Onimusha – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review

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Onimusha Episode 5 begins with Musashi facing off against the three female warriors who provoke him into a fight. They introduce themselves as the Yoshioka sisters and unleash a flurry of attacks on Musashi. One of the sisters attempts to snatch the gauntlet from Sayo using the Kusari-fundo, but Sayo ends up getting dragged along.

Sayo falls off and opens the case, allowing Taromaru to give Musashi the gauntlet. Musashi destroys their weapons but gets distracted by Sayo wailing in pain, allowing them to disappear. Sahei heads out to find some herbs to cure her fever and Musashi heads out to practice his sword fighting, leaving Heikurou alone with Sayo.

The scene cuts to a memory of a boy salvaging the sword of Iemon before being spotted by Matsuki and tripping and falling, rendering him unconscious. The boy wakes up in his house of Matsuki and is terrified at first sight. He lies about the reason he picked up the sword and expresses his desire to become a samurai.

Matsuki gives the boy a wooden sword and asks him to demonstrate his skill in a fight. Despite a lack of skill, Matsuki is impressed by the young lad’s quick learning through observation and decides to take him under his wing. The scene switches to Iemon expressing his destructive intentions to Kojirou, building anticipation for when Musashi arrives.

As Musashi trains and Sahei, Heikurou feels guilty for being useless to the group and takes off frantically running.

Sayo sees a dream and finds herself living life in a village happily. She then gets teleported to the day she finds gold in the stream and tries to prevent her old self from returning to the village with it, knowing its implications.

Just then, she regains consciousness and heads outside to talk to Musashi. She questions him about why he is training despite being so strong. He tells her that he is weak and relies on the gauntlet for strength.

Heikorou’s spirit is crushed and he doesn’t believe they can defeat Iemon. Just then, Heikorou sees Sahei and the spirits of Goroumaru and Kaizen who tell him they trust him.

She tells him that she is responsible for the war and explains that she was the one who first brought back gold from the mountains and regrets her actions. Musashi tells her that it is her fault, but the burden of the events that followed it shouldn’t lie on her. She breaks down and cries on Musashi’s shoulder.

Regaining his confidence, Heikorou catches up with Sahei and returns to their camp. They continue their journey and encounter the Yoshioka sisters once again, but this time the sisters come with upgraded weapons. This time, Musashi takes them out with a single slash at the end of Onimusha Episode 5.

The Episode Review

Onimusha Episode 5 slows down the pace, reduces the action to dive in, and gives us a better perspective on the backstory of what has been going on. The much-anticipated story of Iemon’s origin is revealed with his first encounter with Matsuki. The boy seems to be quite cunning yet tamed, and it will be interesting to find out how he comes about to pose a threat enough to call for the best swordsman to hunt him down.

The episode also reveals 2 parallel-running guilt stories. Sayo reveals that she is the one who caused the war by first finding the gold and Heikurou drowns in guilt for not being of much use to the group. We see a short glimpse of a fight between Musashi and the Yoshioka sisters; however, the fight concludes within a matter of seconds.

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