One Piece (Netflix) – Season 1 Episode 8 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Worst In The East

Episode 8 of One Piece starts with more flashbacks showing Nami’s past. Arlong holds Nami down as a child, forcing her to endure a tattoo on her arm. This explains the disdain for her tattoo, as he retorts that she’s his property now and will continue to draw maps for him. Arlong promises to free her in exchange for 100 million berries. But of course, that promise has gone up in flames now, as we cut back to the present and find Coco Village in ruins.

The villagers rally around Nami when they show up, and decide they’re going to fight back. Officer Genzo teams up with Nojiko and the others as they prepare to fight back against Arlong.

What happens in Coco Village?

Elsewhere, Nezumi is brought before Vice-Admiral Garp who questions him about Coco Village and the issues with Arlong running wild. Nezumi though, twists the truth and claims that Luffy is the one responsible for all the carnage out there, and vows to make him taste the steel of his blade. Garp stops him though, and decides to head there himself.

Meanwhile, the Fishmen are ambushed by the villagers who show up and begin fighting back. Usopp leads one of the Fishmen goons out into the forest, before blasting him down with a special slingshot attack, while Luffy and Nami find themselves in Nami’s old cell, prepared to fight to the death. Arlong monologues about how Nami has helped him map out a course for conquering the entire East Blue and he’ll be destroying all the humans along the way.

Luffy is having none of it and after breaking Arlong’s weapon, decides that he’s going to go for Round 2 with Arlong, pointing out that Nami is a human being just like the others and she deserves to be treated as such accordingly. While the two fight, Nami slips away.

Do the villagers usurp Arlong? Is he dead?

Meanwhile, Buggy is reunited with the rest of his limbs and hightails it away, leaving Sanji and Zoro to fight it out with the other Fishmen outside their base. Our crew come out on top with some well-placed finishing blows, and are reunited with Usopp who returns from the forest, alongside Nami who shows up too.

Back inside though, Luffy manages to goad Arlong into destroying the foundations of his base, which starts crumbling and cracking apart. The pair continue to trade special moves, until the entire building collapses on top of them both. Luffy naturally comes out without a scratch, while Arlong is buried under all the rubble and presumably killed.

With the pirates defeated, everyone celebrates with some good food and drink. Usopp naturally tells his tall tales, but unfortunately their celebrations are short-lived when Garp arrives with Koby and the rest of the Marines show and decide to arrest Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates. Koby and Helmeppo aren’t onboard with this but their opinions mean nothing in the grand scheme of things.

What happens with the Admiral?

The Vice-Admiral demands they give up but when Luffy refuses, the pair end up duking it out. Luffy is no match for his grandpa though, who makes swift work of Luffy and continues t knock him down.

Garp will never break his spirit though and seeing him laugh maniacally, the Bice-Admiral realizes he has more in common with Gold Roger than he thought. Realizing what a martyr he turned into, Garp reconsiders and decides to call off the attack. “I know who you are boy,” He says, as it becomes clear that he’s been testing him.

As the Vice-Admiral leaves, the crew are left in peace once more. Nami pays her respects to her mother. Koby shows up to see Luffy and shows off a wanted poster that’s been drawn up for him. It’s the highest bounty in the East Blue, which is precisely what he wanted. The pair say their goodbyes, as they both leave on the silent promise that they’ll see each other again in the future.

Does Luffy get his bounty?

As a result of this bounty, every hunter is going to be coming for Luffy and his crew. And with his wanted poster doing the rounds to all the people we’ve met over the season, the promise of more danger and threats are on the horizon. In fact, Buggy and Alvira both happen to be together and may well form an allegiance.

Helmeppo and Koby are allowed to come back onboard as Marines but they’re now going to be trained to become stronger and more capable than before. And while they train, Mihawk shows up to see Shanks and his crew, showing off the Wanted poster and agreeing to have a drink with them

How does One Piece end?

Back onboard their ship, Luffy brings on some orange trees to memorialize Nami’s mother, while the others have a brand new pirate flag for Luffy to marvel over.

During the post-credit sequence, Luffy’s Wanted poster is burned by someone holding a cigar. This fight is far from over but we’ll have to wait and see what’s in store for our characters next!

The Episode Review

One Piece’s finale bows out with a pretty rushed and ultimately action-packed finale. This entire live-action series has been a tumultuous ride of ups and downs, but of course it’s nowhere near as good as either the manga or the anime.

The character interactions have been rather lacking, with little in-jokes like Sanji being snubbed by Nami when she returns from being with Luffy, falling flat due to the lack of dialogue and moments together.

It’s not a complete deal breaker but the show could have done with slowing down a bit and actually allowing the characters to interact properly with one another and us learning more about what drives them rather than simple flashbacks.

Despite that though, this has been a fun ride and newcomers to the series are certainly going to find enough to like here. It’s certainly far from perfect but it’s also not a complete disaster like Death Note was!

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