Onimusha – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review


Onimusha Episode 6 begins with Musashi’s entry into the gold mine. He, along with the three others, is greeted by Alfred. They are amazed by the magnificence of the place, but Sayo is frustrated as her own people were enslaved to build it.

Sahei asks Alfred to surrender the mine but is refused. Alfred instead offers them an opportunity to join Iemon as comrades. Sayo pressures him to free the villagers, but Alfred praises her instead. He reveals that her father and mother are alive and she pressures him to take them.

He takes them through the magnificent mine, boasting of Master Iemon’s creations. He then brings them to a huge underground arena. Sayo pressures him once again and he asks them once again if they accept his offer.

Alfred is baffled by the rejection and threatens to cut up their bodies before taking them to Iemon. Just then, a Centura gallops into the arena and begins to fire arrows at them. Alfred then mounts the cart and begins to fire at them. They manage to dodge the attacks and keep themselves alive.

Heikurou decides to take matters into his own hands and tosses them a pouch of pills for them to swallow. He then draws out his sword, releasing a huge cloud of poisonous powder. Sahei explains to Musashi that the poison is only activated when blood is mixed with it.

Just then, the Centura gallops through the cloud and shoots Heikurou in his chest. Heikorou pulls out the arrows, sprinkling blood onto it. The Centura knocks Heikurou to the ground. Following that, the centura collapses and Alfred struggles to maintain his footing, indicating the poison has worked.

Alfred points the gun at Musashi and shoots. Musashi slices the bullet in two and it passes through Alfred, killing him. Just then, Sayo’s parents emerge and Sayo runs to hug them. They, however, caution her to run away and grab her neck. Sahei reveals that they are conscious but their bodies are controlled by Iemon. Just then, Iemon speaks to them.

Musashi demands Iemon to let Sayo go, but Iemon insists that he has to kill the parents or watch Sayo die. Despite Sayo’s opposition, he goes ahead and beheads them, leaving Sayo alive. Just then, Iemon arrives through a lift and congratulates Musashi at the end of Onimusha Episode 6.

The Episode Review

Onimusha Episode 6 takes us on a journey through the gold mine with the eccentric Alfred and finally reveals the reason behind Matsuki bringing his disciples and Musashi along. Seeing Musashi’s capabilities, Matsuki intended to bring Musashi to Iemon and join forces with him.

The chapter also witnesses the death of one more member of the group, Heikurou, bringing their number down to three. It encapsulates an epic battle, this time not won with swords, but rather with poison powder cast by Heikuro. The fight finally ends with an honorable death, enabling Musashi to take out Alfred.

The gold mines do an amazing job of displaying the power of Iemon, making the offer irresistible. Towards the end, we have Iemon himself coming down to Musashi in a lift.

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