Onimusha – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review


Onimusha Episode 7 opens with a flashback of a conversation between Iemon and Matsuki. Matsuki recognizes Iemon’s skill and informs him about his coming-of-age ceremony, allowing him to call himself Iemon.

The scene switches to Iemon defeating Gensai in a wooden sword battle and Gensai praising him. Matsuki questions his reasoning as to why he doesn’t want to become a samurai and promises to keep it a secret. Iemon expresses his belief that all Samurai alive must be exterminated.

Snapping back to the current time, Iemon arrives in the arena and Musashi pledges to kill Iemon. Iemon requests Musashi to listen to what he has to say. He claims Musashi has no option but to join him in killing all the samurai.

The scene switches to a flashback of Iemon explaining to Matsuki that the samurai have become soft and weak and expresses his vision of a stronger force of warriors by sifting out the weak. He tells Matsuki that he plans to incite Sekigahara.

Snapping back to the current time, Iemon tells Musashi about the same dream, but unlike Matsuki, Iemon rejects the plan. He pledges that Musashi will be reborn completely and reveals Koujiro, Musashi’s greatest rival.

Despite the offer, Musashi still declines and instructs Koujiro to cut off Musashi’s arms. Koujiro instead cuts off Iemon’s arms and legs. Koujiro pledges his honor to pick up the sword and expresses his distrust in Iemon. Just then, the monsters begin to enter the arena. Musashi instructs Sahei to take Sayo with him and escape through the elevator.

Musashi puts on the gauntlet and begins his fight with Koujiro. Koujiro reveals the power of the Genma with two additional arms popping out of his torso. He uses 4 swords and the fight between the two begins. They attack each other and also kill off the monsters approaching them. They continue to fight amid the chaos.

The scene cuts to a flashback of Matsuki acknowledging Iemon’s dream and asking to know more about it someday at the end of Onimusha Episode 7.

The Episode Review

Onimusha Episode 7 delves into Iemon’s mind to explain the motives behind his plan for world domination. Unfortunately for him, the plan falls flat on its face as Koujiro betrays him and decides to face Musashi honorably. However, Koujiro possesses the power of the Genma and proceeds to challenge Musashi to a sword fight. All hell breaks loose as all the monsters from the mine begin to attack them.

The anime, however, hasn’t made it too clear how the Genma works and how Iemon is able to control people. Many questions arise as it seems like Iemon is convincing others to take the power of the Genma, but he himself doesn’t possess it. No disadvantages that would hinder Iemon have been mentioned either.

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