Onimusha – Season 1 Episode 1 Recap & Review


Onimusha Episode 1 opens with Musashi engaging in a battle against 11 armed men. He skillfully takes them down one by one in front of the master. The master then leads him to the item he sought, presenting him with a box he must return within 33 days. Additionally, he assigns Kaizen to accompany Musashi as a precaution in case of any complications. When questioned, Musashi discloses his mission to hunt demons.

Setting out from there, Kaizen takes charge of the box, while Musashi guides him to their companions. They then proceed on their journey towards their destination. Along the way, they inform Kaizen about the scout Iemon, a brilliant man who went rogue and incited a rebellion among some villagers after being dispatched by the lord. The lord then dispatched a spy to the village, but the spy returned days later after enduring brutal torture at the hands of Iemon.

The samurai then provides Kaizen with further details about Musashi. When asked, Kaizen admits he is unaware of the contents of the box. Strangely, Musashi discovers Gensai crouched on the ground and approaches him from behind. Gensai swings his sword, but Musashi swiftly blocks the attack. Gensai attempts to persuade Musashi of Iemon’s goodness.

Later that evening, they halt to rest and tend to their wounds. Sahei attends to their injuries, and Kaizen inquires about his expertise in map-making. Musashi approaches Matsuki to gather more information about Iemon, revealing that he is an exceptionally skilled man and warrior. Musashi suggests that Matsuki send his students back, and they engage in a discussion about Sekigahara.

They decide to camp there for the night. As they gather around the bonfire, Musashi reveals that there are three traitors among them. The samurai are incensed, but Musashi challenges Matsuki to roll up his sleeve, revealing a mark identical to the one seen on the spy’s forehead. Matsuki confesses to being a traitor, and a battle ensues between the two. Musashi swiftly emerges victorious by severing Matsuki’s hands and delivering a fatal blow.

He then turns to Gensai, who exhibits abnormal behavior with his tongue hanging low. It becomes apparent that Gensai is under Iemon’s control, leading to a fierce confrontation between the two. Musashi is pushed onto the defensive by Gensai’s swift maneuvers. Matsuki seizes the opportunity to stab Gensai’s leg with a sword.

Kaizen rallies the samurai to distract Gensai while he hands the container’s contents to Matsuki. Utilizing the gauntlet, Musashi gains the upper hand in the battle against Gensai. Kaizen recognizes it as the Oni Gauntlet. Musashi ultimately dispatches Gensai and forcibly removes the gauntlet from his arm.

He then cautions the others to expect more such adversaries and urges them to leave if they are unwilling to face them, before retiring to rest. The following morning, they press him for the identity of the third traitor, to which he responds that he only implicated others to divert suspicion from himself at the end of Onimusha Episode 1.

The Episode Review

Onimusha Episode 1 kicks off with a powerful statement through its first fight, showcasing martial arts, swordplay, and intense combat. The episode not only delivers one, but two exhilarating action sequences.

Additionally, it introduces us to the main characters and presents a suspenseful box that appears to hold a weapon crucial for Muhashi’s battle against the demons. The episode also mentions the antagonist, but only reveals his name and offers a brief description through Matsuki.

By the conclusion of the episode, we have already bid farewell to two of the seven men embarking on this perilous journey, underscoring the anime’s willingness to eliminate characters. On a different note, the anime’s sound design stands out, particularly the chilling demonic chanting that envelops the viewer in the heart of the narrative, resulting in an incredibly immersive experience.


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