Mew is an upgraded version of him. Mew and Top look conflicted by that.

Nick gets busy working with Dan and thanks him for giving him ambition. Dan apologises for kissing him but Nick says he doesn’t mind. He says they can keep it casual as things will end anyway. Dan feels sad for whoever treated Nick badly and says he only makes a move for those he likes and takes care of them. Nick is pleasantly surprised and they start kissing.

Meanwhile, Sand tries to convince Ray to go to rehab. Ray thinks he is not addicted but Sand hits a sore spot when he says he doesn’t want to sing at Ray’s funeral. Ray finally gives in but with a catch. He doesn’t have enough courage and wants to see how dauntless people like Sand react. AKA he will go to rehab if Sand confronts his dad. Sand is ticked off but agrees.

At the restaurant, Atom sulks and Cheum sits with him. He declares that Boston tricked him into having sex and took his nudes. He says he was drunk and that Boston is blackmailing him with the photos. On hearing this, Cheum is furious.

Along with Mew and Ray, Cheum confronts Boston and says he is not her friend anymore. He tries to convince them that he just did what Atom asked. He even shows them the photos which are appropriate. However, Cheum doesn’t listen and tells him to leave the hostel project while Mew simply smirks.

Top shows up at the hostel and asks Mew if he is really ready to give him a chance. Mew is torn as he says he still loves and hates him. Plus, he cannot trust Top or Boeing. Top asks for a chance to prove himself and Mew gives in, but not before pushing him in the pool as punishment.

Ray and Sand show up at a bar where the latter’s father, Sun is a saxophone player. Ray makes it a truth-and-dare game but stops Sand before he can actually tell his father his identity. He says he was just kidding and he should not force him as it is Sand’s choice whether he wants to connect with Sun or not. Ray promises to go to rehab anyway and they have one last drink.

Top and Mew hang out at Yo’s bar. It is trivia night and Mew is on a roll till he gets an answer wrong. Boeing shows up and gives the right answer. He says he used to do trivia nights with his ex then clarifies that it is not Top as he doesn’t like to do things twice. Mew and Boeing start competing and Boeing comments that Top dates smart people. 

Later, Mew lurks on Boeing’s Instagram and accidentally likes a photo. Boeing immediately messages him and reveals he is also checking Mew’s account. They end up bonding over plants and Boeing smiles.

Dan and Nick’s dad hang out at the shop and start teasing Nick. Dan then asks if he can hit on Nick who hints yes. They are about to kiss but are interrupted. Dan leaves just as Boston enters on the pretext of a new case and screen. Boston says he cannot take good care of the things he owns to which Nick says some things cannot be replaced. Boston says he will change and gives him his phone which has Nick as the wallpaper.

At home, Boeing is impressed that Top still has his gift – the model airplane. Top thanks him for being his comfort zone and helping him out when he could not sleep. However, he draws a line as he doesn’t want another misunderstanding with Mew.

Ray goes to his first session at rehab with Sand waiting for him. They start joking that the other is addicted to each other. Ray starts teasing him and says he will be full-time addicted to Sand.

Boeing shows up at Mew’s with an ivy plant which stands for love and honesty. He starts playing games saying that Top’s partner is just his sleeping pill and why be with someone with a cheating history? Mew thinks he wants Top back but Boeing says he wants Mew. He kisses him till Mew pushes him off. Mew asks him to tell the truth and Boeing suggests that he should let Top suffer a little instead of forgiving him so soon.

Ray starts changing his ways gradually. However, he walks in on his father paying Sand for getting him to go to rehab. Shocked, Ray confronts Sand, feeling betrayed. He wonders if what they had was real and why he duped him for his father’s money. Sand says regardless, he did everything because he cares about Ray. Ray calls him out for selling liquor while trying to get him to stop and storms out. Upset, Sand breaks one of the liquor bottles.

Top and Mew go wakeboarding. Mew stops Top from making long-term plans, hitting him right where it hurts by saying Top any way doesn’t stay with one person for long. Mew also invites Boeing and they hit it off with tons of inside jokes. Top confronts Boeing in the shower who wonders if he is jealous.

Top asks if he is enacting revenge. Boeing says it started out as that since Top dumped him after 3 months, but he likes Mew. He also adds that they kissed and is just letting Mew know that there are better options out there apart from a selfish Top.

Nick finds Boston and gets him to open up. Boston is upset as he asks why he keeps doing bad things to his friends. Nick figures he just doesn’t know how to show his love. Boston also asks why Nick still likes him despite doing the things he did. Nick says he is also messed up. He kisses him and they cry as they say they missed each other. Boston thanks him for not leaving him and they end up having sex.

Another showdown occurs as Ray tells his father to stay out of his business. His father says Sand actually showed up to return the money. He gave him because he felt bad for Sand having a tough time. He also tells him not to take Sand for granted, as it is rare to find someone who doesn’t want anything in return. 

Ray restarts rehab and says he came because of a friend. The therapist asks him to think of the reasons he wants to quit. He imagines Sand and asks for his forgiveness. He says despite being horrible to him, Sand has always been there for him. He cries as he hopes Sand will be patient with him.

The Episode Review

Top has already gotten his redemption arc by the time we reach episode 10 of Only Friends. But insecurity is such a good colour on him, give him a taste of his own medicine, Mew! But Boeing definitely feels sus. He has this smug, know-it-all look like he knows a secret he is itching to spill.

Why is Boeing bragging about Top flaunting his gift? Something is definitely off about him. Does Boeing really want to get with Mew? By the way, we finally have confirmation that he is the same ex that Top stole from Sand. So far, all the drama has linked all the characters in an exciting way. Getting Sand involved with Boeing in the next episode is just the cherry on top to add more angst to SandRay’s storyline. 

As for Boston, well he kind of has it coming with the way Atom is taking his revenge. We do feel bad for him, but it is not enough. Where Top has a realistic character growth, Boston is still one note and he needs to give us more apart from being a player who messes with his friends. Dan is actually nice, Nick please don’t drop him for Boston. You are going backwards, mate!

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