Onimusha – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review

Mountain Demon

Onimusha Episode 2 kicks off with Musashi confronting the Oni, who entrusts him with their power to take on the Genma. The rest of the group watches as he struggles to cross the hanging bridge.

Upon arriving at the village they were sent to, they discover it has been abandoned for a long time. Nevertheless, they decide to investigate the area for clues and split into two groups.

Musashi and Kaizen enter a house and find mining implements. Musashi suspects there may be a mine nearby, which could serve as a perfect fortress for Iemon. Meanwhile, Gouromaru questions Matsuki’s intentions.

Heading outside, Heikurou detects the scent of gunpowder and brings it to the attention of the others. This confirms Musashi’s suspicions of a nearby mine. Just then, they spot a little girl who runs away, prompting them to chase after her.

While searching for her, Gorouharu enters a house and discovers two deceased bodies. He then sends Kaizen to recite prayers. As Kaizen recites the prayers, the girl emerges from beneath the floor and joins him.

They then feed the girl and attempt to learn more about the attack on her village, promising to find and take vengeance on the samurai who devastated her home.

Suddenly, the weather changes and a massive horde of monsters emerge from the forest. The group engages in combat, but they are outnumbered. Goroumaru calls for his falcons to help. Unfortunately, Taromaru gets injured, but Goroumaru defends him.

Following this, Musashi devises a plan, dons the gauntlet, and heads into the battlefield carrying Sayo. He lures the monsters into her house before swiftly jumping out of the window with Sayo. The others quickly toss in a bucket of gunpowder and set it ablaze, unleashing a massive explosion that kills all the monsters.

Musashi discovers a piece of gold and deduces what happened to the village. Sayo reveals that some time ago, men returned to the village with gold, and chaos ensued. They decide to bring Sayo along and return to the lord to verify his intentions.

Upon reaching the bridge, they learn that it has been cut off, leaving them with no way to return. Sayo reminds Musashi of his promise to help her and asserts that she will confront Iemon herself if they choose not to. Musashi resolves to stick to the plan and continue their journey to find Iemon at the end of Onimusha Episode 2.

The Episode Review

Onimusha Episode 2 brings us yet another manifestation of the demons, one different from the demon possessing Gensai. It seems like Iemon was more actively controlling Gensai, however, these were just people converted into bloodthirsty freaks. It also brings to light the fact that Iemon’s powers are quite versatile, and we can also expect more fierce forms in future episodes.

The episode also introduces a new character, Sayo. She brings a lot of new information to the suspense behind the events occurring. It is now clear that they need to look for a gold mine to find Iemon and his minions.

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