Onimusha – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review


Onimusha Episode 4 begins with the group setting out for the temple at dawn. Upon arrival, they find the three brothers still masked and awaiting them. Musashi dons the gauntlet and prepares for the fight.

The brothers reveal themselves as the Yoshioka brothers, leaving Musashi bewildered since he had killed them and buried them years ago. They express their resentment and threaten Musashi. Musashi questions them about Sayo’s whereabouts, but they falsely claim she has already been killed. Musashi sees through their lie.

A battle ensues, with Seijuro launching a barrage of attacks that send Musashi flying. Matasiro sets fire to the bell that Sayo is trapped under. Musashi instructs the others to go and help her while he takes on the brothers.

The brothers harness the power of the Genma to transform their bodies. Musashi struggles to face all three simultaneously. Meanwhile, the others attempt to use the bell striker to dislodge the bell, but their efforts prove unsuccessful. They decide to repurpose the bell striker as a lever.

Musashi employs his double sword technique in the battle against the brothers, igniting a fierce clash. Unfortunately, Musashi succumbs to his injuries and falls.

The others are unable to hear Sayo and fear she may be unconscious. Suddenly, they hear her chanting prayers from inside the bell. This inspires Kaizen to join in the chanting and use his bare hands to push the bell, despite it causing burns through his skin and flesh.

Matashiro attempts to cut through Musashi’s arm but is hindered by a wound in his leg. Kaizen and the others manage to topple the bell just before Denshiro reaches them. Witnessing this, the brothers realize that Musashi has vanished from the ground.

Musashi launches an attack on Denshiro and reveals himself as an Oni. Another intense sword fight erupts between the brothers and Musashi, ultimately culminating in Musashi defeating them with a series of swift slashes.

Despite his severe burns, Kaizen walks over to Musashi and convinces him to revert to his human form and remove the gauntlet.

The group takes Kaizen to an abandoned house where he expresses his gratitude and hands Sayo his japamala before taking his last breath. The group then continues on their journey.

The scene then shifts to Iemon having a conversation with another swordsman, praising Musashi and expressing his eagerness to witness their impending battle at the end of Onimusha Episode 4.

The Episode Review

Onimusha Episode 4 features the long-anticipated fight that Musashi was challenged to in the previous episode. It also unveils the identities of the three fighters. Initially, they appeared to be skilled combatants, but it is revealed that they too possess the power of the Genma.

The Genma appears to enhance the abilities of those it possesses, which explains why the initially weaker workers in the village became formidable opponents, and why Gensai and the three brothers were exceptionally powerful.

The brothers share a significant history with Musashi, having been rivals. It’s a complex situation, but the brothers demonstrate themselves to be honorable fighters, refraining from attacking Kaizen and the others until after they have incapacitated Musashi. They opt to fight with honor, fitting for individuals of their calibre as some of the finest swordsmen in the country. Unfortunately, this episode sees the loss of another character, with Kaizen the monk facing his death with dignity and honor.

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